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Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] The Dream's Cake

Hi Eaters.

So in my trip to Bandung with the Openrice crews and also fellow Openricers from #myfoodTiramisu, we had the chance to try some great dessert places. One of those served veggie ice creams that you can check out on my other reviews. The one I'm going to review here can be called as the most memorable dessert I had in Bandung.
This is my trip to The Dream's Cake.

Senin, 27 Oktober 2014

Kedai Opa

Hi Eaters.

Give a warm welcome to the newly open restaurant in Kelapa Gading area called Kedai Opa.
Located not far from Warung Pasta, this restaurant claimed to be the legend of fried rice since 1988. Is it true?
Well, that day I was just finished having dinner at Pepper Lunch, and on my way home I happened to be passing this restaurant. Driven by curiosity, I decided to make a stop by.

Pepper Lunch Express

Hi Eaters.

If there is one restaurant from the Boga Group chains that I really really loved, it has to be Pepper Lunch. I just like the whole concept of seasoning my own dish to my desire. Well it is countless times that I have done a revisit to Pepper Lunch, and that sunny Sunday I decided to (again) sizzle my taste buds at this restaurant again.

Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Masbash Monster Ice

Hi Eaters.

Talking about dessert, well I think ice creams are just everyone's favourite, right? I mean, it's like an indulgement especially for sweet tooth lovers. But unfortunately ice creams, even though it's made from milk, can't be said to be healthy if consumed not in a proper amount. That's why people nowadays tend to make the switch to yoghurt. What if there are ice creams which are healthy and also yummy?
You can find that answer at Masbash Monster Ice.

Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Momi & Toy's New Menus Launching

Hi Eaters.

If you're a sweet tooth lover, then you must know a kind of food called crepes. Nowadays, not only sweet crepes can be find, but also savory ones. This thin pancake which originated from France has become a worldwide delicacy. Many restaurants, not only those of French, have listed crepes on their choice of desserts. But also you will find certain places that specified themselves only to sell these wonderful treats.
One of those places just launched their new collection of sweet and savory crepes. Say hello to the new crepes from Momi and Toy's Creperie.

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Warung Sangrai

Hi Eaters.

As I mentioned in my review of Mamak Kitchen, I will be also writing about Warung Sangrai, which happened to be under the same management as Mamak Kitchen. Located not far from Mamak Kitchen, it seemed that both restaurants was separated by the Heritage factory outlet in the middle.

[Bandung Trip] Mamak Kitchen

Hi Eaters.

This restaurant was the first to start my Bandung trip with Openrice crews and also fellow Openricers from #myfoodTiramisu. I remembered all along the way to Bandung I was pretty hungry. Since all of us left early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic, I didn't have the chance to get breakfast.
Well at this first stop, I got the chance to meet some of fellow Openricers and also foodbloggers from Bandung. Okay, without further delay, let me tell you about my culinary journey at Mamak Kitchen.

Chicken Story

Hi Eaters.

Chicken Story at La Piazza has always been my favourite spot everytime there is a "Nonton Bareng" event or if there is my favourite band performing at the atrium. Why? Because Chicken Story has an outdoor dining area which enable me to watch what's going on at the atrium. And that night, my favourite football club's match was being aired on that big giant screen on the atrium. One of the reasons I went to Chicken Story, besides for the food, lol.

Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Donwoori

Hi Eaters.

This is another wonderful restaurant I've got to visit on my Bandung trip with Openrice crews and of course fellow Openricers from #myfoodTiramisu. So as you know Indonesia is now currently being invaded by Korean Wave. Korean culture has grown so popular in this country, affecting lifestyles, fashion, and now even food. A lot of Korean restaurant has opened in Indonesia and Korean food has become somewhat a trend in the social community.
One of such Korean restaurant I happened to have the chance to visit in Bandung was Donwoori.

Jea's Cafe

Hi Eaters.

So I happened to find this restaurant by accident. 
So that Friday night, my girlfriend asked me to accompany her to a beauty salon. I, myself, am a guy who actually gets pretty bored of waiting if I don't have anything to do. But my girlfriend seemed to know this specific character of mine, so she told me that I can wait at the restaurant next to the salon while she is having her treatment.
Well, in that case then it's no problem for me. I'll just wait while chewing at Jea's Cafe.

Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Eastern Restaurant

Hi Eaters.

Any fans of dimsum here? If anyone ask me that question, I would be the first to raise my hand. Dimsum/Yamcha is one of the ultimate Chinese delicacies. I've never met anyone in my life who dislikes dimsum. Surely I hope you guys love it too.
Anyway, still at Bandung with the Openricers and the team of #myfoodtiramisu, we stopped by at one of Bandung's best dimsum and Chinese restaurant, the Eastern Restaurant.

The Bailey's & Chloe

Hi Eaters.

Hectic at work is something that can cause stress. I happened to experienced it this week. Starting from Monday it was deadline all the way. Stressing is not a kind of feeling I want to keep for long, and my comfort to release all that tension has always been good food.
During a chat over lunch hour, my friend ask me to come this nice cute restaurant near where she lived. It's called The Bailey's and Chloe.

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Rumah Lezat Simplisio

Hi Eaters.

Do you know what will happen if two good chefs collaborate together in opening a restaurant? You can tell that there will be exquisites dishes available to try. What makes it more wonderful if you know that these two chefs are husband and wife. Cooking with love certainly is the guarantee of an astonishing dish.
But wait a minute, it's not easy to find these certain circumstances right? Lucky for the people of Bandung, you guys can easily find it at Rumah Lezat Simplisio.

Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Two Cents : Brew Believer

Hi Eaters.

So as you might know if you follow my Instagram is that about a couple of weeks ago I went with some foodies for a culinary trip to Bandung. And this was an event sponsored by Openrice Indonesia. Yeayy!!And this coffee shop (or might I say a restaurant) was one of those memorable places I visited during my short time in Bandung. 
This is my culinary journey at Two Cents Coffee.

Minggu, 12 Oktober 2014

Tendon Tenya

Hi Eaters,

One of Japanese famous dish and truly has been a signature among Japanese dishes is Tempura. I remembered watching one episode of the US Masterchef and it is also said by the legendary chef, Gordon Ramsay, that Tempura might seemed simple but it took finesse and skills to make an excellent Tempura dish. Cooked it wrong then it can either be too overcooked or undercooked.
Speaking about Tempura, have you ever heard of Tendon? Tendon is Tempura on top of a bowl of rice. Last weekend I got the opportunity to be invited to try some of these special Tendons at Tendon Tenya

Jumat, 10 Oktober 2014

Bengawan - Keraton at The Plaza

Hi Eaters.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Yusuf Tanuwiria for inviting me to this foodtasting event. It's truly an honour.
Well that day I was invited along with other fellow foodies to experience Modern Mexican Kitchen, 3 course Lunch Express Blogger Gathering Event at Bengawan - Keraton at The Plaza Hotel. I, myself, never had Mexican food besides Tacos, and this invitation has truly made me so eager to come.