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Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

[BALI] Pork Star, Seminyak

Hi Eaters.

If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that several weeks ago I went to Bali for 4 days to enjoy my holiday. Usually during holiday, I tend not to do any work whatsoever, even though it includes food. Well, maybe I took a bit of photos for my Instagram feed, but never go beyond that. I'd rather relax and have a nice warm (or maybe hot) meal instead of having it cold like during food tasting.
But on my last trip I made an exception during my visit to Pork Star. I just feel like I need to spread the word out!

Please note that this visit is not a food tasting invitation, and of course I paid for my own food. But it was all worth it. And that's why I feel like writing about this place, because it gave me the BEST foodgasm from all of the restaurants or cafes or other food tenants I have ever visited all my life in Bali.

So it was maybe the best decision I've made to enlist this restaurant in my Bali itinerary. Well, it was not purposed at all at the first time to even put Pork Star in my list. I was browsing through the internet on a website that provides restaurant directories at Seminyak, and came to see that Pork Star had quite a good rating. Eager to know more so I put it on my list, well besides of the other factor that my girlfriend thought the pink-ish kitchen-made-container in the front of the restaurant was something cute.
The inside of the restaurant also had its share of pink-ish color. I think the pink color must have been associated with pig's pinky color you might see in cartoons. But it's cute though, as it may look simple inside but it was indeed comfy enough for my group to have some dinner.
What? Dinner? Yes, dinner! That's one of my regrets to put this one on my dinner list. It's troubling to get good pics when the room is kinda shaded-dark and the lights were all yellow! Damn, I must get back to Bali and come there again in day time.
Note: I just realized when I was already about to go that the second floor has white lighting. Damn!

Well, we were confused on what to order that night so we thought of just ordering the platter, since it may accomodate a lot of people and also it might eased us to try many kind of Pork Star's dishes on a single large plate.

Pork Star's Platter - IDR 94K

250 grams of Pork Star's Pork Belly with 2 choices of sauces (choose from Truffle/Blackpepper/Sweet & Spicy Sauce) along with a choice of Baby Potatoes/French Fries, or you can choose Butter Rice for an additional IDR 10K.
I was mesmerized by the aroma as it was served on the table. And it was proven that the aroma was just an opening punch. This dish was SPECTACULAR! SUPER DELICIOUS!
The pork belly was just amazing. The crispy skin combined with the oh so juicy meat. It is to die for!  If you wonder what sauce to choose, I highly recommend the Truffle. It's heaven! 

Mix Platter - IDR 145K

3 pcs of chicken wings with a choice of BBQ Pork Ribs/Iga Bakar Kecap along with Pork Star's Pork Belly (with 2 choices of sauce like the Pork Star Platter) and a choice of Baby Potato/French Fries, or you can choose Butter Rice for an additional IDR 10K.
The chicken wings were nothing special, but I have to salute the french fries. It was seasoned nicely and made it tasted delicious. I have no other word for the pork belly besides AWESOME. I wish they put more of those on the plate.
The BBQ Pork Ribs were sooooo good! It's so juicy, tender, and succulent, as if it melts in my mouth. Super yummy! The BBQ sauce was exceptional too!

Why did I make a blog that only consists of 2 menus? Well, it's not the quantity that counts but the quality. And I must say that Pork Star could be the best pork-serving restaurant that I have ever visited in Bali. I will not hesitate to make so many other visits here if I should ever go back to Bali. If you have plans on visiting Bali this holiday and so eager for pork, I recommend you to come and try Pork Star's dishes and be amazed!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Pork Star
Jalan Nakula No. 88 C
Seminyak, Badung
Phone: 0818 817 760

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