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Minggu, 01 Maret 2015

[Openrice Gathering] Mbok'ku

Hi Eaters.

Yet again another Openrice Indonesia gathering. And this time it took place in Kelapa Gading, yeaayy!! It's an area I've come to know so well over the last few years.
And last Saturday gathering was at Mbok'ku.

I've known this restaurant by its many shifting names, starting from Dapur Mbok'ku, then to Mbok'ku Kitchen, and now it rebrands itself just as Mbok'ku.
Still with its trademark of serving Indonesian cuisine. If you've ever visited this restaurant maybe in a year or two years ago, you might know that its specialty was the East Java cuisine. I did have the chance to try the food here and so in love with their Cwi Mie.
But now it rebrands itself to be serving duck cuisines as the focus dishes.

The place itself wasn't that big, but it was quite comfortable. The weather was so hot that day and inside the restaurant was quite chill.
The waiters were pretty responsive and most of the orders didn't take that long to be served.
So let's go straight talking about the food, shall we?

Mie Bebek Peking Otentik - IDR 24K

Minced Peking Duck (yes, they used Peking Duck here), fried garlic, and lettuce on top of noodle. At first I thought the portion was going to be big since this dish was served in quite a huge bowl, yet I saw half of the bowl was empty. Considering the price tag, I shouldn't complain though.
The Peking Duck, however, was given generously. And it tasted good too. On the other hand the noodle wasn't my cup of tea. I wish it was seasoned more boldly. 
This dish was presented with a bowl of noodle soup to be poured on the noodle. However I chose not to do so that day since I found the soup was too overly oily.

Mie Bebek Peking Yamin - IDR 24K

Another version of the Mie Bebek Peking which has been added with sweet soy sauce. Frankly, I liked this one better. It had more seasoning and the soy sauce added a nice savory yet sweet flavor to the noodles.
The other toppings were the same as the Mie Bebek Peking Otentik.

Ayam Penyet Sambel Ijo - IDR 18,5K

If you like chicken more than duck then you can opt for this dish. Crispy fried chicken served on a bed of green chilli sambel.
The texture of the chicken was very good. They sure know how to cook the chicken properly. The sambel however was pretty spicy. But still in a decent level though. It might burn your tongue a bit but certainly won't stop you from keep on eating.

Bebek Peking Goreng Sambel Ijo - IDR 29K

The fried duck is just awesome. My favourite dish of the day.
The outer skin was crispy, savory and super delicious. The inside was juicy and seasoned beautifully. It was served with a separated small plate of green chilli sambel.
Seriously, I think this is one dish so recommended to try.

Bebek Peking Saos Padang - IDR 25K

Boneless duck drenched with Indonesian "Saos Padang". As I come to know, Saos Padang which I tasted mostly had this spicy yet salty and savory taste. But this one came more to sweet and salty. So in particular I wouldn't called it Saos Padang though,
The duck was good and cooked perfectly, in the other hand. Perhaps the sauce needs more improvement.

Oseng-oseng Bebek Peking - IDR 30K

Stir fried minced duck with chilli, scallions and onions. It's pretty confusing why they served minced duck along with the bone. It would be better to be served boneless as this dish was minced.
The flavors were delicious. It's a bit spicy, but not overwhelming. The duck was tender and juicy and very savory. The portion was big and for the price tag it's so worth it.

Nasi Goreng Buntut - IDR 64,5K

Really loved the seasoning on the oxtail. I think it's really superb, delicious and quite addicting. Although for the price tag I was hoping for more cuts if the oxtail and certainly to be served more meat than bones.
The fried rice wasn't my favourite. For my palate it's a bit bland. Could use more salt in the cooking. I love the texture though.

Es Pencit - IDR 19K

When it comes to beverages and you prefer something refreshing, then the Es Pencit could be a good option. It tasted pretty sour and yet it was so refreshing. Inside this drink you'll find cendol, which added a good texture to the drink.

Es Tape Bule - IDR 19K

This is one beverage I've tried before in this restaurant. And I really loved it. Shaved ice, brown sugar, cendol, and tape (fermented cassava) mixed up pretty well here.
This is a perfect beverage after those spicy food I ate before.

Overall conclusion, for you duck cuisine lovers, this is a place you should pay a visit to. All the ducks were cooked Indonesian style with a nice decent taste and some were flavorably awesome.
Prices are very affordable, and friendly. More reasons not to pass out from trying the food at Mbok'ku, right?
For me, since I am frequently visiting Kelapa Gading, surely there will be another visit here. Care to join me next time?

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Jl. Boulevard Utara Raya Blok QA5 / 23
Phone: (021) 4514055
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

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