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Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

[Bandung Trip] Donwoori

Hi Eaters.

This is another wonderful restaurant I've got to visit on my Bandung trip with Openrice crews and of course fellow Openricers from #myfoodTiramisu. So as you know Indonesia is now currently being invaded by Korean Wave. Korean culture has grown so popular in this country, affecting lifestyles, fashion, and now even food. A lot of Korean restaurant has opened in Indonesia and Korean food has become somewhat a trend in the social community.
One of such Korean restaurant I happened to have the chance to visit in Bandung was Donwoori.

Looking at the front facade of the restaurant, Doonwoori gave me a feel of a fine-dining restaurant. The place itself looked quite hip with beautiful interior decoration. I saw a lot of wordings on the wall, using scrabble tiles. 

Kudos to the interior designer. I love the blue pastel color used to paint the walls. It's nice and it gave a warm feeling, and of course it's a color that is my favourite. The rest of the restaurant's interior were much to be admired. Here I give you snapshots of the beautiful interior.

Well, good interior has to be balanced with good food. So let me tell you what I had that day.

Suki: Vegetable Combo - IDR 39,9K + Grand Suki - IDR 129,9K

This was the complete package of the Suki menu. It's packed with quite a lot of vegetables and meat, such as: beef sirloins, sanwich tofus, prawn siomays, enoki mushrooms, baby pakcoys, and baso goreng (fried meatballs).
Well the fried meatballs you can choose either to have them cooked together with the other ingredients or just eat them separately. I opt to eat them separately since I prefer crunchy fried meatballs rather than soaked ones.

Baso Goreng

As in any other suki restaurant I got to chose the soup I wanted to cook the ingredients in. There were options between chicken stock, tomyum, or kimchi soup and I can have two different soup in one pot. 

The Soups

According to the restaurant manager, the best seller is the tomyum soup. So my choice of soups that night were tomyum and chicken stock, while my other fellow Openricers tried the kimchi soup. My first taste of the soups, well I really loved the tomyum. It's got that right level of sourness and also the heat. It's a perfect balance. And it's also savory and delicious. While the chicken stock was quite decent. It's a bit too mild for me. 

The suki was a feast for my taste buds. The ingredients were superb and the soup absorbed nicely with them. Every bite was heavenly, and all of us there just couldn't stop chewing on those delicious veggies and meat.

Donwoori also serves other Korean delicacies beside suki. And I was really lucky to try some of those delicious treats. 

Gun Mandoo Chicken - IDR 29,5K

Gun Mandoo (Gunmandu) in Korean is a kind of vegetable dumpling. At Donwoori, this dumpling was incorporated with chicken fillings. The taste was really good. Although I was expecting the Gunmandus to be more gyoza-shaped to look more visually appetizing. But flavorwise they were delicious, and perfectly pan-seared.

Bu Ju Jeon - IDR 39,5K

In Indonesia, people know this food as Martabak (Murtabak). In Korea this dish is commonly known as Pajeon, a kind of egg pancake which use vegetables and specific Korean ingredients like Kimchi along with beef or seafood.
This one tasted quite delicious. Fried beautifully and it has rich fillings. 

Jap Chae - IDR 59,5K

Who doesn't know Jap Chae? A signature Korean noodle that you will find in every Korean restaurant. Made from sweet potato and commonly thicker than the usual noodle (
don't include udon). The Jap Chae at Donwoori tasted pretty nice. The noodles were firm and they were quite savory.

Bulgogi - IDR 69,5K

Bulgogi considered to be one of the most delicious food in the world. Having distinctive taste such as the one served by Donwoori. I loved Bulgogi, and I was pretty please with this one. Very good execution on the beef. It really felt tender and the seasoning was just right. Also served along with delicious mushrooms too.

Dak Thwi Gim - IDR 62,5K

Dak Thwi Gim (
Dak Twigim, in Korean) is a fried chicken dish cooked with hot sauce and pickled radish. This dish that I tried at Donwoori had that good heat in the flavors, but apparently for my palate it also came a little too sweet. Perhaps if it were less sweet then it would taste more delicious. Somehow I felt the sweetness and heatness are just unbalanced. I would prefer this dish to be less sweet so the actual spiciness could be more of the star in terms of flavor.

Well, feeling full yet? Save up your stomach for these tempting desserts.

Pat Bing Su - IDR 24,5K

Shaved ice with milk along with red beans, mangoes and strawberries. Tasted nice, but the shaved ice wasn't that delicate. It should be a little smoother then it will be nice.

Special Pat Bing Su - IDR 29,5K

This one had different toppings. In this dessert, the toppings are chocolate flakes, lychee fruits, mangoes, bubbles and vanilla ice cream. Again, the shaved ice was nothing to be favourited. But I do loved the bubbles. It bursted with sour taste when I bit it. Nice.

Donwoori Bing Su - IDR 34,5K

Apparently matcha (green tea) has become a flavor liked by many. And I am also a fan of matcha. Well beside the matcha ice cream, the toppings for this dessert were bubbles, strawberries and red beans. It tasted good, the only problem was the shaved ice (again).

Cold Korean Honey Lemon Tea - IDR 10K

This drink was very refreshing. The honey and the lemon combined perfectly. A nice level of sweetness and you will find a bit of orange peel inside. Very good.

Overall conclusion, it's a nice and complete dining package that you will get at Donwoori.
A beautiful restaurant with impeccable service, along with good food. There are just too many reason to be back.
If you're living at Bandung and currently looking for a good suki restaurant, this is the perfect choice. I know I will plan a second visit if I go to Bandung again. Hope to see you there!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Twitter: @jzzydee
Instagram: @jzzydee


Jalan Lombok No. 53
Phone: (022) 4261338
Bandung Tengah, Bandung, Jawa Barat

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