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Kamis, 19 Mei 2016

Mouton Slice & Grill, Kelapa Gading

Hi Eaters.

If you ever been to Bandung, then you will be familiar with Mouton Slice & Grill, the famous BBQ joint which is located at Jl. Gandapura, Bandung.
If you also happened to love the food, then you must rejoice because now Mouton Slice & Grill has officially opened its first branch in Jakarta!

The Jakarta branch is located at Kelapa Gading, to be precise at Jl. Boulevard Utara. Just take the road heading to Bangi Kopitiam, go straight and make a u-turn at the end of the road. You'll find Mouton Slice & Grill just not far from there.
It might be slight hard to find, so you must look for a place with many hanging lightbulbs. It's kind of their signature since the Bandung outlet is also has that same lighting.

There are an indoor and an outdoor dining area for you to choose. Being opened starting from 18.00 - 24.00 everyday then you need no worries about the heating sun if you should choose the outdoor area. Well, actually I would recommend you to choose the outdoor area since it would be stuffy to be indoor with all the smokes from the grills.
Most of the furnitures are wooden, and the walls are decorated to looked like an unfurnished wall. A kind of industrial theme I suppose is applied here.

As I said earlier, the opening hours of Mouton Slice & Grill starts from 18.00 - 24.00. Yeah, it was quite dark to take a decent photo, plus the yellow lighting is another minus for you who would want to take good pics.
But nevertheless according to the psychology of color, yellowish lighting helps to increase your appetite. At least that's what I know.

Notice that hollow section in every table? It is meant as a vessel to accomodate the charcoal griller. As you can see in the photos above, you can grill your own meat according to your preference. Of course, you won't be served with some raw meat. The meat has been cooked medium and also has been marinated and seasoned.

Signature Lamb Leg (1500 gr) - IDR 298K

This is what makes Mouton Slice & Grill famous. Their signature lamb leg is a must order here. A big, chunky, juicy and succulent lamb leg served on the griller. They have been marinated and seasoned beautifully, with no weird smells. You know how lamb could have that awful smell if it wasn't prepared nicely. And this one didn't have that. Kudos to the chef. The meat was quite tender, although in some part that contained fat it got kinda chewy. But I love the taste and frankly the portion. I came with 5 friends and we had a feast with this dish. And it came with a chillo sauce, a kind of chilli powder which tasted really good.
Just in case you came with a lot more friends than me, you can opt for the jumbo portion (2000 gr) which cost IDR 400K. Or if you're just going on a date with your couple then you can try the lamb slice that fits for two person.

Lamb Slice (Double) - IDR 98K

Slow Roasted Ribs - IDR 249K

Another variant of the beef you should try is the slow roasted ribs. It takes up to 5 hours of roasting for these babies. And I mean it turned out great. The ribs were so juicy with not much fat and the taste was also delicious.

Tenderloin Slice (Double) - IDR 114K

Not feeling fancy for lamb? Relax. You can opt for the choices of beef that you can also grill. These beef are so so tender and yummy. It's super juicy and the seasoning was just wonderful.
Look at that before and after pics. Don't tell me you're not drooling to see the "after" pic. Yes the beef slice was magic! Delicious. Sweet savory and tender meat to be dipped in those choices of sauces between the pesto, chillo, kecap rawit (chilli soy sauce), or the garlic oil.

Mix Skewers - IDR 27.5K

There are 4 kinds of skewers available, from chicken skin, chicken thigh, octopus and oxtongue, each portion contains 3 skewers. But if you feel like trying them all but afraid you can't finish them, well you can order the mix skewers that contains 2 chicken thigh, 1 chicken skin and 1 octopus.
My suggestion is to dip them in the kecap rawit sauce after you grill them. Delicious!

Overall conclusion, it's a big feast. I came with 5 friends and we came home with satisfied-full tummy. To those who are curious about this place and can't find the time to go to Bandung, you can come to their Jakarta outlet. It's a great place for you who loved hanging out in the night and doing some culinary. Enjoy the feastivity!
Best of luck for Mouton Slice & Grill. Godspeed!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Mouton Slice & Grill
Jl. Boulevard Utara Blok RA 11 No.18
Ph: (021) 2245 2036 / 0812 883 3151
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Opening hours: 18.00 - 24.00

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