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Kamis, 30 November 2017

Boen Kitchen

Hi Eaters,

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I sure do hope you guys miss me (I know you do, right! Hehe). Well, I've been caught up with work and sadly been postponing some blog posts to write. My bad, though. For this post, I want to tell you about a restaurant that serves my most favorite food in the world. Yes, it serves Indonesian food. The restaurant is called Boen Kitchen. Want to know more? Scroll down!

This is another Foody ID Gathering. I'm so happy to be invited to this kind of community gathering. It's always fun to meet other people with the same passion and desire for food.

Boen Kitchen is located at the vicinity of Panglima Polim, South Jakarta. It occupied quite a large area and consists of two floors. The design of the restaurant is quite catchy. I certainly loved that wall graphic, although I think the restaurant didn't really show that it is an Indonesian restaurant through its interior. But luckily, the music they played in the restaurant was nice and had an Indonesian vibe into it.

The event took place at the second floor of the restaurant. Also in this floor there is a minibar where they will make the drinks that customers order. There is also a nice sight of the giant chandelier that you will see upon taking the stairs to the second floor so it was quite nice.

Laksa - IDR 45K

Kickstarted with this dish. The laksa was okay. The noodles was nice and springy but yet I felt it needed more seasoning. I love the consistency of the soup though, and the portion was quite fulfilling but yet it was under seasoned and I felt like it's not on its maximum potential to satisfy one's palate.

Tahu Telor - IDR 45K

This one was good. The egg, the tofu, even the soup was delicious. I like this one!

Karedok - IDR 40K

This one was quite okay. I felt the peanut sauce was a bit too sweet for my palate, but the veggies were fresh and it was at the right amount of spiciness.

Soto Mie - IDR 45K

This one was my favorite. It had the perfect amount of everything. Nicely seasoned, the portion was fulfilling and the taste was delicious. A perfect companion for a plate of hot steaming rice. Yumm!

Ikan Peda Tumis Jagung - IDR 35K

The first time I saw this one, I thought it was just a plate full of sauteed corn. I was surprised that underneath those corns lies a salted fish. This is the kind of dish that my parents (especially my mom) liked. We used to have this dish cooked at home so eating this one brought up a nostalgic feeling. The dish was delicious (if you like salted fish, that is), not too spicy and I have to warn you that the fish is really salty so better to eat it with some rice. 

Gurame Boen - IDR 125K

This is the restaurant's signature dish. A whole fried gurame fish cooked with spicy sour curry. I think it uses garang asam as its main seasoning. The fish was good and the curry was exceptional. Overall it's a good dish and well deserved to be the signature dish of the restaurant. From my experience this dish would be better to be eaten when it's still straight hot, the curry tends to get oily as it cools down and trust me you do not want to eat an oily curry.

Es Shanghai - IDR 30K

For dessert I had this Es Shanghai. It was quite refreshing and I would give a thumbs up for serving it with complete toppings. It might not look like the traditional Es Shanghai cause they use ice cream instead of shaved ice. Nevertheless it was quite pleasing, I didn't mind of having it with ice cream since it added a more milky flavor as the ice cream melted and integrates with the other component of the dish.

Boen Express - IDR 35K

In a hurry and can't stay for a dine in? You can opt for the Boen Express, a take away box concept from Boen Kitchen.

There are two menus from Boen Express that you can order: Chicken Katsu and Chicken Teriyaki. Both tasted quite good and for a take away box portion it was quite fulfilling too. My concern was that Boen as an Indonesian restaurant and my expectation was to find an Indonesian food also in the take away box instead of a Japanese food.

Nasi Box (Lunch/Dinner) - IDR 45K

You can also order their Nasi Box which comes with a more diverse menu for your lunch or dinner. I think this one was more worth it with just a slight difference of pricing.

Overall conclusion, this is a nice Indonesian restaurant that serves good Indonesian cuisines. Some of the dishes I tried that day were not disappointing. My highlight of the restaurant is the Gurame Boen, which I think is the most recommended menu that you should order if you eat here. 

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Boen Kitchen
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 9
Telp: (021) 7220914
Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta

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