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Selasa, 08 November 2016

French Food Festival : Collage at Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel

Hi Eaters.

Last Sunday I was invited to Collage, the all-day dining restaurant located at Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel.
As two days before a terrible riot had happened, I wasn't so sure of the capitol's state of security so I was thinking of postponing this visit.
But nevertheless, yet still I came to this Instagramable place.

The sight of a big replica of the Eiffel tower greeted me as I was about to enter the premises. It appears that during this month, Collage is having a French Food Festival, serving some line of dishes originating from France, along with its other line of dishes from India, Indonesia, Chinese, Japanese, and many more.
You can easily spot and recognize which food came from which country since they put country flags in cards at the buffet to explain the origin of the dishes.

Walking through the restaurant is like walking in an art gallery. Notice that big red shoe in one of my pics? It's art. The concept of this restaurant, and the hotel thoroughly is so catchy. Raw industrial theme with a touch of pop art. As I have said earlier, this hotel is entirely Instagramable. Starting from the unfinish polished wall, art crafts placed among the restaurant and hotel vicinity and the paintings.
Local artist can display their masterpiece here too for a periodic amount of time. So it's best to know that the arts displayed could change and refresh the look of the interior.

Pullman Jakarta Central Park will take diners to a glimpse of Parisian experience through a French Food Festival from 1 – 30 November 2016, and continue with a dazzling Thanksgiving dinner buffet on 24 November 2016 and brunch buffet on 26 – 27 November. 

Using only the freshest product supplies, our team of amatory chefs has prepared magnificent French dishes in buffet style, among others: Terrine De Poulet, Soupe à l'oignon (French Onion Soup), Ratatouille, and Confit de Canard, which can be found in exclusive sections in the restaurant. What could be more perfect than a fanciful French dessert before leaving? Have yourself the best of French classic dessert as you wish; Macaron, Crepe Suzette, Crème Brulee, Eclair, Tarte Tatin and many more.

At the end of the month, a tantalizing Thanksgiving Day dinner buffet on Thursday, 24 November 2016 will impress you and your family as stunning selections of gourmet roasts including the appetizing Roasted Turkey. While on the weekend, we extend the Thanksgiving celebrations to Weekend Brunch on 26 – 27 November 2016 where kids can also enjoy fun activities. 

French Food Festival and Thanksgiving Day Celebrations in buffet presentations are available from 1 – 30 November 2016 and priced from IDR 298,000 ++ / person including mineral water. 

For Collage’s bank partners card holders, diners can enjoy 20% off on weekday (Monday to Friday) and 50% off on weekend (Weekend Brunch every Saturday and Sunday and weekend dinner on Friday to Sunday). 

Comfortably hosts up to 200 guests, Collage All Day Dining mainly serves buffet of International Cuisines with live cooking and open kitchen concepts. The various permanent food counters of multicultural dishes (Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Western cuisines) are strengthened by the presence of the Executive Chef and Sous Chef from Indonesia, the resident Indian Chef and the amatory Team of Pastry Chef. 

Collage All Day Dining is the recently awarded as The Second Runner Up ‘Best International Restaurant’ through voting by the foodies from NOW! Jakarta is looking forward to welcoming guests to savor German Food Festival.

I've also had the chance to try the French food. Well, the occasion was French Food Festival, so why not savor the moment and try the special food of the month. So I began searching for the cards with the French flag inside it. Here's what I tried:

Haricort Vert Sautesa L'ail et Tomate Cerise

Sauted string beans with garlic and cherry tomatoes. This one is pretty simple, just string beans sauted with garlic to give it some flavor and then dressed up with cherry tomatoes. Do take in my mind that the onions were my added ingredients just to boost up this dish' presentation. This dish was pretty good. If you like something light in flavors, well this veggie dish might suit you well. It's not too garlicky too for my tastebuds.

Poulet a L'estragon & Pommes Parmentieres

Roasted chicken with tarragon, I combined them with another dish, roasted potato, nutmeg and onions. I think this one is delicious. The chicken was nice and juicy. Overall I also loved the seasoning. As for the potatoes, it was okay. Delicious, but not that wow though.

Boeuf Miroton

Beef stewed. I actually loved the seasoning for the stew. The soup was pretty good, sweet and savory. But I think the beef was not as juicy and chewy as I expected. A bit hard to bite though. If only it was more tender, it would be great.

Soupe de Champignons Sauvages

Wild mushroom soup. I always crave for this kind of soup compare to any other. I think basically I like a thick-textured soup and the flavor of mushroom goes way better in a soup for my tastebuds. This one fits right in and I really liked it. The flavor of the mushrooms was pretty thick and strong. 

My overall comment for the French food was pretty good, despite of some minor glitches which I think could be fix in the future. Yet again, it's not always easy to maintain consistency in a buffet.

I also had the chance to try some of the other food, like sushi, sashimi, rib eye steak, the roasted chicken, and dimsum. I must say that I am quite impressed with the quality of the food, and also the taste. Their dimsums were so good. The black buns are to die for. So delicious!
One thing I sincerely think the restaurant should pay attention for is the number of the cook that attend every food station. As I was going to ask for a plate of sashimis, I had to wait while the cook prepared a plate of gado-gado. Being only alone in a food station that caters a range of food, I think it's hard for him to single-handedly accomodate every customers.

The dessert station is a jolly, with a vast range of cakes, yoghurts, pastry, and even ice creams. Nearby is also a station that provides Indonesian traditional sweet snacks to be enjoyed.

And for this month, Collage is having some special mocktails such as the Virgin Mary (red) and the Virgin Colada (yellow).
The Virgin Colada is refreshing with a hint of pineapple taste that reminds you of a summer breeze, while the Virgin Mary is made of tabasco. So be careful, it tasted pretty spicy. But if you like a unique mocktail, this could be your choice (at your own risk)

Overall conclusion, I really enjoyed my brunch. It was a packed day as the restaurant was pretty full with customers but the food stations were always refilled. I love the impeccable service and the whole interior design of the restaurant. Certainly one of the best youthful, catchy with an energetic vibe that will make you feel comfortable for hours tasting good food.
Can't wait to be back again!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Collage at Pullman Central Park Jakarta 
Pullman Central Park Jakarta, L Floor
Phone: (021) 2970 7777

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