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Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Sunday Brunch at Cassis Kitchen, Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

I've come this place for several occasions, mainly food tasting invitation for a Sunday Brunch. I must say this place is quite convenient for some reasons, let's say for its location or its ambiance. Last Sunday I made another visit, this time to accompany a dear friend of mine which happens to be a blogger too. We came there to enjoy another spectacular Sunday Brunch by Cassis Kitchen.

Again, I must say the ambiance is just wonderful. For all this time in every foodtasting event, I always choose to be seated in the outdoor dining area. It's very comfortable with mostly using sofas with monochromatic color, thus giving it a nice minimalist modern touch. The interior is kept simple for the outdoor dining area, not too many vibrant or shocking color, just some smooth color palettes like grey or dark-ish brown.

The indoor dining area is more sophisticated, yet still able to give a homey and warm ambiance for the guests. The color palettes used are still likely the same, mostly monochromatic colors with some dark brown for the wooden furniture. It surely portrays this place as a fine dining establishment, but yet this is a casual dining that you can enjoy with your friends, family, or loved ones.

Cassis Kitchen's Sunday Brunch can be enjoyed from 11.00-16.00. Around 18 menus for entrees and 4 menus for desserts have lined up for guests to choose and order. These entrees also consist of some healthy brunch menus if you happened to be living a healthy lifestyle, such as Acai Berry Bowl, Chia Seed Pudding, and Breakfast Granola. You can also enjoy selections of mocktails and cocktails, even smoothies, juice, champagne, and wine.

Crab Angel Hair - IDR 135K

Angel hair pasta with crab meat, chilli, spring onion, garlic, and corriander.

My friend and I got the chance to order 2 menus for the each of us from the 18 entree menus available for the Sunday Brunch. This one was my friend's. First of all, I love the portion. It was quite many for 1 person. The angel hair pasta was cooked nicely. I sure do love how it was moist and springy, and also the fact that the seasoning was just spot on and not too overwhelming. The crab meat was delicious. One thing that might be lacking a bit was the presentation. Not the prettiest dish you might see, but still the flavors were tasty.

Duck Confit Waffle - IDR 135K

Roasted duck with cucumber and mint salad, sweet szechuan glaze

Again, this was my friend's order. This one was delicious and we both were super loving the dish. The duck was perfectly seasoned, and it was so moist and juicy as well. Probably the best dish out of 4 we tried that day (more will be told below, keep scrolling!). The waffles were amazing! I really do love the waffle. It was so delicious and not too milky, just perfect!

Crispy Norwegian Salmon - IDR 145K

Norwegian salmon with grilled corn salsa, roasted zucchini, and sherry dressing

I just love love love salmon! This dish was amazing. It was visually appetizing and flavorful. I mean, look at that pink-ish salmon, isn't that just gorgeous? The crispy skin was just loveable, even after we took some time (because taking photos of this dish) before we start eating it, the skin was still crispy af! The salmon was moist and juicy too, and it's great that they make a rather thin but big cut rather than just one medium thick cut of the salmon cause the seasoning just seeped more through in this kind of cut.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs - IDR 150K

Half rack of ribs with BBQ sauce and vegetable slaw

Visually this one was just appetizing, the glaze was beautiful and I loved that vibrant color of the BBQ sauce. The ribs were thick and what I love about them was the fact that it was so easy to peel off the mead from the bone. I think it was a bit dry, but still no problem for me. The BBQ sauce was delicious, and to my surprise even the vegetable slaw was so so tasty.

Red Splash - IDR 68K

For the beverage I had the Red Splash which had strawberry juice and syrup inside. It tasted sour and sweet, but definitely refreshing.

There are also some other entrees you can try besides the ones I reviewed above. I didn't get the chance to try them and only took photos of them, but as I asked to other fellow bloggers that ordered them, well they say the menus were delicious. So if you had the chance to try menus that I didn't try please tell me what you think about them.

Chia Seed Pudding - IDR 90K

Acai Berry Bowl - IDR 95K

Creamy Truffle Alfredo - IDR 105K

Seared Barramundi - IDR 115K

Maple Glazed Pork Bacon - IDR 125K

Cronuts - IDR 80K

Hmm.. don't they all look so so appetizing? Maybe another Sunday Brunch at Cassis Kitchen is a must to taste those delectable looking dishes.

So thank you Cassis Kitchen for the lovely Sunday Brunch, and thank you my dear friend Whats Up Jakarta for taking me there. I really do enjoy the food, the service, and the ambiance. To sum it all up, this is a Sunday Brunch not to be missed. Make sure you book a spot.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Cassis Kitchen
Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade
J. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24
Jakarta Pusat
Ph: (021) 5794 1500
Sunday Brunch hour: 11.00 - 16.00

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