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Senin, 01 September 2014


Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading Hi Eaters.

Talking about roasted chicken, you might be familiar with one brand that seemed to be dominating when it comes to the dish. And yet, apparently, I found another spot that served a somewhat similar dish.
I came there last Sunday with a friend. He asked me to come along to give a comparison to the food. And so, off we went to this restaurant, Rooster.

Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
This restaurant is located in Jalan Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading. To get here, you should pass Wiro Sableng, Bangi Kopitiam, just go straight and you will find this restaurant about 15 houses to your left.
The restaurant shares a venue with a barber shop which is at the second floor, called Barber Box. The restaurant itself wasn't that spacious. There were only 6 tables that each can hold up 4 people. So yes, it's just small. And the kitchen is located near the entrance door.
Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
There were not too many items on the menu. The main star is the roasted chicken, while everything else seem to be just complimentary dishes.
So there are steps if you want to order the food here:
First, you order the protein (in this case, the chicken): A whole chicken (IDR 89K) or just half (IDR 69K). After that, you can order additional dishes such as the choices of carbo (+ IDR 8K), light bites (+ IDR 15K), sauce (+ IDR 5K), and the "sambal" (+ IDR 5K).
Here are the items we ordered yesterday:
Rooster's photo in Kelapa Gading
There they were, served on top of a wooden board. The chicken, the light bites, and the sauce and "sambal". Looks so appetizing, right? So let me describe each component for you.

The Prime (half) - IDR 69K.
The Prime - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
The Prime - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
There are 4 choices of flavors for the roasted chickens. I ordered The Prime, which is the original roasted chicken flavor. You can opt for other flavor choices, such as Hot Chicks (spicy), Oriental Honey (oriental flavor), and Betutu (Balinese flavor).
What I loved about roasted chicken is that it's a healthy dish. The roasted chicken here was good, not much amount of fat. And the taste was surprisingly tasty. The chicken was cooked all the way through. For my consideration, it's a bit dry. But the overall taste was pretty nice. The salad that came along with the dish was surprisingly good. I loved how they put salt in it so the salad even though served with no dressing was still delicious to eat.

Chicken Nuggets - additional IDR 15K.
Chicken Nuggets - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
Not much to say about this chicken nuggets. I think the nuggets are just plain frozen nuggets you can buy in a supermarket. It had no stunning flavors. What's good about it was that it tasted good, well as good as your daily frozen nuggets.

Chicken Breakfast Sausage - additional IDR 15K.
Chicken Breakfast Sausage - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
Again, another side dish that tasted pretty much like something that came from frozen food. I really put high expectations on the side dishes to be as good as the main star, but well, lesson learned. At least the taste of the sausage wasn't bad. It's just so-so.

Barbeque Sauce - additional IDR 5K.
Barbeque Sauce - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
Not much to say either. It tasted like a common everyday bottled barbeque sauce. I don't mind the flavor though since I also used the same kind of sauce at any barbeque event at home.

Sambal Matah - additional IDR 5K.
Sambal Matah - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
For this "sambal" I will give my thumbs up. It tasted good. A nice level of sour and spicy. Well, actually the spiciness was quite strong. But I loved it. And it complimented the roasted chicken so nicely.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino - additional IDR 8K.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
The spaghetti was cooked nicely. A good level of al-dente. But the portion was too small for a big biter like me. Well, the price tag didn't lie then. 
The flavors were mild, actually a bit too mild for me. I'm the kind of guy who loved bold seasoning so this dish felt like it lacked so much in flavors. It needed more boosts on the seasoning. But overall still nice to chew though.

Sweet Ice Tea - IDR 12K.
Sweet Ice Tea - Rooster in Kelapa Gading
Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a glass of standard sweet ice tea. Although I think it's maybe a little bit pricey just for a small glass.

Overall conclusion, I found myself in a decent place that serves a kick-ass roasted chicken.
Well, for my palate the chicken was good, and the taste was something quite memorable.
The place is simple, but the service was nice and friendly. 
Prices are quite affordable. The only downside maybe the place was rather small so it can't hold up many customers.
Will I be back here again? Sure. But only for the roasted chicken next time.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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