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Senin, 26 Oktober 2015

Brewerkz, Senayan City

Hi Eaters.

I was invited to Brewerkz at Senayan City for a short course of "How to make your own beer". To be frank, I was in a full tummy condition that day, having been just visited another foodtasting event before. But that moment I thought to myself, why not just go ahead and come. Though I'm not a beer drinker, nor alcohol fan, but the knowledge of "brewing beer by yourself" got me pretty curious.

Anyway, let's talk a little about Brewerkz itself. I come to know Brewerkz from football matches. Yup, I'm a big fan of Chelsea FC and the Chelsea Indonesian Supporter Club has oftenly held a "Nobar" here at Brewerkz. So at certain time I would find myself here, wearing my Chelsea FC jersey with pride and mingled with other supporters to watch a Chelsea FC's match together.
Brewerkz is a Singapore's award winning microbrewery restaurant founded in 1997. In Singapore, it has already has 4 branches and now it expanded its wings to Indonesia, opening 2 branches, 1 in The Breeze, Serpong, and another one is here at Crystal Lagoon, Senayan City.

The interior was classy in my opinion. The usage of leather goods for the sofas, the dominant use of wood, and the dimmed lights really brought a comfortable ambiance to the restaurant. I like its kinda rustic look applied to most of the interior. This is the kind of place I would go for a long "me time". The service was nice and the waiters and waitresses were certainly super friendly that day.

It kickstarted with the bartender explaining about beer and then asking a frequent guest who apparently have succeded in making his own beer. Later then, they offered to try some of their signature beers. I'm not a beer drinker so this part will be skipped from my review. But it sort of looked like the other foodies enjoyed the beers. So if you're a beer drinker, just try and let me know then.

Let's continue on with the food.

Tapas - IDR 210K

A big platter of food to accompany your beer experience. There are Mac & Cheese, Calamari, Duck Quesadilla, Chicken Satay, Chicken Boxing, Chilli Cheese Fries, and Potato Skin.
For a price tag of IDR 210K I must say it's a great deal, not mentioning you'll get a wide amount variants of protein and carbs in one package. My favorite was certainly the chicken satay, which I think came with a great flavor and seasoning applied. But nevertheless, the others were quite scrumptious and tummy-fulfilling too.

Bacon Wrap - IDR 95K

Fried pork wrapped with bacon. This one was also quite delicious. The taste was savory, and the bacon complimented the fried pork without overpowering what should've been the hero on the plate. The dipping sauce was something special too.

Pork Knuckle - IDR 350K

My favorite food that day. I absolutely loved this dish! The crispy skin was super delicious. And the pork was soooo juicy and delicious. I loved the combination in my mouth when the crunchy skin blended with the melted juicy pork. Super yumm! A very recommended dish to try!

Overall conclusion, it was a very great lunch I had that day. Coming in with a full tummy, I just couldn't resist myself from those delicious food that Brewerkz offered, especially the Pork Knuckle. Gosh, its taste still lingered in my mind and really make me wanna go back there to have it again!
I loved the ambiance, I loved the service, and most definitely loved the food. Can't wait to be back!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Senayan City, Lower Ground, Crystal Lagoon
Phone: (021) 29235788
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Senayan
Jakarta Pusat

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