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Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015

Dapuraya at Pasaraya Grande: Tribute to Batik Indonesia

Hi Eaters,

I grew to know Pasaraya a lot. Well, to be honest, it was maybe the first mall/plaza I've ever stepped my foot in. To be living in Manggarai, it only takes me like maybe 5-10 minutes of walk to get to Pasaraya. But I'm not gonna talk about the Pasaraya Manggarai. This blog post is gonna be about its 'sibling' or its other branch located in the busy area of Blok M. I was invited to Pasaraya Grande (was named Pasaraya Blok M in the past) to visit their event which is called "Tribute to Batik Indonesia".

Since I am a foodblogger it's obvious that this post is gonna be about food. And let me tell you first about their latest foodcourt concept which is named Dapuraya.
Well, Pasaraya Manggarai also has transformed its dining area to be named Dapuraya too, so this concept is already quite familiar to my knowledge, bearing the fact that I often visited the Dapuraya at Pasaraya Manggarai.

It's always wonderful to see local culinaries had support from a well known brand as Pasaraya. The Dapuraya really bears that traditional concept, not only with its interior design (which is just so loveable) but also providing spaces for food tenants which mostly sell Indonesian cuisines.
Walking inside this spacious foodcourt area brought a feeling like I was somewhere in a traditional market with so many food carts available selling traditional snacks too. And they also decorated most of the tenants with batik cloths to add a more traditional aura to the area.
So if you're looking for a place that offers a traditional market kind of ambience but more clean, modern and sanitized, Dapuraya is the perfect destination for you.

And of course for you Batik lovers (raising my hands up!) you will absolutely be spoiled here. Just near Dapuraya, Pasaraya showcased a wide variety of Batik taken from well-known Batik markets in Indonesia. You will find Batik cloths from Pasar Klewer, Pasar Beringharjo, Pasar Setono, Pasar Trusmi , Pasar Lasem, and Pasar Garut. Not only cloths, you can also find handicrafts too.
This is all a form of support and appreciation that Pasaraya shows for Batik as a cultural heritage of Indonesia. Bravo for that.

And finally it's all about food.
Here are some dishes I tried from various food tenants located in Dapuraya. And just FYI, Dapuraya has adopted a modern kind of payment method using cards. So first of all that you have to do when you want to eat here is to deposit a certain amount of money in a card which you can get on the cashier.

This dish came from Gudeg Jogja Yu'Jimah. Actually there are quite a number of tenants selling the same kind of dish there, but this one was the one that seemed to attract more customers.
Well, after trying it, no wonder if people loved the dish. I'm actually not a fan of sweet dishes, but this one was delicious. The Opor Ayam was nice, tender and seasoned well too.

The next one came from Sop Ikan Cempaka. This tenant specialized in serving fish soups and this one was the one with salmon inside the soup. There are quite a lot of options besides salmon to choose, such as snapper, tuna, grouper, catfish, etc.
This one was also extra special. The salmon was cooked perfectly. I really loved how it was still pink-ish inside. The soup had that spices flavored which tasted so nice to my taste buds. 

I've also had this Selat Solo. It tasted actually quite nice. It's sweet and savory at the same time. A nice combination of flavors. One thing I would want is to have more beef inside the dish.

Sorry if I don't list the tenant's name. I kinda forgot from which tenant did this Mie Hijau came from. But let me assure you that as I remember there is only one tenant that sells this dish at Dapuraya.
This is a herbal-kind-of-dish, so it's a lot healthier. The green color didn't use any dangerous food coloring, but it came from spinach, as I remembered. The taste was quite decent, though in my opinion could be more bolder. But it's quite delicious and the noodle was nice and chewy too.

As a closure came the Serabi Solo. Fluffy with chocolate sprinkles on top and a nice crispy side. 

So that's all I tried that day at Dapuraya. Actually I was craving for more since there are so many tenants left untried with dishes that seems so intriguing. I always loved a good Indonesian meal and certainly Dapuraya has a lot to offer to indulge my taste buds.
And for you Batik lovers, and if you're also happened to be a fan of Indonesian culinary then you will be spoiled here. Come and experience the "Tribute to Batik Indonesia". This event is held from 3 -31 October 2015. Be sure not to miss it and keep supporting local industries!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Pasaraya Grande, LG Floor
Jalan Sultan Iskandarsyah No. 2
Jakarta Selatan

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