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Senin, 07 November 2016

Chocolate Gallery at Arts Cafe by Raffles Hotel Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

It's my second time coming for a Sunday brunch at this restaurant. Just in case you missed my first review, well you can click here. I mostly talked about the interior, and also the food, and don't forget the Show Kitchen also.
So what's new about Arts Cafe by Raffles? Well, just scroll down. I don't want spoiler it all out here.

As I have said in my first review about this restaurant, I loved its artsy interior. If you wish to see more pics of their interior do check my first review. I won't be putting much of the interior pics here since it hasn't changed, still artsy, still classy and still amazing.

Raffles Sunday Brunch
With its Executive Chef, Chef Daniel Patterson, Raffles Jakarta
presents Raffles Sunday Brunch, every Sunday from 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM at Arts Café.
Expect a virtual tableau of art and cuisine, where the palette of sights, sounds, textures and aromas from open kitchens create a delightful sensory experience.
Enjoy superb Continental and Asian specialties in a refined buffet experience. 
A delightful twist: the day’s signature entrees are done a la minute and offered to your table. 
Desserts are scrumptious and simply divine.
At IDR 550,000 per persons includes complimentary juices and soft drinks. 
A free flow of house wine and beers is available for just IDR 400,000++ more. 
Alternatively, a free flow of champagne is available for just IDR 1,200,000++ more.

The food is just great, and the plus thing is during the buffet you can also enjoy food from the show kitchen. You must try the Chilli Crab Bun, it's  super delicious!

So what's new from this review, you asked?

They are currently showcasing a Chocolate Gallery! Teaming up with the name of Pipiltin Cocoa, be sure that you will have a blasty chocolate feast.
But please take note that the dishes from the Chocolate Gallery are not included in the buffet, meaning you must pay additional prices for each item. But let me tell you that the dishes in the Chocolate Gallery are so unique that I bet any choco lovers out there will feel indulged.

You can find the Chocolate Gallery inside the dessert section just by the right side of the entrance. It's such a temptation to see glimpses of those mouthwatering choco as entering the premises.

Inspired by the passion for local ingredients from Indonesian Farmers, Raffles Jakarta present the magnificent chocolate gallery in collaboration with Pipiltin Cocoa. 
Available every day from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM, Chocolate Gallery offers a sumptuousness, yet humbly local chocolate-based confection.
Chocolate Gallery is located inside Arts Café on level 1 Raffles Jakarta, an all-day dining which caters to all meal periods in a flamboyant, artistic yet comfortable space. 
Be delighted by a selection of chocolate specialties that will tantalize any chocolate lovers palate created by our Pastry Chef at Raffles Jakarta. Endeavor a signature dish includes The Crushing Hat Box and Chocolate Truffle, or the signature beverage such as Raffles Green Choco and Dark Choco Herbs.

Pipiltin Cocoa is a local micro chocolate producer. 
Their collection of cocoa beans varies from Pidie Jaya – Aceh, Tabanan – Bali, and Glenmore – East Java. 
They offer a wide variation of chocolate bars, pralines, macaroons, whole cakes, and chocolate snacks. 
Pipiltin has two outlets in Jakarta which are located at Sarinah Building ground floor and Senopati.

Chocolate Soup - IDR 90K

As I didn't had the chance to documented most of the dishes from the Chocolate Gallery, here are some that in my opinion became the highlight of the day.
Starting from this so called Chocolate Soup. So the presentation was a chocolate sphere served with a cup of hot melted chocolate soup. You basically just poured the soup into that hole on the center top of the sphere and let the hot chocolate soup melted the sphere and release those delicious fillings to be mixed with the soup. Literally yeah it looked like a soup once all of the elements on the plate were mixed together.
Flavorwise, it's good. The chocolate was done in the perfect way. Not too sweet, and still got that bitterness that chocolate should have. A hint of fruity taste from the berries gave it a nice touch too.

Signature "Crushing Hat Box"

Personally I loved the presentation from the Chocolate Soup more compared to this one. But then again I learn to never let appearance fooled you.
Basically it's the same way as the Chocolate Soup. You've got that cup of hot chocolate soup to be poured to the chocolate top hat-shaped to unleash what's inside of it.
And voila! It's caramel ice cream! Boy, caramel and chocolate are just like deadly duo! So for this one, I liked the taste of it more better than the Chocolate Soup. It's more rich in flavor. I really loved chocolate mixed with caramel since it has that salty aftertaste that enriches the flavor from the chocolate.

Actually there are just much to love about Arts. Its interior, its food and also its wonderful service. Will sure to come back for more chocolate cravings!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Arts Cafe by Raffles
Raffles Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Professor Doktor Satrio No.3-5
Jakarta 12940
Phone: 021-29880888
IG: @raffleshoteljakarta

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