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Jumat, 13 Januari 2017

TableShare, Lippo Mall Puri @ St.Moritz

Hi Eaters.

The area around Puri, West Jakarta isn't exactly the kind of area I frequently go to. To be honest, it's a bit far and the roads could be confusing sometimes. But over the last couple of weeks I seemed to be visiting this area quite a lot. Either it is for a birthday invitation or just a quick meetup with some old friends. It's actually confusing why they have to choose this area, but some said just to avoid traffic.
And just about last week I went back here again, to Lippo Mall Puri @ St.Moritz, to attend an event held by HandsInFrame at TableShare.

We meet. We share.
That's the tagline of this restaurant. I was presuming this restaurant is the kind of those that serve big portion dish to be shared. Well, some of the dishes I tried that day certainly came in a massive portion, but most were just single portion for one. We'll get to that later, but for now let's see what this place looks like.

I have to say the place is quite comfortable although the yellow-ish lighting is (never) my favorite kind to take decent food pics. Most of the interior are made of wood so it gave a warm kind of ambiance, but I think the music should have a more slow tune to match the soothing ambiance.
But enough of that, let's talk about the food.

Chicken Cajun with Butter Rice - IDR 100K

Boneless chicken legs marinated spiced with cajun rub and served with butter. This one is massive dish, and it could be share for 3-4 persons. For me, it's quite tasty. I like the flavor of the cajun seasoning on the chicken, and I also loved how the chicken was so tender and moist. The butter rice was quite good, though I hope they could make it more buttery.

Ayam Bumbu Rujak - IDR 55K

Grilled chicken with red chilli seasoning served with steam rice. So apparently this restaurant also serves Indonesian dishes. Bravo for that. This is the kind of this that's so familiar and surely will win my heart. The great thing is that the chicken is boneless, so eating is not gonna be troublesome. The seasoning was pretty good. I like this kind of bumbu rujak which is not too oily and in the right level of spiciness.

Sop Buntut Bumbu Bali - IDR 105K

Oxtail Soup served with pickles and emping crackers. Actually there is a soup that is a package with this fried oxtail but I missed to take pics of it. But nevertheless I did try a sip or two and it tasted delicious. The soup was so savory, it really was so good. But the real champion was the oxtail with its Bali seasoning. You know how Bali seasoning could be pretty spicy, but I think this one was delicious. The oxtail was so succulent, I can easily peeled the meat off the bone. Delicious!

Iga Bakar Mangga Pedas - IDR 100K

Grilled short ribs with special mango sauce, complete with rice. I only tried a bit of the ribs, but seriously I think it's kinda lacking in flavor. The ribs need more seasoning although it was juicy.

Fish Burger with Orange Caramelized - IDR 79K

Breaded dory fish burger prepared with orange sunkist, sliced cheese, lettuce, kyuri, mayonnaise sauce, complete with potato chips. My comment about this dish.. well .. hmm.. TOO SWEET! Actually I'm saying this not in a positive way cause this dish was not my cup of tea that day. The orange sauce was too dominantly sweet, it just sunked all the other component just as easy as that. The fish should be the champion, but it got lacklustered by the overly sweet orange, and the cheese was just like useless being inside a burger. It's like eating a candy stucked between two black buns. The good thing is the potato chips were not that bad though.

Miso Katsu - IDR 65K

Deep-fried chicken with special miso sauce, complete with poached egg. This one is pretty good. The miso sauce was nice, thick, creamy, and savory. The chicken was also nice, quite a decent portion on top of rice, and the batter was not too thick, so the crunchiness was just perfect. A simple dish, but it tasted pretty nice.

Meat Lover Pizza - IDR 75K

A medium sized thin-crusted pizza with toppings like sausages, chicken, and I think some pepperonis.
This one was quite delicious. The meat toppings were so abundant and so was the cheese. I always loved thin crusted pizza like this, so I won't get easily full just by a bite or two. The sauce by the way had a bit sweet taste, but I think it's really nice to balance the cheesy toppings and the savory meat.

Green Tea Pancake with Strawberry Topping

I fail to see where the green tea is located or even infused. Seriously, come on now, where's the green tea? Can anyone tell me? It's kinda weird to see a pancake named green tea pancake when I can't even tasted any trace of green tea in it. Maybe they should change the vanilla ice cream to green tea ice cream to betterly suit the name. But nevertheless, it's a good pancake, the texture was soft, light, and spongy, also not too overly sweet so the ice cream had an important role in elevating the flavors. The strawberry sauce was nice, sweet and a bit sour. Anyway, TableShare collaborate with Pancake Parlour for their pancake menus. So I think I have to ask Pancake Parlour this question: where is the green tea?

Well, that's all the menus I've tried that day. Of course there were some other menus, like Tom Yum Pasta and some other pancakes which I missed on trying. But I have to say for some menus, TableShare did a fine job in execution, although some may need more improvement.
Thank you HandsInFrame for inviting me. Hope to see more events in the future!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Lippo Mall Puri @ St.Moritz - 2nd Floor
Jl.Puri Raya Blok U 1, Puri Indah
Kembangan, West Jakarta
Phone : (021) 22582756
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