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Senin, 20 Februari 2017

Bebek BKB, Bendungan Hilir

Hi Eaters.

When it comes around duck cuisines, especially Indonesian style of duck cuisine, well I usually have my own favorite spot. For me, when it comes about duck cuisine, when I already felt a connection, when I feel suited by the way the dish was cooked and presented then I don't wanna go and try the same kind of dish elsewhere. I think making a duck cuisine needs a lot of skills and consistency, and not a lot of restaurant could really do that.
So when I was asked to come and try the duck dishes at Bebek BKB well honestly I have doubts but since it is quite close to where I live I thought why not giving it a try. Who knows it might be my next favorite duck restaurant, LOL.

Bebek BKB is a new comer in serving Indonesian-style duck cuisine. And it just opened the doors for public about maybe a month ago.
This banner greeted me when I arrived at the restaurant. I was like "what? a plate of duck with rice, fried tofu and tempe, also with choices of sambals only IDR 25K??".. you gotta be kidding me. It's an insane deal! For all I know at other places IDR 25K could only get you the duck and you still have to spend more money for the rice and other side dishes. Well, that's one banner that got me eagerly to try the food.

Those words meant what it meant, "Murahnya Kebangetan" or simply as "Ridiculously/Unbelieveably Cheap"
As I walk to the premises, I noticed it's an open concept style of restaurant, with no doors or windows, just an open space filled with wooden tables and chairs. All of the dining area is smoking area, so better choose where you sit wisely and careful not to sit next to smoking people that is if you're not a smoker. And it was quite cloudy that day since it had just stopped raining so sitting in an open dining area didn't seem to bother me since the air was quite soothing.
I was explained that the process of cooking and marinating the duck took about 26 hours. I could imagine how the spices and the herbs and the seasoning would seeped through those delicious duck meat as i was told that more than 30 spices were used also to cook the duck. Yummy to hear, right?
So let's start talking about the food.

(Opening promo) Paket Bebek Lengkap - IDR 25K

This one is the fried duck. You might wonder why it's so dark in color instead of golden-brown-ish. Well, as I mentioned earlier, the usage of more than 30 different spices is the cause of this vibrant dark-ish color of the duck. Simply one must not judge until one tries.
And honestly I have to say.. IT'S SUPER DELICIOUS! No, I'm not lying, it's very very good!
The duck was so moist and juicy. There's a little bit of fat under the skin but I didn't mind though as I would consider it is the best part from the duck. Those herbs and spices really did their job very well. The flavor was so bursting in mouth, I instantly got foodgasm (which I rarely had). The meat was like melted butter as all those flavors were also melted in my mouth. Deliciously good!
Also I must tell you that their Nasi Uduk was so insanely good too! The flavors were so coconutly strong. A must try to accompany that delicious duck.

Ati Ampela - IDR 6K

Another good side dishes to accompany the duck were this fried chicken liver and gizzard. I think they used the same spices for these too. Both also tasted pretty good.

Sayur Asem - IDR 6K

Aren't you just amazed by how cheap the food is here? A bowl of Sayur Asem only costs 6K is quite insane, right? And just for that price tag, it came with a marvelous taste and the perfect sourness. Even my friend ordered only the soup because it tasted so good!

Kangkung Balacan - IDR 10K

Again the price tag amazed me. For the same kind of dish at other restaurants it could took like maybe more than 15K (CMIIW). The taste is kinda sweet but also salty and savory at the same time. It's kinda balanced and for my tastebuds it was nice. Again, this is my personal preference.

Tauge Bawang Putih - IDR 9K

The bean sprouts were amazing, and I think compared to the morning glory I would prefer this one. I think the flavor were just spot on and all balanced. You know how you tend to get this dish to be too salty and sometimes were just flavorless. But this one was so good. Trust me. And I certainly loved how fresh it was.

Soto Ranjau + Ceker - IDR 13K

Not pretty sure wether they use an all duck in this dish or combined with chicken, but I think it's chicken feet combined with duck. As for the name titled "Soto Ranjau" I would expect it to be spicy. But that day I didn't mixed the soup so I think I didn't taste anything spicy because of it. But the flavors were nice, I think it uses some kind of stock to elevate the flavors.

Overall conclusion, this is definitely going to be put on my number 1 list of Indonesian duck restaurant. The flavors were just perfect, spot on, and that fried duck is insanely, wickedly, amazingly delicious! I could eat two of those ducks and might even consider adding one more if only I don't have to worry about cholesterol, LOL. What I'm trying to say is that the duck is just so so good and addictive. My only concern is only its open concept dining area. I think a non smoking area is still needed to accomodate non-smoker to add more convenience to the restaurant.

Nevertheless I wouldn't mind coming back over and over again as long as they keep their consistency on serving wonderful delicious ducks. My best of luck for Bebek BKB!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Bebek BKB
Jl. D. Tondano Blok AA No.3
Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 21572970

Opening Hours: 10:30 - 22:30

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