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Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Mucca, Citywalk Sudirman

Hi Eaters.

Last Saturday I got the chance to visit and try this steak restaurant, named Mucca. It is one group with the infamous Gandy Steak. Have you ever heard of Gandy? Well, surely as one of the oldest steak houses in Jakarta, Gandy has put some benchmarks for others to follow.
Mucca itself, being one of the sister company of Gandy, has a different concept.

Located in the first floor of Citywalk, the restaurant may look not so big from the outside, but believe me it's so spacious indeed inside. Besides the regular dining area, there is a smoking area and a private area (you can see the last pic above).
The restaurant's interior is quite nice, with what I think is a nice touch with unfurnished brick walls, wooden tables and chairs, and some cushions with matching colors with the tables. The elements in the restaurant doesn't apply too many colors so it felt quite soothing, accompanied with the dimmed lights and nice tunes.

As I open the menu book, I soon discovered what makes Mucca a lot different than Gandy. One thing, and it is the most important thing, was the prices. It's much more affordable compared to Gandy. The other great thing was that Mucca only uses imported meat. So don't hope to find local meat here. It's great, right? Imported meat with a low price tag!

Aus Prime Steer Sirloin (220gr) - IDR 105K

Sirloin is the part of the beef that still has that juicy fat. For my personal preference, I opted for this one. I simply like things with fat, LOL. Using imported Australian beef, it just WOW me that a 200gr cut of it just costed 105K (say what?!). Cooked medium well, I really loved how juicy the beef was. So tender, so succulent indeed. For every portion of steak comes with sweet corn as its compliment, but if you should ever decide to add more side dishes then there are a lot of choices you can add. French fries, garlic fried potato, mashed potato, broccoli, baby stringbean, sauted mix mushroom, even buttered rice and white rice.

Aus Tenderloin (200gr) - IDR 130K

If you don't like any fat in your steak, then opt for the tenderloin part. Cooked medium well also, this fine cut has the same juiciness as the sirloin. I surely loved how they cooked the steak here. Perhaps I should try other side dishes on my next visit.

Mucca has a number choices of sauce for the steak. That day I tried the butter sauce, mushroom, and blackpepper. All tasted really good. I prefer the butter sauce more since it tasted more salty. Haha yeah I like salty flavors.

Peach Sour Squash - IDR 27K

The Peach Sour Squash came as a very refreshing beverage after a heavy meal of steaks. A combination of soda, peach, and lime, so you get that hint of sourness from the lime mixed with the sparkling sensation from the soda. A nice refreshing drink.

Iced Hazelnut Latte - IDR 33K

To my surprise, Mucca is collaborating with Tanamera for their coffee beverages. Tanamera is indeed one of my favorite coffee brand besides Giyanti. This hazelnut latte was so good. The coffee base was strong, and the hazelnut was so exquisite. It's great that the latte was not overly sweet so I indeed could taste the rich coffee combined with the hazelnut altogether.

Overall, Mucca in my opinion could be the perfect place to get a good and affordable steak. Bearing the name "by Gandy", it does live up to its predecessor. Another plus point is the use of Tanamera coffee seeds for their coffee beverages. So if you don't feel like having steak, you can always come here for a great cup of coffee too.
All the best for Mucca. Can't wait to be back.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Citywalk Sudirman, First Floor
Phone: (021) 29912856
Jalan Kh. Mas Mansyur
Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang
Jakarta Pusat 10250

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