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Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

Wingstop Bintaro Xchange

Hi Eaters.

As you might know I'm such a big fan of chicken wings. I can be a sucker for these treats. And certainly I always order chicken wings if ever I should find them in a menu. But although I'm a big fan, there are not many places I can call my favourite wings spot. Well, there are a couple places which served my favourite chicken wings. Happily now I can add another spot to my list, Wingstop.

I was invited to a foodtasting event held in Wingstop, Bintaro Xchange. It's a little far from home I might say. But for good food, miles are just worth it.
Who doesn't know Wingstop? Well, a foodie friend of mine surely was a big fan of its chickens. He could eat up to 15 drumsticks alone. Can you imagine that?
Wingstop actually is a famous brand in US when it comes about chicken wings. Their motto is "if your fingers aren't saucy, you aren't eating", which solely means that the chicken is finger-lickin' good. Wingstop has opened its first branch in Indonesia at the mid 2014,  and now there are 5 branches to be found in Indonesia.
Under the same management of Mahadya (as Carl's Jr.) it's a promising brand that will develop in Indonesia.

The restaurant is located at the top floor of the mall, beside a quite reknown fitness center. Tempation for those who just finished working out, right? Hahaha. And this restaurant has two dining areas, the indoor and outdoor.
The staffs were very nice that day. I absolutely loving the service and the friendliness.
Claiming to be more worthy of the calling: "the flavor company", Wingstop offers 10 different flavors which can be applied to the chicken wings, boneless strips or the drumsticks.
All the food is made to order, so don't expect to pick up your order directly from the cashier after you pay them.

As I was saying there are 10 flavors offered, and I will sort them in order of their heat level:
Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Louisiana Rub, Hawaiian, Hickory-Smoked Barbeque, Hawaiian, Teriyaki, Cajun, Hot Original, Mild, and Atomic.
For you who can't eat something spicy, you can try from the Garlic Parmesan up to the Mild. But if you were wondering just how spicy the Atomic is, well do try it (your own risk). Just don't forget to have cold water standing by.
Hawaiian, tasted a bit sour and sweet. The Cajun was nice but a little bit salty. The Hot Original and Mild both have an acidic and spicy aftertaste, but between both the Mild came more acidic.

So let's see what I tried that day.

Cheese Fries - IDR 24,545

My appetizer was this Cheese Fries. Basically it's french fries soaked in cheese sauce and topped with slices of jalapeno. The french fries used were Wingstop's own fresh cut potatoes, so there are still some potato skin attached which giving it extra crunchiness. The cheese sauce was excellent. I truly loved it. The flavors were just delicious and the jalapenos certainly gave a nice punch of spiciness.

Boneless Strips
IDR 34,545 (3pcs - 1 dip - 1flavor)
IDR 120,000 (12pcs - 2 dips - 3 flavors)

Lemon Pepper
The Boneless Strips is the perfect choice for you who prefer to eat "clean", which I mean if you don't like to get your hands dirty, or you feel peeling of the meat off the bone is just troubling.
The Boneless Strips that I tried applied the Lemon Pepper seasoning. Tasted a bit lemony..not sour though, but actually pretty good. And the pepper was in a decent way that it didn;t overpowered the lemon. The meat was quite tender too. They really cooked the chicken in the perfect way.

The Teriyaki seasoning came in a sweet savory taste. Actually I was hoping for bolder flavors because the sweetness was a bit overwhelming for me.

The dipping sauces (too bad) came in two options, between the Honey Mustard or Creamy Ranch. The Honey Mustard tasted a bit acidic while the Creamy Ranch has an aftertaste like mayonnaise.

Chicken Wings
IDR 34,545 (5pcs - 1 dip - 2 flavors)
IDR 66,364 10pcs - 1 dip - 2 flavors)
IDR 120,000 (18pcs - 2 dips - 3 flavors)

Garlic Parmesan
These wings used the Garlic Parmesan, which in my opinion was one of the best seasoning here. Deep-fried with sprinkles of parmesan cheese on the garlicky batter. It's absolutely delicious. One of my favourite.

Hickory-Smoked BBQ
These babies can really get your fingers dirty. The sauce was pretty good and has a smoky after-taste you would expect from anything with Hickory based sauce. It was pretty alright and tasty.

IDR 34,545 (2pcs - 1 dip - 1 flavor)
IDR 66,364 (4pcs - 1 dip - 2 flavors)
IDR 120,000 (8pcs - 2 dips - 2 flavors)

Louisiana Rub
My most lovable flavor here. The Louisiana Rub came in with a nice balanced flavor between savory and salty. The drumsticks also was quite pleasing. The meat was so soo tender, and the seasoning really seeped through. It's super delicious.

Cajun Rice - IDR 10,000

In Indonesia, you haven't dine if you don't eat rice. You can choose between regular rice or the cajun rice. I love the appliance of the Cajun seasoning in the rice better than the one they applied on the chicken. It's more Cajun than it is salty. The rice was perfectly cooked.

Double Choco Melt - IDR 22,727

It's nice to find that Wingstop also sell yummy desserts, such as this molten lava cake. Well, can't really say it's a molten lava cake since the chocolate filling was more densed than it is runny. But the flavors were good. Perfect sugary level, not too sweet and the chocolate was delicious.

Waffle Ice Cream - IDR 22,727

Another pleasing dessert. The vanilla ice cream was extra generous with overwhelming chocolate sauce topping it. The waffle in my opinion was too thick though, but the flavors and the crispiness was just spot on.

Blackcurrant - IDR 10,000 (M), IDR 12,727 (L)

A quite refreshing drink. The flavor, well, pretty much like any Blackcurrant drink found elsewhere.

Overall conclusion, there are so many to be loved about the food. The way the chicken cooked was spot on, perfect. The flavor options were variative, giving you endless indulgement to try each flavor and finding your favourite.
There are also yummy desserts here too, so another plus point making you just wanna come and try the food.
I will definitely come back for more chicken. Not to this branch though, there is a closer branch opened at Kota Kasablanka. Yeayy!!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall CBD, Lantai 1 
Phone: (021) 29864984
Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Pondok Aren, Jakarta

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