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Rabu, 26 November 2014

[Zomato Foodie Meetup] Cranky Crab

Hi Eaters.

As you might know, Kelapa Gading is a place I'm familiar about. In this region, there are like hundreds of restaurants and places to eat. Some new restaurants started to emerge in this region and surely bring delightment for me who constantly wander this area on weekends.
One of such restaurant is the newly-open Cranky Crab which is located in the same building as the Samudra Rasa Seafood restaurant. Apparently both of them are under the same management. But to differ them, Cranky Crab segmented mostly on young people, while Samudra Rasa aimed more to families.

[Indonesian Food Blogger Event] Ten Ten: New Taste, New Treats!

Hi Eaters.

I was invited by Indonesian Food Blogger (IdFB) to taste some new menus from Ten Ten, one of the few restaurants listed to be my favourite. This wasn't my first visit actually, and I have done quite a lot of re-visit here simply just because I loved the food.

Selasa, 18 November 2014

Cooking Demo With Openrice at Picnic Over Tribeca, Central Park

Hi Eaters.

We are beginning to enter the rainy season, right? Usually I love the rainy season, not including the flood though. Well since Jakarta tends to get pretty hot the last couple of months, it's a delight to get some breeze air once in a while.
But last Sunday (16/11) I really hoped it won't rain all day. Why? Because I got invited by Openrice Indonesia to attend the cooking demo at the Picnic Over Tribeca event.

Minggu, 09 November 2014

Munchies Dine & Bar

Hi Eaters.

How to spend a Saturday night if you can't spend it with a lover, then spend it with foodies. Agree?
Last Saturday night, me and fellow foodies went to my favourite mall, Kota Kasablanka. I've always loved it there. And our destination was to hang out in the hippest food section, the Food Society, and also at the hippest restaurant, Munchies Dine & Bar.

Rabu, 05 November 2014

Pizza Hut Mall Kelapa Gading 5

Hi Eaters.

Long ago before I ever had any bite of Italian genuine pizza, there was one place I recall that introduced me to that Italian delicacy. Although they don't really served pizza with genuine Italian flavor (more to the American-flavored pizza) but here is where I first ever took a bite of an Italian dish called pizza.
It was many many years ago, and that day I went back to this restaurant to have a nostalgic moment of my first time ever trying pizza at Pizza Hut.

Senin, 03 November 2014

Chicken Story (2)

Hi Eaters.

Here I am back to Chicken Story at La Piazza. Well I've mentioned in my previous review that I like to eat here especially when there is a big football match. Well, that Sunday it was the Manchester derby, and that is my main reason to come here besides of the food.

Mie Ayam Jamur Lily

Hi Eaters.

Back again with another edition of #streetfood from #designerdoyanmakan on the blog. And now I would like to take you to roam Jakarta again in the morning. Yes, most great street food vendors usually are early birds and already start selling food from 7 am.
And that Saturday morning, I had my eyes on a specific target. A delicious noodle, recommendation from a blog reader. This is my review of Mie Ayam Jamur Lily.

Minggu, 02 November 2014

Sip Ha Thai BBQ & Bistro

Hi Eaters.

I would like to introduce you to Sip Hai Thai BBQ & Bistro, the newly open Thai restaurant in Kelapa Gading. Located near the Tiberias church, this two-storey restaurant added excitement since I am constantly seeking culinary experiences in this particular region of Jakarta. And Sip Ha for my consideration acts nicely as an alternative to the boredom I felt because of the overflowing Korean restaurants in town.