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Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel, Thamrin

Hi Eaters,

Welcoming this fasting month, a lot of restaurants serve special dishes that accomodate the celebration of breakfasting. Nonetheless, hotel restaurants also happen to join the festivity of serving Middle-east-themed dishes in this holy month.
One of these restaurants was my favourite hotel-buffet-restaurant in Jakarta, Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel.

Senin, 15 Juni 2015


Hi Eaters.

It was a lazy Sunday morning. Yes, apparently every Sunday has become a lazy day for me since being single (it's a sad story indeed).
But that Sunday was no lazy time for me since my fellow foodie asked me to join in a foodtasting event at MazelTov.

[Zomato Foodie MeetUp] Hog's Breath Cafe

Hi Eaters.

It's another Zomato Foodie MeetUp. Yeayy! 
The last meetup I had was at December last year and been waiting so long to be invited to another meetup. I'm always excited when it comes to meet other foodies, having fun talks and certainly having good food together.
So yes, it's something I long for. And for this meetup it took place at Hog's Breath Cafe.

Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Watt Coffee

Hi Eaters.

It was a jolly day. A national holiday. Yes, it was at the 2nd of June when I visited this place.
My wacky foodie friends had plans to do a gathering and we decided to do that while attending a foodtasting (or more to a coffee tasting) invitation.
As they say, good friends and good coffee equals to a wonderful time. And that's all I had that day at Watt Coffee.