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Kamis, 22 Desember 2016

Kitchenette: Christmas Feast, New Menus

Hi Eaters.

It's another Ismaya's foodtasting invitation. And this time I got the chance to try some new menus from Kitchenette, one of the stunning restaurants affiliated under the management of Ismaya group.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

[BALI] Pork Star, Seminyak

Hi Eaters.

If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that several weeks ago I went to Bali for 4 days to enjoy my holiday. Usually during holiday, I tend not to do any work whatsoever, even though it includes food. Well, maybe I took a bit of photos for my Instagram feed, but never go beyond that. I'd rather relax and have a nice warm (or maybe hot) meal instead of having it cold like during food tasting.
But on my last trip I made an exception during my visit to Pork Star. I just feel like I need to spread the word out!

Selasa, 20 Desember 2016

Caribou Coffee: Holiday Food and Beverages

Hi Eaters.

It's the holliday season yet again. The season so jolly, it got everyone waiting for it!
And it is a jolly of my own that restaurants, cafes and other food joints are handing out their holiday food. It's that one time of the year you can experienced unique food creations.
One of those is Caribou Coffee, and I was invited to try some of their holiday specialties.

Senin, 14 November 2016

Publik Markette New Ala Carte Menus

Hi Eaters.

Back again in my most favorite Ismaya's restaurants, Publik Markette.
Why did I say it's my most favorite? Well, besides of its unique food gallery concept, also the food never fails to impress me (so far). So it is guaranteed that if anytime should there be another invitation from this restaurant, it will be on top of my to-do-list.

Minggu, 13 November 2016

[REOPENING] The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Plaza Indonesia

Hi Eaters.

It was a packed-up, full-scheduled Saturday for me since most of the food tasting invitations which were supposed to be held the previous Saturday had to be postponed to the next week due to the demo rally. I had to list amongst the invitations, which one goes after which one. Yes, this kind of situation feels rather difficult sometimes because I know there are quite a number of places I certainly don't wanna miss to visit, such as this one: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Plaza Indonesia.

Selasa, 08 November 2016

French Food Festival : Collage at Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel

Hi Eaters.

Last Sunday I was invited to Collage, the all-day dining restaurant located at Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel.
As two days before a terrible riot had happened, I wasn't so sure of the capitol's state of security so I was thinking of postponing this visit.
But nevertheless, yet still I came to this Instagramable place.

Senin, 07 November 2016

Chocolate Gallery at Arts Cafe by Raffles Hotel Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

It's my second time coming for a Sunday brunch at this restaurant. Just in case you missed my first review, well you can click here. I mostly talked about the interior, and also the food, and don't forget the Show Kitchen also.
So what's new about Arts Cafe by Raffles? Well, just scroll down. I don't want spoiler it all out here.

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

Rasa Restaurant, InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel Jakarta

Hi Eaters,

This wasn't my first time in this restaurant. It was my second time. Yet the first time still quite lingers in my mind. It was a mind blowing seafood night back then. And for this second time, I got to try their Sunday Brunch. 
So mind your eyes, because you could be drooling once you start scrolling down on this review about my Sunday Brunch at Rasa Restaurant.

Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016

[EVENT] 13 Ghosts Spooky Halloween Buffet and Halloween Parade at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

Halloween is upon us. Yes, the scariest festive of the entire year is coming, and the hype of serving Halloween-themed dishes is echoing in the culinary world.
I, myself, well honestly isn't the bravest from the crowd when it comes to encounter ghosts. But food being shaped as ghosts, well, never scared me, LOL. I actually admired those crafty hands behind the unique and terrifying dishes.
So, this week I got invited for a sneak peek of the Halloween-themed dishes at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta. Named 13 Ghosts Spooky Halloween Buffet and Halloween Parade, two of the splendid restaurants from the hotel, Cafe One Asian Fusion and Riva Grill, Bar & Terrace, served up a line of spooky food. More details below.

Senin, 17 Oktober 2016

[EVENT] TeSaTe Restaurant and Sababay Wine Pairing

Hi Eaters.

A glimpse of what made a dining experience to be so luxurious is that if it involves wine to the whole occasion. Simply said, wine is common served along in any European or Western fine dining establishment. But what happens if the fine refreshment meet with local palate?
As I quench this thirst of excitement through my experience through wine pairing, the local fine dining restaurant, TeSaTe Restaurant had teamed up with the local winery, Sababay, to answer my curiosity.

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2016

Sop Durian & Batasio Kunyil

Hi Eaters.

Well, it's been a while since I reviewed any product in this blog. Mostly what I wrote recently were hotels and restaurants.
Last Saturday as I was glancing and relaxing at home, a nice man claiming to be a GoJek driver delivered these snacks to me. It was something I have awaited for quite some time, the Sop Durian and Batasio from Sop Durian Kunyil.

Selasa, 21 Juni 2016

Lobo at The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

Welcoming the fasting month, Lobo at The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan has prepared a surprise for you delicious culinary hunters. A Michelin Star Chef is now on the house prepping wonderful dishes in his line of menus.
I had the chance to tried his 6-course tasting menu with fellow bloggers. It was my first time to ever tasted Michelin Star worthy dishes, and I was very excited!

Kamis, 19 Mei 2016

Mouton Slice & Grill, Kelapa Gading

Hi Eaters.

If you ever been to Bandung, then you will be familiar with Mouton Slice & Grill, the famous BBQ joint which is located at Jl. Gandapura, Bandung.
If you also happened to love the food, then you must rejoice because now Mouton Slice & Grill has officially opened its first branch in Jakarta!

Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

[HOTEL REVIEW] SenS Hotel & Spa, Ubud, Bali

Hi Eaters.

