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Sabtu, 27 Desember 2014

La Creperie

Hi Eaters.

It was a bright sunny Saturday noon when I strolled around quite far from home. Considering I lived at the southern part of Jakarta and had to go to the northern side, and let me tell you it's not a short trip.
I was feeling a bit feverish due to the inconsistent weather, but since this is a kind of foodtasting event I wouldn't want to miss in the world, I hustle up, pack my gear and went to this lovely French-styled cuisine restaurant, La Creperie.

Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, specifically at Ruko Crown Golf, side by side with Kimchi Grandma restaurant. And apparently both are under the same management.
The interior was indeed nice, in terms that it's nicely decorated. You'll find indoor and outdoor dining areas which are very comfortable. And for my opinion it does show some effort to somehow resemble French cafes in particular.
The service was quite nice though I wouldn't say that I was receiving a fast service. But I loved the hospitality. Although I think that the waiters should have more knowledges about the menus. FYI, since they haven't listed some new dishes in the menu book, I was given an iPad with menu pictures, sadly they didn't name each one of the menus for easy choosing.

So let's start talking about the food, shall we?

Cheese French Fries - IDR 20K

French fries with bacon, melted cheese, and topped with fried egg and sprinkles of chilli flakes. The portion, considering the price tag, was quite generous. In terms of flavor it was quite good, though I wouldn't say spectacular. The cheese had a good consistency, and the egg also was cooked perfectly. The bacon, in the other hand, was slightly hard. And in my opinion it could go with a little more salt.

Calamari - IDR 39K

I loved the consistency of the batter. It was very good and also nicely seasoned. Along with the calamari also came the tartar dipping sauce which also came in a good consistency. The bad thing was that the squid was slightly overcooked. It wasn't as chewy as I would expected.

Bitterballen - IDR 36K

I wouldn't expect a Holland dish to be found in a French restaurant, but hey there's nothing wrong with that. As any bitterballen, the ingredients were mashed potato with cheese rolled in bread crumbs and then fried. The texture was just to be loved. It's smooth and also the mashed potatoes weren't grainy. Wonderful execution noting that it was also seasoned beautifully. A good dish overall.

Cheese Fingers - IDR 35K

I love strawberry cheesecake, I have to admit that. But this dish I think went the wrong way. Combining savory cheese sticks with sugary strawberry jam, in my opinion, was a bit weird. The flavors were clashing and didn't combined well. I would prefer they use another cheese sauce or chocolate sauce maybe, since you can put salt in chocolate. But if you feel like giving it a try, I suggest you do.

Poulet Aglio - IDR 86K

My most favourite dish that day. Poulet itself is a French word meaning chicken and indeed the chicken was the main star. It was half chicken drenched in cream sauce on top of aglio olio spaghetti and served along with diced potatoes and broccolis. To add spiciness the dish was sprinkled with chilli flakes. The chicken was awesome. It was juicy, tender, and the sauce made it so delicious. The spaghetti was also delicious although in my opinion it could go with some more time in boiling to make it al-dente. The potatoes and broccolis were undoubtly tasty and perfectly cooked.

Peanut Butter Burger - IDR 56,5K

An unusual dish being served that day was this burger. Never in my life have I met a combination of peanut butter jam and burger. Love it or hate it? Well, actually neither. I will have to be neutral. On one side, I am a loving fan of both components but surely felt that they weren't really elevating each other pretty well. The peanut butter, despite of its nice flavor, were quite thick and heavy. And it met with the same heavy-textured beef patty, resulting in a heavy meal. I certainly had to get a drink to get those mouthful down my throat. Would indeed be awesome if the peanut butter jam wasn't so densed and thick. Nevertheless the flavors were tasty and mouth-watering.

Breakfast Galette - IDR 59K

A savory kind of galette. The pastry was crepe, and the fillings were spinach, chicken, and egg, drenched in cream sauce and served along with salad. A healthy yet delicious dish. All components of the fillings were awesomely good. And the crepe had a good consistency and flavors too.


Tiramisu Flambé - IDR 55K


A unique dessert with unique kind of serving. As you order it, the waiter will flambé it in front of you. Oh yes, I have to warn you this dessert is one of those that has alcohol contained inside. Basically it's sweet crepe topped with tiramisu ice cream and oreo crumbles. The liquor was poured during serving to ignite the flames, making it not only appetizing but visually interesting. The flavors were actually nice, though at that day we insisted the waiter to pour the liquor two times to capture the flambé. Not a good move because it made the liquor taste came too overpowering. Please don't do what we did.


Nutella Frappe - IDR 43K

What's not to love about Nutella? No questions asked, this frappe could be included to the loveable category. It's so chocolaty and the Nutella was frigginly yummy.

Hot Dutch Chocolate - IDR 32K

If you want a chocolate drink but prefer something not too chocolaty like the Nutella Frappe, then you might like this one. The chocolate wasn't that strong but the flavors were more to the mild side and more milky. The sugar level was also nice.

La Creperie Punch - IDR 31,5K

Something refreshing you can order is this La Creperie Punch. Certainly a good mix between fruits with a balance level of sugar.

Strawberry Mojito - IDR 30,5K

Sweet and also refreshing with a touch of breeze coming out from the mint infused in the drink. A good balance level of sweetness from the sugar too, making the flavors just spot on.

Blue Mojito - IDR 30,5K

A mix between soda, green apple, lime juice, and a bit of mint. Delivering a punch of freshness along the way with every sip. Visually appetizing and certainly flavorwise it's mouth-watering. You can also try something with cherry juice based like this one below which also had a nice refreshing flavor.

Elderflower Flute - IDR 115K

To round up the day was this cider creation from La Creperie. They have quite a number of ciders here for you to try, and the Elderflower is one of the recommended. Consists of a mix betwen elderflower, vodka, passion fruit juice, cider, fresh strawberries, kiwis, and passion fruits. I'm not a big fan of alcohol beverages but I have to say this one tasted quite nice and unique. The alcohol itself wasn't overpowering since the fruit gave a little bit of sourness that surpressed the alcohol scent and taste. But still indeed I could felt the trace of vodka. it just only came up more fruity.

Overall conclusion, it's a well spent journey and no regrets for the miles I took to get here. It was a splendid lunch with great dishes and also great companions.
Certainly most dishes I tried were good, some were unique and interesting too.
To complete the good dishes, also came along the nice service and a comfy place with a great ambiance. So I think it's totally worth it to come here and try the food and enjoy the ambiance. Give it a try!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


La Creperie
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Phone: (021) 29704981 (ext. 207)
Jakarta Utara

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