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Senin, 17 Oktober 2016

[EVENT] TeSaTe Restaurant and Sababay Wine Pairing

Hi Eaters.

A glimpse of what made a dining experience to be so luxurious is that if it involves wine to the whole occasion. Simply said, wine is common served along in any European or Western fine dining establishment. But what happens if the fine refreshment meet with local palate?
As I quench this thirst of excitement through my experience through wine pairing, the local fine dining restaurant, TeSaTe Restaurant had teamed up with the local winery, Sababay, to answer my curiosity.

So what is Sababay?

As I have mentioned earlier, Sababay is one our national pride. A local winery with tons of awards hanging under its belt.

"The name ‘Sababay’ read as [sa-ba-bey] winery originates from our winery’s location along the beautiful ‘SABA’bay (Teluk Saba) in Gianyar, Bali. 
Sababay is recognized as 100% Indonesian wine in collaboration with the Asteroid R&D Vineyard and local Balinese grape farmers. 
The integrated farming concept result a sustainable good harvest – that has opened up parts of the world previously thought unsuitable to wine production."

"From the Island of God, Sababay Winery has proudly introduced six premium wines of Indonesia – 

RESERVE RED (Dry Red Wine), 
WHITE VELVET (White Wine), 
LUDISIA (Sweet Red Wine) 
and MOSCATO d’Bali (Sweet Sparkling White Wine)."

Conviniently at this wine pairing and tasting event, I had the chance to try out four of their premium wines. Details below will be the wine and the choices of dishes suggested to be paired with.


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The first one is Ludisia. Being one with a light and soft cherry candy taste, it is most suitably paired with:

Sate Ayam Ponorogo
Juicy chicken in sweet marinade, served with buttery peanut sauce

Tender chunks of beef, slow cooked in a mixture of ground spices and coconut milk

The heavy buttery sauce and the thick coconut seasoning can be matched perfectly with something light and sweet like the Ludisia wine. 

White Velvet

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White Velvet with a refreshing fruity aftertaste, goes perfectly well with:

Cumi Telur Bakar
Tender and meaty grilled calamari, stuffed with egg, combines perfectly with the sweetness of BBQ marinating sauce.

Do you agree that after any seafood dining you always want to get something fruity? Well, the grilled squid can leave an oily aftertaste, and it's really great how the White Velvet can be a quencher.

Moscato D’ Bali

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This one was my favorite wine of the day. The Moscato D' Bali is suitable paired with:

Kerapu Bakar Jimbaran
The delicate flavour of live Kerapu fish is enchanced by grilling in robust Jimbaran marinade.

Tahu Udang Berontak
Savoury mouthful of succulent prawn and mushroom, encased in a crips warm tofu envelope.

Yes, the Moscato D' Bali will definitely be my favorite. I really loved the light citrusy flavor. It's refreshing. Paired with fish or fries is just soooo perfect.
And by the way, have I ever mentioned how I love the fries? This Tahu Berontak is just awesomely good. Super loving the fillings inside the tofu. I always get addicted with the prawns they put inside it.

Reserve Red

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The last one is the Reserve Red. And it goes perfectly paired with:

Sate Kambing
Tender lamb, marinated in sweet soya with sambal kecap.

Sate Sapi Makasar
Exotic combination of aromatic beef tenderloin with mouthwatering, tangy sour starfruit sauce.

First of all let me say kudos to chef for bringing such a delicate, juicy meat on the skewers. Their beef skewers were amazing! Delicious! The mutton was no exception. What else could be a better match than a smoky wine. The touch of vanilla just exhilirated every bite of the skewers.

There are also some dishes that can be paired with a couple of choices of wine. This way you can get double sensation if you try a dish and maybe try to pair it with a couple of choices from the winery selections.

Serabi Solo
Traditional pancake, delicate and flavourful, a popular snack icon of Central Java.

This Indonesian style dessert can be paired with either a Moscato D’ Bali or Ludisia. Anyway you prefer, it just matched up perfectly. This dessert anyway, if I may talk a bit about it, was really quite good. The sweetness was just fine. You should try the coconut one. I am falling in love with that one.

Sate Padang
Tender beef cheek and tongue served with aromatic turmeric sauce.

Sorry, I didn't have the chance to take decent photos of this dish. But let me tell you, this dish is DA BOMB! Seriously this is one of the menu I would recommend for you to order. That is if you like beef cheek and beef tongue though. It's super delicious, super juicy, super tender, and super memorable. The sauce was also very delicious!
This dish can be paired with Moscato D' Bali or White Velvet.

So in a nutshell, this is one experience truly worthy to be shared. Indonesian food could go so well with Indonesian world-class winery like Sababay. If you're pretty curious about it and you're a fan of exquisite wine then I indulge you to also try this experience.

The great news is currently TeSaTe Restaurant is having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo for every purchase of wine by glass or by bottle, everyday in all TeSaTe Restaurant outlets. Also starting from 21st of October 2016 there will be a wine tasting program, where every TeSaTe customers can try Sababay's wine first and get recommendation of which menu best paired with the wine from the TeSaTe Restaurant staffs. This wine tasting program is held every Friday and Saturday from 18.00 - 22.00 in all TeSaTe Restaurant outlets.

So let's raise up our glass and make a toast for the collaboration between TeSaTe Restaurant and Sababay winery for introducing the wine pairing culture to our Indonesian palate. My best wishes and Godspeed.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


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