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Senin, 26 Oktober 2015

Brewerkz, Senayan City

Hi Eaters.

I was invited to Brewerkz at Senayan City for a short course of "How to make your own beer". To be frank, I was in a full tummy condition that day, having been just visited another foodtasting event before. But that moment I thought to myself, why not just go ahead and come. Though I'm not a beer drinker, nor alcohol fan, but the knowledge of "brewing beer by yourself" got me pretty curious.

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015

The Melting Pot

Hi Eaters.

The world's infamous fondue restaurant is finally here in Indonesia! Yes, The Melting Pot, the first fondue specialist restaurant has opened its first branch in Indonesia right at Plaza Senayan.
Celebrating its 40th anniversary, The Melting Pot made a global scale expansion and we are lucky enough to be one of those countries on their list.

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2015

Dolar Shop Resto

Hi Eaters.

I recently visited an unique hotpot restaurant located in the vicinity of Gajah Mada region. What's unique about it was that I could never think of it as a restaurant. Obviously some people share the same thought as I do. Dolar Shop was the name. Let me tell you more below.

Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015

Dapuraya at Pasaraya Grande: Tribute to Batik Indonesia

Hi Eaters,

I grew to know Pasaraya a lot. Well, to be honest, it was maybe the first mall/plaza I've ever stepped my foot in. To be living in Manggarai, it only takes me like maybe 5-10 minutes of walk to get to Pasaraya. But I'm not gonna talk about the Pasaraya Manggarai. This blog post is gonna be about its 'sibling' or its other branch located in the busy area of Blok M. I was invited to Pasaraya Grande (was named Pasaraya Blok M in the past) to visit their event which is called "Tribute to Batik Indonesia".