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Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

Carl's Jr. Plaza Semanggi

Hi Eaters.

Any fan of burger here? Raise your hand! If there are any of you reading this and happens to be a fan of burger then give me a high-five.
Burgers are definitely listed on my cheating day. I ate pretty much over the last couple of months and it affected on my weight. So lately I've been reducing my portion and cut some meal here and there. But once in a while I like to do a cheating day, a day when I don't have to care about my weight and eat whatever I like. And coincidentally at my cheating day I was invited to try the burgers at the newly hip outlet of Carl's Jr. in Plaza Semanggi.

Who doesn't know Carl's Jr.? Being founded in 1941 by Carl Kracher, this American based fast food has since grew rapidly and spreaded its wings internationally. 
Carl's Jr. burgers with its signature both sides grilled patty has always been a favourite of mine, with its juicy and succulent beef patty and of course their free refill drinks.

In Indonesia, Carl's Jr. franchise is owned by PT Mega Mahadana Hadiya (Mahadya), a consumer retail company who also happens to own the Wingstop franchise. Being acquired since July 2013, Carl's Jr. Indonesia currently has 9 branches in Indonesia,  and this one at Plaza Semanggi is the latest addition with a new style concept of interior design.

The interior as you can see is quite different from the other Carl's Jr. branches. It's more modern, more comfy and quite spacious.
There is also an outdoor dining area which functioned also as a smoking area.
The service was very pleasantful. I surely liked how the waiters greeted me as I walked inside the restaurant and surely it didn't take much time for the food to be delivered to my table. FYI, although this is a fast food restaurant but the food is made to order. So you won't find any unfresh ingredients on your meal.

So are you ready for the burgers? Here we go!

Portobello Mushroom - IDR 55K (Combo - IDR 72K)

The most famous burger from Carl's Jr. and also my favourite order everytime I go here. Charbroiled beef patty, Portobello mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayonnaise stuffed together between the buns. As a big eater firstly I would like to compliment the overwhelming size of the burger. It fits its price tag decently. Flavorwise, mind-blowing. The patty is very juicy and absolutely succulent. The black pepper sauce went so well with the springy Portobello mushrooms. I'm just loving every bite of it.

Charbroiled Chicken BBQ Sandwich - IDR 38K (Combo - IDR 55K)

If you prefer chicken patty more than beef, maybe you can opt for this one. Charbroiled chicken breast, cheese, beef bacon, lettuce, and tomato between wheat buns. Yes, this one uses wheat buns, so less worry about getting stuffed with carbs. The buns have a more sweet taste compared to the regular buns. 
The overall taste was delicious too. The charbroiled chicken was very juicy. Kudos to the griller. The beef bacon could be great if it was more crispier. Though nevertheless it combined nicely to the whole dish.

Criss Cut Fries - IDR 20K

I've known this kind of fries elsewhere as fishnet fries, here it is called criss cut fries. It's very good. It's light and crispy. The taste was nice and not heavily salted too.

Onion Rings - IDR 23K

Slices of onions covered in bread crumbs and then deep-fried. Really loving the crispiness of the batter, it's well seasoned too.

Charbroiled Chicken Salad - IDR 28K

Diced-cut charbroiled chicken combined with lettuce, onions, carrots, cucumber, and tomato. The charbroiled chicken no doubtly tasted good. The amount of lettuce in my opinion was too generous. The mayo dressing had a nice consistency, though I was hoping it could be more generously given like the lettuce. All the other ingredients were nice and fresh.

New Menu

Mile High

This is the latest menu from Carl's Jr. Charbroiled beef patty, 6 onion rings, lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomato between two buns. The onion rings were different from those I've wrote above. The difference is on the batter used. This one didn't use bread crumbs but uses the batter you commonly see used for fried chickens. So it tasted more savory and more crispy.

This one above, is the low-fat version of the Western Beef Bac Cheeseburger. Charbroiled beef patty, cheese, bacon, onion ring wrapped with lettuce drenched in BBQ sauce. It doesn't use buns. A unique way to eat your beef patty.

Hand Scooped Ice Cream Shakes - IDR 25K

This is not a new menu, but surely new for me since this was my first time trying it. I loved the taste, though for my palate it's a little too sweet. Just a little, and not a big problem for me. It's a mixture between ice cream, milk, Oreo cookie crumbles, and whip cream. Had a good thickness and density too.

Drinks - IDR 13K (Small), IDR 15K (Medium)

As I mentioned earlier, the most awesome thing about Carl's Jr. is their refillable drink. Pay once for all you can drink. The choices of drink vary between soft drinks and teas. My favourite is the green tea. 

Overall conclusion, it was a cheating day that went to a blast. In a positive meaning though. Carl's Jr. has always been my favourite burger joint and being invited here was something not to be missed.
The usage of quality ingredients, beef patty which is grilled on the top and bottom side, refillable drinks, and now added by a comfy ambiance. More reasons to come and grab a burger at Carl's Jr.
Still loving the burgers, and now loving it more.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Carl's Jr.
Plaza Semanggi, Upper Ground
Jl. Jendral Sudirman
Jakarta Pusat

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