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Selasa, 22 Juli 2014

Bakmi Bangka Hokky

Hi Eaters.

What you should never forget if you are a food blogger is your camera. Seriously. You will never know just when and where you might just bumped in with good food.
I did that mistake the other day.
So at Saturday, as always, I went to the gym (yes, exercise is important since I eat a lot) with a couple of friends and after that they took me to a place that they said (and I quote) sells great bangkanese noodles.
Compared to the regular chicken noodles, I loved bangkanese noodles the most. It has a distinctive flavor that's really delicious.
So I went to Bakmi Bangka Hokky, carrying only my 8 MP camera phone, trying to write this review for you.

Raffel's Kota Kasablanka

Hi Eaters.

Being left alone at home, I decided to go and grab a bite in a nearby mall. Yes, your guess is right, Mall Kota Kasablanka. Usually I do my own cooking, but yesterday's traffic in Jakarta was so crazy and it just made me so tired to do anything.
So there I was, at my favourite mall, scoping for a place to eat until I saw Raffel's.

Senin, 21 Juli 2014

MIKA Japanese Bistro

Hi Eaters.

I've never grown tired of going to Mall Kota Kasablanka to grab a bite. Put a side the reason that it's just so close to where I live (I could go there on foot for only 5 minutes), I also find the reason that the existence of the Food Society section in this mall just captured my heart.
If you guys haven't know yet, Food Society is a part of the Mall Kota Kasablanka where you will find so many restaurants which not only serve good food, but also beautifully decorated.
One of the many restaurants I can say is so beautiffully decorated is MIKA Japanese Bistro.

Dubu Jib

Hi Eaters.

I've had my moments working for a company located at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Back at my days, PIK was an area which was not as crowded as it is today. You can even say that it was kind of desolated.
But PIK nowadays are way more attractive. It is now becoming a cool dining place, with so many unique restaurants spread around this particular area. The one that I visited was also quite unique. I'm talking about Dubu Jib.

Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Quattro Pizzeria

Hai Eaters.

For this review I would like to talk about restaurants located in Tomang, to be exact in Jalan Mandala Utara. For my experience it's not easy to find an awesome restaurant in that particular area. To find one that has good food would be like finding a hidden gem.
Luckily my quest was helped by the invitation from a restaurant which specialized in making authentic Italian pizzas. This is my culinary diary at Quattro Pizzeria.

Tiger Claypot

Hai Eaters.

So last Sunday I was circling around Kelapa Gading, looking for a nice place to eat. Well I have a lot of favourite restaurants here and sometimes I like to do a re-visit just to reminisced on the nice dining experience I had before there.
Thinking back that the last few days I had quite a lot of western food, I was eager to find an asian restaurant. In my mind I had one restaurant I could think of that served great asian food.
It used to be named Tiger Express, but now it is called Tiger Claypot.

Ellexito Eatery And Pastry

#myfoodHai Eaters.

Kemang is one of the coolest and hypest in Jakarta where you will find a lot of unique and interesting restaurants which serve enticing dish also.
One of that so-called restaurant that I got the chance to visit was Ellexito Eatery and Pastry.

Kamis, 10 Juli 2014

Canton Paradise

Hai Eaters.

At the day of the national president election, a lot of restaurants offered variety of promos. And I also took the opportunity to enjoy those promos which you will not get everyday. For example, one of the famous coffee shop offered free drinks for those who took part in the national election.
But I'm not going to talk about that coffee shop here. I'm going to talk about the restaurant I visited after the coffee shop. I want to talk about Canton Paradise.

Lotteria Lottemart

Hai Eaters.

In Kelapa Gading, Lottemart is always my favourite spot to do groceries shopping. And I took the time to do that at the national president election day. Why did I choose to shop here? Well mainly because there's my favourite fast-food restaurant also located in Lottemart.
Yes, I'm talking about Lotteria.

Crun'z Cones

Hai Eaters.

Back again with the food stand challenge. So if you have read my review earlier about the crepes, now I'm going to try another food stand.
My culinary journey took me to the nearest mall to where I lived. Yes, the Kota Kasablanka Mall. And I found an interesting food stand that offered somewhat unique food. I'm talking about Crun'z Cones.

Senin, 07 Juli 2014

Spaghetti Lunch

Hi there, Eaters.
Well for this post I would like to share something which is not a restaurant made. It's a home cooking dish.
Yes, I thought you might get bored sometimes just reading reviews about restaurant. So I decided to write something that you can cook by yourself at home.
You can also send me your home made recipes to my e-mail to be posted here at my blog.

Minggu, 06 Juli 2014

Mie Ayam & Bakso "Wito"

Hi Eaters.

The advantage of living near Rasuna Said is that I can find many "warung makan" where usually office workers have their lunches.
Near the place where I live, I have one favourite place that sells meatballs and chicken noodles.
It's Mie Ayam & Bakso "Wito".

Kyochon 1991

Hai there, Eaters.

Last Saturday as always, I went to Kota Kasablanka Mall to do my monthly grocery shopping. What I love about this mall is that besides it is so close to where I stay, also because it has a cool dining spot, called Food Society.
Food Society itself is a place where you will find many interesting restaurants. The ambience itself there is very cozy and nicely decorated.
As you might know, I am such a dying fan of chicken wings. I love it so much so if I see any chicken wings in the menu on a restaurant that I visit, I just gotta order them. And when I walked by that day, I saw a restaurant that served chicken wings.
So this is my culinary diary in Kyochon 1991.