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Kamis, 11 September 2014

Zomato - The Social Network for Foodies

Hi Eaters,

So as a foodblogger, you might know sometimes I share my writings in other websites. The sole purpose is to be a part of another big community, and to share and also to be shared dining experiences.
One of that particular site where I usually share my dining experiences is Zomato.

Zomato itself have been developing quite rapidly in Indonesia, and have been somewhat a site that nurtures and provides your hunger for culinary information.
And as a Foodie (member of Zomato) I have enjoyed the helping features I needed as a foodblogger. It was a joy to see Zomato finally launched its first mobile app for Android and Apple users. Since I am oftenly mobile, this app really helps me to stay updated with the foodies I'm connected through Zomato.
And now I get to send feedbacks. Well although I enjoyed and find Zomato to be really helpful but I do have some suggestions to have the site or the mobile app to be more user-friendly to other foodies (well, at least for me, lol). And for giving this feedbacks I'm allowed to be brutal, so get ready Zomato, lol. 

But before that, I want to tell you, Eaters, about the features I really really love in Zomato.

Zomato Collections.

This is the most useful feature. I think that grouping restaurants and classifying them in several categories really helps a lot. For instance, if I need to find a place for romantic dinner, I just browse the Romantic collection. And after that voila! I will be guided to several restaurants that matched my search. You can even browse for specific food like Seafood, Barbeque, Desserts and a lot more. Cool, right? You can also check what's trending and also the hippest places to eat by browsing the Trending This Week collection so you won't be outdated by what's happening in the culinary area.

Menus and Prices.

The best feature has got to be the menu. Other than helping you to see if the restaurants have your favourite dish in the menu, it also helps you to prepare the funds needed. What's great about this feature is that it's always updated. No further needs to feel confused to pick a restaurant that goes along with your funds.

The Social Networking.

And of course the loveable feature is the social networking. Updates from fellow foodies are essentials. This updates can be a restaurant review, or maybe just a food picture (as seen above). But both are very important, especially for someone who wants to come to a restaurant for their first time. Certainly recent reviews or food pics will help to make a decision.

So you see there are a lot to love about Zomato. But that doesn't mean there's no flaw either.
About the actual website, I certainly have no complaints about it. Although sometimes after I post a review sometimes problems occured, such as:

Messy Spacing Between Lines.

This might be the most irritating problem I found over all these times submitting reviews at Zomato. I typed correctly, with neat and well-placed spacing. But after I submit and the review is published, somehow the spacing became a mess and disorganized. I gave one line spacing and it showed like maybe 3-4 lines spacing. So I have to edit the review again just to tidy up the spacing. That's why I hope this problem will be fix asap.

Options To Make Bold/Italic Fonts.

As I write reviews I would really love to accentuate something, or underline something which I think is quite important and needed to be noticeable (sometimes it's a critique or a fascination statement). And there's no better way in a writing to show that other than giving bold or italic style for the font. So I hope that this feature will be available soon. Especially the italic since I sometimes write other foreign languages besides English as an addition in my review. And sometimes I like to highlight important things like the menu names or prices.

Also talking about the Zomato mobile app (which is cool btw) I think there are also some features I hope soon to be available or added in the app.

Notification Button on Main Screen.

As you see above, that is the main screen of the Zomato mobile app for Android (I'm an Android user). I don't know if the one in the Iphone has similar main screen like this or not, but as you see it's nice and simple, but it lacks notification button.

To access my notification I have to go to my profile. In my consideration this would not be necessary since the mobile app is only used by me and me alone. And everytime I open this app, well it automatically open my Zomato account. So to be user friendly better to put the notification button at the main screen for easier access to the notifications.

Link to the Blog at Mobile App.

Zomato website has helped my blog to achieve potential readers by giving my blog link to be accessible directly from my profile. Sadly this only happens in the website.

there's no link in my Zomato mobile app profile :'(

Considering the highly intensity of people going mobile nowadays, it would be so sooo great if the link to my blog is also accessible through the mobile app. I mean, most people find comfort in using mobile for browsing nowadays and somehow it would be awesome if Zomato puts more essential features regarding user profile (such as blog links) applied on the mobile app.
In the website, the blog link appeared in the profile and also at the end of a review. Sadly the mobile app doesn't have that capability.
As a foodblogger, I really think it's important.

Suggested Menu.

As a first-comer to a new restaurant, it would be really helpful if Zomato would put info about recommended dishes of the restaurant. It could be pitched from the restaurant itself or maybe from other foodies who have been there. It's going to be nice if those infos are also displayed in the restaurant's highlights. This is just an opinion, not essential but I just thought it would be useful for a first-comer.

Last but not least, I would show extreme gratitude to Zomato for this opportunity to give feedbacks. So sorry if I'm brutal (or maybe not too brutal as hoped?).
Best of luck always for you guys at Zomato and thank you for doing a great job helping foodies to get so many culinary infos. Hope to see more outstanding features in the future.

PS: Eaters, if you like to be a part of a foodie community then Zomato is perfect for you. Don't forget to follow me too on Zomato for delicious reviews. Just click follow on my Zomato profile and have a blasting foodie moments to share with me.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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