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Kamis, 22 Desember 2016

Kitchenette: Christmas Feast, New Menus

Hi Eaters.

It's another Ismaya's foodtasting invitation. And this time I got the chance to try some new menus from Kitchenette, one of the stunning restaurants affiliated under the management of Ismaya group.

A short description about Kitchenette, it is a homey restaurant with a concept of giving you the feeling that you're inside of a bestfriend's kitchen who happens to be a crafty cook.
The interior supports that concept by showcasing items you might see in a daily basis kind of kitchen, like cabinets and kitchen utensils. Unique right? Well, welcome to the world of Ismaya then, LOL.

Kitchenette called this foodtasting invitation as Christmas Feast. Indeed Christmas is the time of the year to be happy and enjoy great things, including food. And in this Christmas Feast, Kitchenette introduced 12 new kind of menus, ranging from appetizer to main course, from Asian to International food respectively.
Please take note that I didn't get the chance to try all 12 menus. Some were skipped, but I will try my best to describe those that I tried.
So what are those 12 menus? Scroll below! 

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls, Minced Chicken, 
Carrots, Jicama & Chilli Vinegar Sauce

This appetizer kickstarted my day. Spring rolls are just like crispy small pillow filled with happiness. This one is uber good. If you're not familiar with the name Jicama, you might know it in Indonesian as "Bengkuang", the kind of fruit you might commonly eat in a Rujak dish.
Actually this spring rolls tasted pretty salty, but in a good way though for me. I kinda like salty food and I think it's still pretty decent. The whole package seemed right and I find this dish quite delicious for my palate.

Tokyo Style Tater Tots with Togarashi Spice, 
Japanese Mayo, Roasted Seaweed & Sesame

I always find potatoes best as snack. You know, the kind of french fries, hashbrowns, and even tater tots like this one. Tater tots combined with togarashi (the kind you find in takoyaki or okonomiyaki) turned out pretty good. A well balanced dish, with good seasoning, and the portion was plentiful too.

Enchiladas "Carne Molida" Baked with Chilli Con Carne, 
Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese Sauce & Sour Cream
Picture courtesy of Jessica Gaby (Instagram: @jessica_gaby)

Haven't had much share of enchiladas, well I mean I don't eat this pretty often, but I have to say this is a good executed dish. It's got all kinds of flavors like savory from the chilli corn carne, a bit of heat from the jalapenos, decent saltiness from the cheddar cheese, and sour from the cream. It's like a party of flavors but the combination was all good in the end.
Anyway, I must thank my friend, Jessica Gaby, for this pic. It was a crowded event, and somebody seemed to took this dish out of those which were supposed to be the displayed dishes, before I can take photos of it. I suggest for that person to better wait more patiently next time. I'm sure the event organizer will provide the dish to your table. What you've done is just so unprofessional.

Oriental Chicken Salad, Kale, Grilled Corn, Cucumber & Sesame Dressing

It's got all those freshness and deliciousness a healthy food could give. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and those fresh vegetables combined with the peanut-ish sesame dressing was just excellent.

Spaghetti Albacore Tuna with Chilli Aglio Olio & Poached Farm Fresh Egg

A nice plate of perfectly al-dente cooked spaghetti, with spicy cooked tuna. Some of my friends found it spicy but I still think it's pretty decent. It may looked like so spicy with all those chilli mixed in the spaghetti, but the taste was delicious for my palate. Don't forget to break the poached egg and let the runny egg yolk drizzle up the spaghetti. Yumm!

Tuscan Chicken Leg Parmigiana Pasta tossed in Fresh Basil & Garlic

Nope, the green color is not because of pesto, but from basil. Actually the spaghetti is not green at all, but the basil oil just gave it a nice glazy green coating which is so visually beautiful.
Tastewise? It's tasty. I kinda like garlicky dishes (I always ordered my Ketoprak with lots of garlic, LOL) and I find this dish delightful. It kinda had that Christmas-themed color with the green and red. Agree?
The chicken was quite good, and juicy too.

Lasagna A la Nonna with Bechamel & A Hearty Tomato Sauce

Thick layer of pastas with abundant beef fillings and tomato sauce that looked like it's gonna sink up that lasagna. This dish was also nice. I seemed not able to find any dish that disappointed me up to this stage. The tomato sauce i think was the elevating factor. You know how it can get messy when you order a lasagna and ended up having the tomato sauce too sweet and it's too dominant and exceeding the pasta and the beef? Well, this one is not one of those lasagnas.

Classic Double Cheese Burger, 
Red Cheddar, Tomato, Lettuce & Pickles with Potato Chips

Nothing beats a classic. This burger is just oh so juicy! Look at that melting cheese! Who could resist that double beef patties which are drizzled in cheese? The patties were oh so juicy, like a tempation for my diet program, LOL. Well, enough said, I just got to wipe out my drool first.

Crispy Chicken "Cabai Hijau" with Hainan Rice

This one is pretty spicy. The cabai hijau surely delivered quite a heat to my tongue. Some of my blogger friends found it to be too spicy, but I sure as hell loved it. As an Indonesian, I think the spiciness was very good, and it combined nicely with the juicy and tender chicken. Btw, the hainan rice was fantastic.

Thai Chilli & Cashew Nut Chicken tossed in A Spicy Sauce 
with Steamed Jasmine Rice

If you prefer your rice and chicken to be not spicy, then opt for this dish. It may have the word "spicy" on its description, but let me assure you it's not that spicy at all. The taste was pretty fond, if you like kungpao chicken (my friend thought it tasted pretty similar) you might like this dish. It's more to the sweet and savory instead of spicy. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and I think the whole dish on the plate was delicious.

"Little Saigon" Grilled Pork Chop Platter with side of Vietnamese Spring Roll, 
Fried Egg, Chagio Dressing & Jasmine Rice

The seasoning on the pork chop was just delicious. On the other hand, I find the pork chop was not so juicy. If only it was to be juicy, it would have made a perfect plate. But yet again I was comforted by the delicious spring roll.

Wagyu Beef Brisket Balado with Jasmine Rice & Urap Vegetable

Save the best for last, the proverb says. Well, yes I did. This last dish on this review was DA BOMB. I'm super loving this dish. It is spicy, let me tell you that, but oh so deliciously spicy good!
The wagyu was clearly the star of the plate. It's so soo tender and juicy. I feel it was like melting in my mouth as I eat it. It was that good! Kudos to the Chef for such a fine execution on the wagyu brisket. I highly recommend this one, but again I warn you, it's spicy.

Overall conclusion, Ismaya has done it again. They never fail to deliver good dishes, and I think I am so lucky to be a part of this Christmas Feast. 
Again, this is a line of dishes surely not to be missed. Do highlight your holiday with delicious food from Kitchenette.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


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