Everyone loves Bali. What's not to love about Bali? Its exotic and traditional environment and scenery, its peaceful and warm-hearted people, and of course its delicious food.
There are just so much to love about Bali, making it the 2nd most beautiful island in the world, according to Travel + Leisure magazine, beating those of Maldives and Santorini.
Amazing, right?
I, myself, really loved to travel to Bali. Usually when I go to Bali, I prefer to reside at Seminyak or Legian, which I can find a beach (yeah I'm a beach boy, lol) and only go to other areas for sightseeing purposes. But recently I had the chance to experience a staycation in Ubud, at SenS Hotel & Spa.

Rabu, 27 April 2016

[HOTEL REVIEW] Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel

Hi Eaters,

Last weekend I had a nice staycation event with fellow bloggers and media partners. It was a nice sunny morning as I packed my bag and travelled to the lovely neighbour city of Bandung. The trip took hours but I was enthusiasted about this rejuvenated hotel, the Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel.

Selasa, 12 April 2016

Sperta, Grandkemang Hotel

Hi Eaters.

It's another hotel buffet review. This time I was invited to another brunch session at Sperta, Grandkemang Hotel, Jakarta. It is called Brunch It Up.
It's always nice to be invited to these kinds of events so I have a lot of hotel buffet listed on the blog as a reference if someday I would want to have an occasion in one of them.

Rabu, 06 April 2016

Supreme Brunch at SATOO & Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel

Hi Eaters.

It's another hotel buffet review. But unlike any other, this one is extra special. 
I was invited to try the Supreme Brunch at SATOO & Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel. It was a nice sunny Sunday and the offer of trying out Shangri-La's buffet is not something to be missed out.
SATOO itself has already been my favourite hotel buffet since quite a while and coming there again was so exciting. Well, it's been a while since my last visit.

Selasa, 05 April 2016

Botany Restaurant, Holiday Inn Hotel Kemayoran

Hi Eaters.

It's another hotel buffet restaurant. I think I've been writing a lot about hotel buffet lately, so please don't ever be bored by what I write in this blog.
But seriously, who doesn't love buffet? I mean, it's a place where you can eat whatever you want, as much as you want also. Seems pretty heaven enough for someone who loves to eat like me, right? LOL.
The next post after this one will also be about a hotel buffet. But let's not over-rush things. Let's talk about this particular place first, Botany Restaurant.

Agendaz Beach Club, Nusa Dua Bali

Hi Eaters.

Dating way back to February, me and my partner decided to take a break from work, from the hectic city of Jakarta and go somewhere for holiday.
As it was also happened to be Valentine then we decided to go somewhere romantic where we can enjoy private moments away from anything stressful.
According to the book Eat, Pray, Love then you will know for sure (if you have read it, or seen the movie) that the part love was entirely situated at our pride island, Bali. A perfect destination for a short getaway.
I've been thinking about blogging my entire trip of Bali, but now let me tell you first of my first destination as soon as I stepped my feet on the island of god.
Let me tell you about Agendaz Beach Club.

Minggu, 03 April 2016

OKU, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Hi Eaters.

Say hello to the newest addition to the Jakarta culinary destination.
OKU, a premium Japanese restaurant has opened its doors for Japanese food lovers since the 1st of April, 2016.
Located strategically in the heart of Jakarta, it stood firmly side by side with other premium restaurants at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski.

Jumat, 01 April 2016

Patio Trattoria & Pizzéria

Hi Eaters.

Are you the kind of person whom they will call a southern guy?
Well, the hype of the culinary world recently is too centered at the northern part of our lovely town, while in fact there are so much to offer in the southern part.
Patio stands pretty strong in that particular reason. Why is that? Then you should read this review til the end.

Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

Quiznos Sub

Hi Eaters.

Talking about meat between two buns probably most of us would refer to burgers and hotdogs. Some would mention sandwich. But would any even mention submarine?
Submarine sandwich (or subs as they commonly call it) is more likely shaped like a sandwich but longer in length and thicker in bread.
Finding a sub in Indonesia is no easy task. Well, not many sub restaurant can be easily found as likely if you're looking for burgers or fried chickens. I remembered one time I tried sub sandwich in a restaurant in Plaza Indonesia though. But that just it, the only place I know that sells sub sandwich at that time. 
Well luckily now, an infamous brand from overseas has opened its outlet in Indonesia.
Say hello to Quiznos Sub!

Selasa, 01 Maret 2016

Nanyang Malaysian Klang Bak Kut Teh, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hi Eaters.

It's another new restaurant opened in the hip culinary area of Pantai Indah Kapuk. Say hello to Nanyang Malaysian Klang Bak Kut Teh, a restaurant which specializes.. well as you can say by its name, Malaysian Bak Kut Teh. It's a bold move to open a bak kut teh restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk if you know that there is another infamous restaurant that serves the same kind of dish just hundreds of meters away.

Jumat, 05 Februari 2016

Asia Restaurant at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta

Hi Eaters,

Saturday and Sunday are leisure days. After a full 5 days of work from Monday til Friday, certainly Saturday and Sunday are days I long await. Days when I can do my hobby or fun things I loved to do, such as eating. Yeayy!
Around 2 weeks ago, at Saturday I got the chance to do that hobby of mine, brutally. Yes, it's a hotel buffet restaurant, which means it's all I can eat!! I always loved this kind of opportunity. And that Saturday I had the chance to be brutal at Asia Restaurant.

Rabu, 03 Februari 2016

Shiraku Soba

Hi Eaters,

Say hello to another new soba restaurant that just opened its first outlet in Jakarta, to be precise in Elang Laut, Pantai Indah Kapuk.
Shiraku Soba is the name and it is in the same group as Carnivor and Cut & Grill. Yes it took a different path compared to its siblings and took Japanese food (soba, in particular) as its main course.