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Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Watt Coffee

Hi Eaters.

It was a jolly day. A national holiday. Yes, it was at the 2nd of June when I visited this place.
My wacky foodie friends had plans to do a gathering and we decided to do that while attending a foodtasting (or more to a coffee tasting) invitation.
As they say, good friends and good coffee equals to a wonderful time. And that's all I had that day at Watt Coffee.

Located at Jalan Kwitang, Senen, this coffee shop has a lot to offer. But what you will see on your first arrival is the spacious parking lot. Finding a space here won't be hard.
The coffee shop itself is placed deep inside so it's quite far from the road, and especially the traffic. It gives serenity to have a relaxing chit chat with friends over a cup of coffee without having to worry about traffic noise, car horns, etc.
The interior concept was also nice. It looked rustic, vintage, but definitely cozy. Spending time here definitely will make you lost track of time. And certainly I loved the humble and friendly service.

Red Velvet Latte - IDR 32K
Green Tea Latte - IDR 32K

We immediately order coffee based on our interests. These lattes above belong to my friends. It looks like they prefer something sweet and less-caffeine. The latte art was beautiful and certainly inviting. Usually I'm always curious about red velvet latte, so my next target if I should visit again would be ordering the red velvet latte.

Cappuccino - IDR 30K

It happened that they gave two options of coffee seeds for your coffee order. The premium ones should be the one you try. As for the cappuccino? Well, I loved it. I'm a big fan of cappuccino and this one didn't fail to impress me.

Hot Chocolate - IDR 32K

Don't like coffee that much? You can opt for chocolate. This one was my friend's order. At first it came to the table I was bedazzled by the beautiful color. I did try a sip of this chocolate and really loved it. I loved the perfect density of the chocolate and the milk. Perfect balance. And the flavor was just right. A good amount of sweetness but it didn't exaggerated the chocolate as the hero. Wonderful.

Chicken Wings - IDR 55K

My heart was overjoyed when I know they serve chicken wings here. Yes, I'm a chicken wing fanatic. As they served these wings on the table I was so eager to tried it immediately, but my camera told me to snap it first.
So these wings were cooked with shrimp paste (Indonesian: terasi). I loved the taste and the juicy meat. It's super yumm! But one thing I felt was a turndown was the batter. It's light but yet I felt like it needed to be seasoned, and could be a little more crispy. Just my personal preference though.

Three Batter Platter - IDR 45K

Onion rings, sweet potatoes, and potato wedges served on a wooden cutting board. A good combination of finger foods to start a nice conversation with friends. I loved everything on the board. The onion rings were good and the batter was somehow tasted better than the chicken wings.

Tofu Pancake with Shrimp Paste - IDR 45K

We all thought it was Egg Murtabak when it was served on the table, yet it was a portion of tofu pancake. Yet it was so delicious. The fillings were so densed. The crispy skin was just so loveable. And the flavors were delicious. I ate a lot of it that day. That's just how much I loved the dish!

Asian Strip - IDR 55K

Batter-coated, caramelized chicken cooked with spicy sauce and served with potato wedges. Yes, it's quite spicy. I'm not quite a fan of spicy food so I just tried a little and it quite burned my tongue.
Perhaps next time I will ask them to reduce the spiciness level a bit, because the chicken itself was quite delicious without the chilli.

Overall conclusion, it was a fun meetup and gathering with my wacky foodie friends. And what made it more special was the comfort of having a place that made us connect and share laughs.
Really loved the overall package this coffee shop has to offer. The serenity, the hospitality, and certainly the wonderful food and beverages. I have my beliefs that those are the things that will make this place holds up for a long time.
So, thank you Watt Coffe for having me and my friends. Can't wait to be back again!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Watt Coffee
Jl. Kwitang Raya No. 14
Phone: 021-38902803
Senen, Central Jakarta

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