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Rabu, 19 Juli 2017

IINDIGO Lounge at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

What is your definition of a 'Sunday well spent'? Mine would be good food with good friends. Well, it was my meet up with my buddies after a couple of weeks we didn't have the chance to gather up, and what couldn't be better than to spend it at a place with delicious food.
As it was a nice Sunday afternoon, we shared small talks and laughters at IINDIGO Lounge.

If you're wondering why were there so many baloons in the pic, well there was a birthday party going on that day, and yes, we were not the guests. 
Well, back to the topic. IINDIGO Lounge is located at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta. Actually, there are two lounges inside the hotel's vicinity, the T Lounge and of course IINDIGO Lounge. The T Lounge itself is more to serving coffees and pastries, while IINDIGO Lounge serves alcoholic beverages and cocktails besides food. That's why IINDIGO Lounge's opening hours starts from the earliest at 18.00 at weekends and 20.00 during weekdays.
The venue is quite exquisite. Located at the pool side of an enormous swimming pool, I find the lounge to be so comfortable with all the shades from lots of trees surrounding the pool area. It's also very nice that even though the venue played some tunes through speakers but it was not too loud so I can still enjoy good conversation with my friends.

The food that I tried were not disappointing, if I can say in another word: delectable. Come and scroll down to see just what food me and my friends enjoyed that day.

IINDIGO Skewer - IDR 108K

We kickstarted with these skewers. So for this portion we had the chicken, beef and lamb, all in one serving plate. Look at those big chunks of meat under the sprinkles of that garlic crumbles! Visually, it looked so appetizing. I had the chicken skewer that day and certainly I love how it was seasoned so nicely. The chicken meat was tender and delicious. It would be great if they provide a dipping sauce along with the skewers, but nevertheless it still tasted good without any extra sauce needed.

Spicy Fried Tofu - IDR 68K

My favorite! If you're familiar with 'Tahu Jelotot' well this one is an uplifted version of that street food snack. The difference is if in Tahu Jelotot you might find a whole bird eye chilli meant to be the booby trap (ranjau as they say in Indonesia) well in this version from IINDIGO you won't find it. It's great that I don't have to get shocked with extreme heat because of biting a whole bird eye chilli since I think the chilli has already been pounded and mixed with the other filling's ingridients. Anyway, this one is a must order, seriously, especially if you just love Tahu Jelotot in particular.

Potato Rendang - IDR 68K

This dish is truly innovative. I mean, well combining potato wedges with rendang, that's like putting two awesome thing into a combo. The potato wedges were surely brilliantly cooked, as it was so moist and tender, almost like you're eating soft ice cream. Da yumm! The rendang was just awesome, and truly elevated the whole dish. If you are looking for a light bite which is quite unique, then surely opt for this one.

Salted Egg Enoki - IDR 108K

OMG I was just thrilled to know they have a menu infused with salted egg. It's been wildly happening in the culinary world about food cooked with salted egg. The savoriness is just addicting. This dish had that savory salted egg coating the enoki mushrooms. It was just super delicious. That salted egg batter was just savory and delicious. This is one light bite menu that could get you addicted.

Tuna Sambal Matah - IDR 138K

Remembering I will have plans to visit Bali in the next few months, this menu sure cure my longing for sambal matah, which is Balinese style sambal. Nevertheless, the tuna looked so tempting. That pink-ish center just shows you how fresh the tuna is, and how it was grilled nicely too.However, the cut might be a little too thick for me, and the sambal matah could have been served a little bit more in terms of portion since it was just delicious!

Chicken Medallion - IDR 158K

Chicken medallion with beef bacon and mozarella filling. Gotta love that juicy tender chicken and how it was seasoned beautifully. The choice of having beef bacon for the filling was quite good in my opinion, but I sure do hope there were more mozzarella inside though. 

Beef Quesadillas - IDR 118K

This beef quesadillas is served with 3 dipping sauces: sour cream, tomato salsa, and guacamole. First of all, I must say that I simply love the beef filling inside the quesadillas. It was pretty packed there and it tasted so so good! I also loved the tortilla since it was moist and not too dry. But certainly what captured my heart was the beef filling. Delicious. 

Grilled Rib-Eye - IDR 258K

Never in my life I had rib eye steak served on top of a slice of grilled water melon. Apparently the water melon was supposed to be eaten along with the steak, something that me and my friends didn't do that day. LOL. The rib eye steak itself was absolutely delicious, tender, and juicy too. Since I didn't get to eat the steak along with the water melon well I can't say what it would taste like. Perhaps if you order this menu, you can try to eat them together and tell me how does it taste.

Me and my friends also tried some of their cocktails. Unfortunately I forgot the name of each one of them, but they sure tasted good and suitable for an evening lounging by the poolside.
I will update this blog after I have more infos about these awesome cocktails.

To sum it all up, I had a blast of time at IINDIGO Lounge. Well, it's not just because of the companion I had, but also the wonderful venue and food were indeed astonishing.
All I can say about IINDIGO Lounge is that the venue is super cozy, the food is remarkable, the service is beyond impeccable, and those factors just made my dining (and gathering) experience with my friends became unforgettable. 
Thank you IINDIGO Lounge for having me. Can't wait to be back again.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta Diponegoro
Lantai Ground
Ph: 021 21889061 ext:893
Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No 17, Cikini, Jakarta

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 20.00 - 01.00
Sat - Sun 18.00 - 01.00

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