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Senin, 15 Juni 2015


Hi Eaters.

It was a lazy Sunday morning. Yes, apparently every Sunday has become a lazy day for me since being single (it's a sad story indeed).
But that Sunday was no lazy time for me since my fellow foodie asked me to join in a foodtasting event at MazelTov.

Located at Puri Indah Mall Extension, the outer look gave an impression of a cafe somewhere in Europe, with classic design and furnitures. The indoor dining area gave a more relaxing, soothing and comfortable feeling with its dimmed lights, bricked walls, and wooden furnitures. The wine rack gave an aesthetic touch, making you feel like you're in a wine cellar somewhere in France. A good touch with the interior and certainly beautiful.

MazelTov's Meat Pizza - IDR 65++

"Beef salami, smoked beef, spicy beef, beef sausage, mozarella with homemade BBQ sauce."

A medium size pizza was served. Somehow I like this kind of pizza, with not-so-abundant toppings but still pretty generous enough. I also happen to like thin-crusted pizza and quite joyful that not only this pizza came as I expected but the crunchiness of the crust was so nice.
The all beef toppings were delicious. And I really liked the taste of the homemade BBQ sauce too.

Chicken Quesadilla - IDR 70++

"Flour tortilla filled with glazed BBQ Chicken, mozarella cheese and served with tomato salsa and basic cream sauce."

Some of my fellow foodies thought this dish was just so-so but I have to disagree. I think the flavor profile was quite excellent. The chicken filling itself was quite delicious, although the mozarella was slightly untraceable. One thing I would suggest is that they should make the tortilla a bit more crispy to add a little texture to the dish.

Sirloin Over Rice - IDR 71++

"Fragrant butter rice with mushroom, red and green pepper, onion, sliced Australian sirloin topped with blackpepper cream sauce."

This dish was DA BOMB! It's everyone's favourite that day. The butter rice was so delicious. It's moist, very fragrant, and savory. I loved the sirloin too. It's cooked to perfection, and the blackpepper cream sauce was very tasty. Too bad the portion, in my consideration, was a bit too small. But it's very delicious and I highly recommend you to try.

MazelTov's Steak - IDR 300++

"Premium quality of 400 grams beef served with salad, a choice of one side dish (fries, mashed potato, rosemary potato or gratin potato) and two choices of MazelTov's special sauce."

A large, thick cut of steak was the last food served to us that day. Looking at that big slice of beef really had gotten us drooling. Cooked medium well, it's so juicy and tender. We spent a lot of time taking photos til the steak apparently cooled down and had to go to the oven to be re-heated. So we didn't get the chance to try this steak at its maximum juiciness. Perhaps next we will eat it immediately.

Dark Angel - IDR 45++

"Black autumn grape, orange wedges, orange wine, cranberry juice, blackberry jam, grenadine syrup and soda."

This one was my friend's drink. Looking at it visually, it's so beautiful with its purple-ish color and chunks of grape inside. According to my friend, it tasted nice and so fresh. Why don't you try it for yourself and let me know then.

Fantastic Emotion - IDR 45++

"Pineapple chunk, lemongrass, lychee syrup, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon wedges and mint leaf."

This one was mine. I have to say I absolutely liking it. It has a lot of flavors combination but still the outcome was so refreshing. The pineapple chunks in my opinion was just too many since I'm craving for more of the juice than the chunks. But still I really liked it. The mint leaf really gave a boost of freshness to the drink.

Overall conclusion, this cafe could be a nice option if you're looking for a place to hang out with friends. The food is good, but what won my heart was the comfy ambiance. Yet I should not forget about the taste of that Sirloin Over Rice that won my heart too.
In a nutshell, thank you MazelTov for inviting me and my friends. Thank you for the hospitality. I wish you the best of luck ahead.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Puri Indah Mall Extension
Ground Floor Unit E-007
Ph: (021) 5823207
Jakarta Barat

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