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Kamis, 26 Februari 2015

Open Door Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

About last week I was invited to a brunch event, called Brunch In Red. If you happened to follow my Instagram account then you'll notice that I've posted some buzzers about the event.
The event itself is fully supported by Foodisme (big thanks to Billy Oscar) and also Open Door Jakarta.

Open Door is located within the vicinity of the Royal Mediterania Apartment lobby. It takes place in what previously was Midtown Owl Cafe. According to the owner, the name "Open Door" literally means, well, an open door. It means that the restaurant welcomes all people, all ages, students or professionals, mall visitors or apartment residents, to come and enjoy the food.

The place is certainly comfortable. A touch of modern-minimalist was airing as I entered the premises. It felt warm and homey. A perfect spot for casual hang-out with your family or besties. But also suit well enough for business meetings since this restaurant also provides screen projectors in case you need to do a presentation.

Open Door is now shifting its opening hours. Usually they will start serving from 15.00, but now the good news is they will start early at 11.00. So if you happen to look for a brunch spot, this could go well for you. And don't worry to miss out the brunch hour since Open Door served all day breakfast.
As this event is all about brunch, then this post will be about food only and no beverages. Pardon for that. So let's just start, okay?

Big Breakfast Plate - IDR 65K

Egg-your style, baked beans, sausages, toasted bread, and sauteed mushrooms.
The egg-your style means that you can request the doneness level for the egg. As for this one above, it's poached medium so the egg yolk is still runny.
What I loved about this dish is that it offers a complete set of (what I think) a complete breakfast should be. My only concern was that the baked beans were a little bit dry. But the sausage won my heart. And I loved the sauteed mushrooms too.

Salmon, Asparagus, and Egg Benedict - IDR 70K

Smoked salmon, asparagus, poached egg, and cherry tomatoes salad.
This menu came as my liking. Well, salmon is all time favourite fish and looking at its pink-ish color I directly knew that it was done with finesse. It's seasoned beautifully. The asparagus was nice. Crunchy in my mouth. Certainly the puff pastry itself was also good. A balanced dish all around. Loving it.

Sausage and Egg Skillet - IDR 68K

Skillet baked sunny side up eggs, sausages, sweet corns, in tomato gravy.
This one tasted a bit spicy. But overall the taste was delicious. The gravy was just spot on.

Baked Double Mushrooms - IDR 65K

Creamy mushrooms with cracked eggs, smoked beef, bread.
Everything creamy and mushroom will go in my must-order list. This one was yummy. The cream was delicious. The mushroom was abundant. And the parmesan sprinkles were a perfect addition.

Strawberry Orange Marmalade - IDR 60K

French toast with maserated strawberry, oranges, almonds, and vanilla ice cream.
The most beautiful dish that day. I usually never eat something sweet for breakfast but I will give an exclusion for this one. Actually it's a good dish but perhaps if I may give a suggestion then it would taste more delish if it was doused with umm..let say maple syrup.

Well that summons up the brunch menus. But I also tried some other menus I would like to share. Here are some of them.

Curry Dust Wings - IDR 40K

I was excited to find chicken wings available on the menu. Yes, I am a fanatic lover of this dish. And the chicken wings here were presented differently, since it was sprinkled with curry powder. The chicken wings itself came with a pretty crispy skin and tender meat. The basic flavor was already quite savory, and the curry powder boosted it more. Yumm!!

Nasi Goreng Kambing - IDR 60K

Aromatic lamb fried rice, mixed with Open Door's special spice blend.
One of the best-selling dish in Open Door is this lamb fried rice. The aroma was very fragrant. The taste was also quite unique. There's a punch of curry along with the tender lamb meat. It's quite delicious.

Kimchi Kalbi Burger - IDR 62K

Braised beef shortribs, Korean kimchi, and sunny side up egg.
A pretty unique dish. I actually never had any kimchi stuck between two buns before and yet I found it to be not disappointing.
My expectations were, well considering it bears the name "kimchi", I would've guessed this dish to be more salty and sour. Yet it was quite savory. The beef shortribs certainly played a huge deal in affecting the flavors. Could be one of those enticing dish you just need to try at Open Door.

Juicy Crunchy Burger - IDR 58K

Spiced crispy chicken, potato chips, and spicy mayo.
Not a fan of kimchi but still want a burger? Needn't worry since you can order this one.
A big chunk of battered chicken breast, cheese, and abundant potato chips will certainly pamper your taste buds. The chicken, especially, was awesome. Juicy, tender, and seasoned beautifully.

Grilled Spring Chicken - IDR 85K

 Grilled Spring Chicken with BBQ Sauce

Grilled Spring Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

Open Door's signature marinated grilled half chicken with seasoned potato chunks.
The last dish was the perfect closure. I just loved everything about this dish. The chicken was grilled to perfection, no doubt about that. I love the smoky taste and the tender succulent meat. Hands down, they really know how to process the chicken. The potato chunks were the bomb. In a good way, I mean. They're sweet yet also savory and certainly delicious.
As you can see above, they also served the chicken with 2 choices of sauce: BBQ and mushroom. I find the mushroom sauce was a bit too salty though.

Well that rounds up my post and review for the Brunch In Red event. Once again I would like to thank Foodisme and also Open Door for making it all happened. It was a very fun and exciting time and I really enjoyed every second of it.

 Look at our full tummy because of the delicious dishes!

Thank you for our friends who came to the event

Overall conclusion, I had a great brunch. The food, the ambiance, and the service was all spot on. Open Door is certainly a perfect spot if you should ever need a place to hangout. The food is good and the price is affordable too.
My best of luck for Open Door Jakarta. Cheers!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Open Door
Royal Mediterania Garden Residence Lobby
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Podomoro City
Jakarta Barat 11470
021 - 2942 7007 / 06

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