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Rabu, 04 Maret 2015

Sip Ha Thai BBQ & Bistro

Hi Eaters.

This restaurant isn't new for me. I've been here before for the Openrice gathering and has fallen in love with the food ever since. Located in Kelapa Gading, an area which I visit a lot during weekends, this restaurant has established a special place in my heart thanks to its delish Thai food. And so that day with so much joy I found myself coming back to fulfill a foodtasting invitation at Sip Ha Thai BBQ & Bistro.

Since this is my second visit, you can catch up my short review about the interior and the ambiance at my previous post, click here.
But I have to tell you, this restaurant has improved a lot. The ambiance has gotten more interesting. Here I show you some snapshots.

second floor

Notice something different? Yes, they have a big screen on the second floor where you can watch TV and also live sports broadcast. When I came that day, this restaurant was going to air live soccer match. Would love to come sometimes if my favourite team's match is being aired here, LOL.

So let's go straight to the food!

Thai Prawn Cake - IDR 29K

Golden deep-fried prawn cake covered with bread crumbs. Loving the texture. It's moist and delicious, and also chewy at the same time. Simply put it, done with finesse.

Crispy Kangkong - IDR 19K

Never would thought something simple like kangkong could be so addictive. And yet I found myself kept on taking bit by bit of these crispy veggie into my mouth. Seriously, it's so good. Delicious and savory. You must try.

Pork Dumpling Soup - IDR 30K

It's a pretty good dish overall. But I think it would be better if there were more fillings in the dumplings. Flavorwise it's quite tasty, and the fillings were seasoned beautifully.

Garlic & Pepper Squid - IDR 47K

This is one dish I always order in a seafood restaurant, and pretty happy to find one here too. The taste was delicious. The texture was to be loved, especially you can find the garlic to be abundant here.

Thai Prawn Laksa - IDR 39K

I loved the soup on this dish. It has a strong coconut milk flavor but not overwhelming. Savory and delicious. Also the fillings were just generous. Bravo!

Steamed Fish Manau - IDR 72K

Steamed fish with lime, garlic, and chilli. Yes, since it is cooked along with lime you can expect the flavor would be more sour. But this came as refreshing. The fish wasn't smelly and it was cooked perfectly. Overall, a good dish.

Century Egg with Beansprouts - IDR 27K

Really delicious. The century egg was chewy and moist. The flavors were just tasty. I loved the punch of blackpepper sauce in this dish. Delicious! And the  beansprouts were cooked perfectly, and also crunchy. This is one dish you must order here.

Durian Sticky Rice
photo credit to: Leonard Tjoe (instagram: @leonardtjoe)

My sweet-tooth craving was pampered by this dessert. I'm a big fan of durian and the durian was very pleasing. Although the sticky rice was a bit dry, I was hoping it to be a little more moist.

Green Thai Milk Tea - IDR 16K

It's quite refreshing although the green tea was almost overpowered by the milky taste by overall.

Cocopandan Banana - IDR 20K

This new treat was just mind-blowing. I love the sweetness level. Though I think the shaved ice was a little too much. The syrup was nice by the way and refreshing.

Oreo Iced Blend - IDR 22K

For me this one is just okay. I find difficulties in finding where this drink is heading since the taste was just sweet. It could be better if it was more chocolaty.

Overall conclusion, it was an enjoyable lunch afterall. Sip Ha still delivered me some delicious Thai dishes which in my opinion still stand out from the crowd.
All the food I tasted was good and also the hospitality still got me amazed. 
So if you happen to live around Kelapa Gading, or simply just craving for good Thai food then I would recommend this restaurant as your main destination.
In the end I would wish all the best for Sip Ha. Keep on serving great food. Cheers!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Sip Ha Thai BBQ & Bistro
Jl. Boulevard Utara Blok PD 9 No. 1
Phone: (021) 45846893
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

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