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Selasa, 05 Mei 2015

#GWSMeetUpBandung: Culinary Trip With GWStarving

Hi Eaters.

Is it too late to share this story? Well, better late than never they say. And this story is one that is just too nice to keep. 
Been planning for a long time for this event and we (me and the GWStarving members) were so happy to know that there were so many restaurants and cafe offering us to stop by and try their food. So yes, it was a full-packed two days of culinary enjoyment at Bandung.
2 days, 7 spots and countless delicious experiences. Are you already curious? Let's start this culinary journey!


Alberto's Cafe
Jl. Babakan Jeruk II no. 1 (setelah hotel VIO belok kiri)
Pasteur, Bandung

Our first stop was this gem. Yes, it's hidden inside a housing complex. A pretty big cafe that offers serenity since it is located quite far from traffic. Owned by Chef Albert, this cafe has plenty to offer. A nice ambiance, homey, and calm certainly felt so comfortable as we took the time to rest from our long journey and enjoy the delicious food this cafe has to offered.
Steaks, burgers are the most favourite dish here. The steak, being cooked perfectly to a nice medium doneness was so enjoyable. As you can see at the picture above, look at that red-ish center, so juicy and succulent!
The burgers were dynamites! We love the abundant cheese and bacon, and also the home made buns. What a great way to start a culinary journey! Bandung, we've started to love you immediately.

Kingkong Express
Cihampelas Walk, Broadway SL-07

Our second destination was this fast food restaurant. But not like any other fast food restaurant, this one offers quite a lot of food to choose.
Kingkong Express, it's not hard to find this restaurant since its trademark logo the big black kingkong is easily to spot.
The food is presented in a buffet style, so you can pick the food packages available to your liking. And then pay it at the cashier. Express!
The variety of food is so many from rice, vegetables, meats, and dimsums. The taste was nice and we love the spicy foods there and also the hospitality. So if you're looking for a different yet unique style rather than your everyday fast food restaurant, you should definitely come here.

Sweet Belly
Jl. Lombok No. 53

This was our third destination. What other more suitable than having something sweet after two rounds of savory food.
Yes, Sweet Belly was our dessert destination. It shares space with Donwoori, a Korean restaurant. Besides desserts, you can also find food here, mostly Korean since it is next to Donwoori. You can also order food at Donwoori and eat it here and the opposite.
Most desserts here are Asian desserts, Korean in particular. My favourite one was the Gelato Platter which has 6 different flavors perserving. I liked the Thai Tea flavor quite much and also the bubblegum one. If you fancy for a distinctive Korean dessert, you can opt for the Pat Bing Soo which was served in a huge glass bowl with fruits and ice cream.

Cocorico Cafe
Jl. Bukit Dago Pakar Timur No. 19

We were tired, our tummy was quite full, but we didn't want to stop just yet. The night was still young and so are we (at least that's what we think, lol) so we decided to go up the hill and enjoy Bandung's cityscape and the breeze from this lovely cafe, Cocorico.
Yes, being located up the hill, the journey was kind of troublesome and terrifying. But it all paid off once we stepped inside this beautiful cafe. Seriously, this is one spot recommended to come at night. It was so beautiful from the outside and well balanced by how it was lovely at the inside. As in any cafe, they provided live music to accompany you to dine. Lighting was a problem for us considering we want to take snapshots of the food and we have to try our best in setting the cameras. But in a point of view as a customer, I would really love this place, the ambiance and the food.
Oh yes the food! The most important and crucial component of all. They have a lot of varieties of food here, from Indonesian, European, Western and Asian. My favourite that night was the ribs. Super yumm! They also serve alcohol here. Make sure you're not an easy tipsy guy cause you want to make sure you can still drive safely upon the downhill road.


