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Jumat, 28 Agustus 2015

Pangkep 33, Pluit

Hi Eaters.

It's another Openrice gathering. Last Saturday I was invited to Pangkep 33, a seafood restaurant located in Pluit. I was kind of in a rush that day, having to go to another place to fulfill yet another foodtasting invitation. But anyway, Pangkep 33 is quite memorable for its delicious seafood dishes, so this is one gathering I didn't want to miss.

Silly me, it always happen when I'm in a rush to do or to go some place else then I tend to forget things. Sometimes I forget important and crucial things. Such as that day, I forgot to take photos of the restaurant's environment. Do forgive me for that. So this post will only show food pictures and nothing else.
But just in case you're wondering what's my opinion about the place...hmm, well I can say it's nice. It's clean and comfortable. Dominated with white colors and wooden tables. Maybe it lacks in showing the seafood theme but it's not necessary for a restaurant to show a specific theme to adjust with the food, right?

So let's just go on with the food review.

Bunga Pepaya - IDR 23K

This is one of the vegetables menus I had the chance to try that day. It tasted quite nice, a bit spicy but not so overpowering and pretty savory too. Combined with a plate of hot steaming rice then it could be heavenly tasty.

Kerang Hijau Saus Padang - IDR 28K

The green mussels were a treat. First because of its generous portion. Tasted pretty nice. The mussels were fresh and the sauce tasted spicy and savory too.

Cumi Goreng Tepung - IDR 35,5K

For seafood lovers, squid is essential. It's not a must-order, but you'll just feel like missing something without it on the table. The same goes to prawns. Well anyway I always love squid no matter how they are cooked. This one is batter coated, and so crispy. The good thing is that the squid was fresh without any tangy smell. The batter was quite tasty and the portion was pretty generous, adding another plus point for the dish.

Cumi Goreng Mentega - IDR 35,5K

I loved this one. I think the sauce tasted delicious. My only complain would be that it's just a little too oily for my preference. But overall I think the seasoning was spot on, the squid was cooked nicely and the sauce, again, delicious.

Cumi Telur Bakar - IDR 15K/ounce

First of all, it looked beautiful. Perfect sear on the squid. I loved the golden brown-ish color on the sear. Tasted delicious too. Looking at that chunk of squid filled with abundant egg, who wouldn't drool? A must try.

Udang Bakar - IDR 52.5K

Again, another good sear. The prawns, were beautiful and appetizing. For this dish, it uses tiger prawns. But you can choose another variant of prawns like shrimps and lobsters. For this dish I give a thumb up. Tasted quite delicious, and that would be considering they were already quite cold due to the time I took to take their photos. I can imagine how delicious they would be if they were still steaming hot.

Ikan Bakar Aji-Aji - IDR 16,2K/ounce

To be honest, this is my first time hearing the name Aji-Aji as a fish. And apparently this dish was the restaurant's signature dish. In english, this fish is called Amberjack. We'll start using that for now.
So this amberjack was grilled and topped with Indonesian's sambal rica-rica which was quite spicy. As my first experience eating an amberjack I couldn't really comment much but just say that the fish was quite tasty. I wonder if they use the same seasoning for all the grilled dishes. The meat was tender, fresh and delicious too. 

Kepiting Saos Padang - IDR 31K/ounce

So finally it's time for my favourite seafood dish to enter center stage. Yes, CRAB!  OMG I literally died when I know they served 3 kinds of crab dishes that day (more down below). This one was cooked in Indonesian's saos Padang which had a spicy punch in its flavor. But for my palate it was still acceptable. I'm not a fan of spicy food though but this one tickles my taste buds and just too tempting to miss out.

Kepiting Lada Hitam - IDR 31K/ounce

Just look at how beautiful it is. Visually it's soooo appetizing. Flavorwise...breathtaking. The blackpepper sauce was just exquisite. Loved it to the max. Enough said.

Kepiting Telur Asin - IDR 31K/ounce favourite of all time crab dishes. I'm a sucker for salted egg dishes, and I really really loved the salted egg sauce. Super delicious. Super savory. Dipping the crab meat into the sauce, it's heavenly good.. no I have to use capital letters on this one. GOOD! Yes, I mean it. You really have to try this one.

Es Palu Butung - IDR 17,5K

To complete the lunch, I had this as my dessert. As the restaurant claimed to serve Makassar seafood dishes, then Es Palu Butung which is also a Makassar is just a must order. Inside you'll find chopped bananas and rice flour porridge, drizzled with syrup. The sweetness was just fine. I loved it, as a closure it was just perfect.

Overall conclusion, it was a really nice lunch. As a big seafood fan I was very satisfied with every dish that came to the table. A plus point that all the food I tasted were fresh without any tangy smell. And I also loved every seasoning applied on the dishes. Bravo.
So I think this could go into my list of favourite seafood spots. Maybe it can go into yours too!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Pangkep 33
Jalan Pluit Putra Raya No. 12A
Pluit, Jakarta Utara
Phone: (021) 663 2296

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