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Kamis, 05 Oktober 2017

Pork Star, Bali (Second visit)

Hi Eaters.

As I am writing this down, I am reminiscing my recent trip to Bali. It was around 3 weeks ago and I went there with some friends. It's truly sad to hear that Bali is currently experiencing volcanic eruption. I sure do hope it will pass soon. Well, anyway, my visit to Bali now gets more exciting since I am enlisting this new restaurant to my favorite and must visit place. You know what restaurant I'm talking about. It's definitely have gotta be Pork Star!

This visit I made no mistake. If before I visited this restaurant for dinner, then this visit I went there for lunch. I had to make sure I get wonderful snapshots, not just for my blog but also to feast your eyes and made you drool, LOL.
I am so truly flattered that the owner was such nice couple. They were so friendly and the service was beyond impeccable and really made our lunch so memorable, besides of the awesome food. I was also very glad that they trusted me to try one of their new menu. Wait and scroll down to know what it was. But first let's talk about some other menus that were also delicious beyond words.

Pork Dynamite - IDR 40K

Starting lunch with this awesome appetizer. This dish is basically mozarella cheese wrapped with pork bacon. It's a combination of saltiness and savoriness. On the first bite you can really feel the tender bacon and after that the chewy cheese came through. Oh it's just heaven! A must order appetizer of the restaurant. I really think the combination was just spot on. Really delicious!

Pork Star's Pork Belly - IDR 50K

Pork Star's Pork Belly with Steamed Rice

Pork Star's Pork Belly with French Fries

Moving on to the next awesome dish, the Pork Star's Pork Belly. It's French style pork belly with choices of steamed rice/baby potatoes/french fries and choices of sauce truffle/blackpepper.
Me and friends ordered this dish one with steamed rice and the other was with french fries. For the sauce we opted for truffle. This sauce is my recommendation for you guys if you ever confused on choosing one. Their truffle is just insanely good!
Well, anyway, back to the pork belly. I have had my share of tasting them before on my first visit. I remembered that it gave me the best foodgasm in Bali, and it hasn't changed a bit! This dish still amazed me, and it was truly delicious indeed. I love how they seasoned the pork belly while still keeping the juiciness of those pork fat. Absolutely DA BOMB! It's something I can never get enough of.

Mix Platter - IDR 150K

The Mix Platter was a feast from heaven. It consisted of 400 grams of BBQ pork ribs, Pork Star pork belly, 3 pcs of chicken wings, and 2 choices of either baby potatoes or french fries. Feel free to add butter rice for an addition of IDR 10K.
Let me tell you that the ribs were just outstanding. It's so sooo tender and juicy, you can easily peel it off the bone. I love the BBQ seasoning on the ribs too, it's rich but not overly sweet yet it tasted savory and delicious at the same time. Kudos to the chef!
Their pork belly ... well should I tell you more after I previously said it was DA BOMB? Their chicken wings certainly had improved tough I would expect more juiciness from the wings, but the flavors were good. The baby potatoes were seasoned beautifully, I think I prefer these kind of potatoes compared to the french fries.
The overall plus point for this dish was that it's only IDR 150K. What a deal, right?

Pork Belly Charsiew Style - IDR 50K

This is the new menu I'm talking about. This dish is slow cooked pork belly with traditional charsiew sauce served with steamed rice. You can opt for the butter rice version by adding IDR 5K.
I love pork, especially the fat of the pork belly. This dish succesfully delivered that. I really really really love the juiciness of the pork belly. Wait, did I repeat the word 'really' until 3 times? Well that's just how much I am in love with this dish. The pork belly is super delicious. I really love the chewy texture and really love the charsiew sauce. That sprinkle of fried garlic was also amazing, not only adding flavor but also giving the dish a nice crispy texture to balance the chewy pork belly. This dish is certified recommended by me. You guys pork lover must try this one!

Overall conclusion, my second visit here and they just wow me even more. Every dish I tried certainly none of them were a disappointment. Of course me and my friends tried other menus such as the Iga Babi Saus Telur Asin (this one was insanely good, a must try if you're a fanatic salted egg lover), the Crispy Mushroom, and the Mushroom Soup. All were so good, I could cry!
Definitely I will visit them again on my next visit to Bali. I heard they will make seasonal menus. Can't wait to try them out!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Pork Star
Jalan Nakula No. 88 C
Seminyak, Badung
Phone: 0818 817 760

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