Three Bears Cafe
Paskal Hypersquare A.28

First destination of day 2. This cafe is quite famous in Bandung I have to say. And it's so close to our hotel. Have I mention that we spent the night at Fave Hotel also in Paskal Hypersquare? Well, since it's so close we didn't have to rush to pack our stuffs.
So, it's a Japanese-Korean fusion cafe. The place itself offers a unique ambiance, quite cute I might say.
The variety of food was also unique. I have to say I loved how the presented the food. The plating was beautiful and very appetizing.
We tried some finger foods, main courses, desserts and coffees. My dish of that day was a pasta dish. I liked the taste though in my opinion the cream was too heavy. I ordered a creamy fettucine back then.
My favourite was the desserts though, especially the Pat Bing Soo. It's sooooo good! My friend said that Three Bears was the first one ever to serve Pat Bing Soo in Indonesia. So I recommend you try this exquisite Pat Bing Soo if you come here.

Sweet Home Cafe
Jl. Dokter Setiabudi 148

Sweet Home Cafe is one of those places you would spend hours in. I mean, it's decorated beautifully with all sorts kind of cute things. If you're a kind of person who love to pose in front of cute stuff, you will be endulged here.
The food however was quite decent. They serve nice cakes and pastries. I love the doughnuts with their cute shapes. The main course that I tried was quite plenty, and it all tasted pretty nice.
There was one dessert that was quite unique, The Dirty Ice Cream. Chocolate ice cream put inside a small bucket container with chocolate soil on the top. Pretty unique!
But the main attraction still would be the ambiance.

Saka Bistro and Bar
Jl. Karang Sari No. 2 

Sukajadi, Bandung

Save the best for last, they say, and was this place consider to be the best one we tried during our culinary trip? Well I might say it is.
It was rainy when we go there, and the weather sort of giving this place a breezing feeling. I love how the ambiance and the interior decoration of this bistro. It's chic, elegant, but youthful in a way you won't be bored here and you could lost track of time just by hanging out here,
The word Saka misleaded me of thinking that this was a Japanese bistro, yet apparently this was a Western-Asian fusion kind of bistro.
The food were so loveable. We loved the hot stone grilled steak (The Jyu Jyu Steak if I'm not mistaken) which was served so unique with its sizzling sound on top of a hot stone.
But my primarily goal here was the coffee! Yes, I've been stalking their Instagram for quite some time and I noticed that the barista here was soooo expert in making latte art. Mr. Tantan was the name. You'll see some examples below when he made the latte art.

Colorful latte art

A cute 3D puppies latte art

This is when he made a latte art of our logo!!

See? Beautiful right?? The man is a genius. You can ask him to even make latte art of your face. How cool is that? Just make sure you call the bistro first to ask wether if he's available at your time of visit because he's not always around.

So you can see what a blast we had at Bandung. All the way there we were spoiled to the comfort of using the Toyota Agya as our ride. The interior and the audio really pampered us as we sing and shout all the way to Bandung listening to our favourite songs! Its modern and sleek design helped so much as we have to barged into the city traffic. 

Its fuel efficiency as a Low Cost Green Car surely helped us cruising around in Bandung, from one place to another. We didn't have to spend a lot on fuel and managed to buy a lot of souvenirs and Bandung's signature food to bring back to Jakarta for our families. And this low cost fuel came with a poweful engine too. Bravo!

Its big trunk fits our outstanding luggages and still accomodated some room for those souvenirs. Yeayy!
A perfect ride for travelling and also suitable for everyday activities and absolutely a nice riding companion for a first jobber.

So in a nutshell I really hope this story didn't bore you. We certainly had a lot of fun at Bandung. We loved the culinaries and we certainly loved how Bandung has now transformed into a modern and civilized city. 
See you in our next culinary adventure!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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    1. hai oline thanks ya uda mampir.. goodluck buat Toyota challengenya. ayo kita sama2 menang hahaha

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  4. Fotonya bikin ngiler.

  5. aaa. all the food look super delicious.
    kingkong express especially attracts me for its simple yet mouthwatering food.


  6. wuahhhh, telat euy mampir ksini nyaa. baru aja dr bandung. contek u trip k bandung lg yaaa

  7. Pilihan makannya asyik2 semua. Itu tadi yg di Cocorico Cafe, yg foto pertama apakah semacam nasi kari? Empingnya bikin gemezzzz..... :)

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