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Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

Quiznos Sub

Hi Eaters.

Talking about meat between two buns probably most of us would refer to burgers and hotdogs. Some would mention sandwich. But would any even mention submarine?
Submarine sandwich (or subs as they commonly call it) is more likely shaped like a sandwich but longer in length and thicker in bread.
Finding a sub in Indonesia is no easy task. Well, not many sub restaurant can be easily found as likely if you're looking for burgers or fried chickens. I remembered one time I tried sub sandwich in a restaurant in Plaza Indonesia though. But that just it, the only place I know that sells sub sandwich at that time. 
Well luckily now, an infamous brand from overseas has opened its outlet in Indonesia.
Say hello to Quiznos Sub!

When I say that Quiznos is an infamous brand, I wasn't lying. Started out over 30 years ago in Denver, Colorado, USA, now Quiznos has grown to be the the second-largest Submarine Sandwich shop chain in North America with about 1,500 domestic locations and about 600 international locations. And lucky for us, Indonesia is one of those countries being grasped by the expanding growth of Quiznos outside of US.

I had the chance to try their sub sandwich at one of their outlet located in Jalan Pemuda, Rawamangun. It's not that far from Arion Mall, just beside the Shell gas station.
It's a huge and spacious outlet with a vast parking area, and to my convenience it was also equipped with automatic door. Cool, right?

The inside of the outlet was very spacious. A nice cool air conditioner was a relief since it was a hot day outside. The outlet has a second floor with outdoor seating available.
There's only one cashier so a long queue for food is maybe unavoidable. If you happen to come at lunch time then patience is what you should also bring along.

The great thing is that they made the sandwich really fresh from the oven. I mean, they will assemble your sandwich from scratch upon your order. So it's hot and fresh delivered directly to your hands and not just being reheated like it has already been pre-made before. A thumb up for delivering such a fresh meal for the customer. But that also means you need to wait a bit more to have your order being made. So again, patience is really needed here. Basically you will be given a queueing number and you can wait for the waiter to call your number when your order is done.
You can watch how the staffs work on your order as they will make it in front of you. But if you feel like sitting and wait then you don't need to worry since the staff wears gloves, mask, and hat to guarantee the hygiene of your food.

They provide 3 kinds of bread and also in 3 sizes to choose from. Choices from regular bread, wheat bread, or rosemary parmesan bread come in either 6, 9, or 12 inches bread.
6 inches is a single person portion. If you're really hungry then you can opt for the 9 inches. For the 12 inches you can have it for up to 2 persons.

So let's talk about the subs I tried that day.

Zesty Steak on Rosemary Parmesan Bread
IDR 70K (6 inches), IDR 90K (9 inches), IDR 105K (12 inches)

honey bourbon & zesty grill sauce, sauteed onion, sauteed mushroom,
steak, mozzarella & cheddar cheese

So the first one was an all meaty experience. I mean, they were really generous on giving meat in the sandwich. The overall taste was very delicious. This one use the rosemary parmesan bread so the bread was crunchy and flavorful. The honey bourbon gave a nice sweet and savory taste which in my opinion went really well with the sandwich filling without being too dominant. 

The Traditional on Artisan White Bread
IDR 55K (6 inches), IDR 70K (9 inches), IDR 90K (12 inches)

Ranch dressing, tomato, lettuce, red onion, black olive,
 chicken ham, chicken turkey, steak, cheddar cheese

The Traditional uses 3 kinds of meat: chicken, turkey, and beef. Slightly you'll see that it has also more vegetables fillings compared to the one I had before. Well I personally like this one more than the first. I think maybe because of my perspective that sandwich is better with veggies on, you know, to balance the flavor and also to prevent being too full too early.
The Ranch dressing was delicious, yes I have to admit that it was spot on. And I really loved how they grill the bread to make it crispy in every bite. Da yumm!

Definitely loving this one. And I won't hesitate on ordering this one on my next visit. I truly recommend this one to you guys.

Baja Chicken Pizza - IDR 55K

Chipotle Mayo & BBQ dressing, mozzarella cheese, red onion, chicken breast, beef bacon.

Besides subs, Quiznos also serves pizza. So if you went here with people who don't like subs then they can opt for pizza. Pizza is quite common and most people just love pizza, right?

One you should try is the Baja Chicken Pizza with its rich melted mozzarella cheese topping. Absolutely delicious. The dough came in a perfect thickness. Not too thin, and certainly not thick. I think it's a portion for 2, but I am absolutely sure I can finish 1 portion single handedly. LOL.

Honey Mustard Pizza - IDR 50K

honey mustard dressing mozzarella cheese, tomato, red onion, chicken breast, beef bacon.

It's visually appetizing. I really think it's beautiful. This one was also delicious. The honey mustard was sweet and savory. The toppings were quite overwhelming and generous too. So to spend around 50K for this I think is more than worth it.

Picture speaks above everything, right? And you can see from my snapshot those mouth-watering toppings: the mozzarella cheese, the bacon, the chicken breast. Yumm! Let me tell you that as I am writing this blog right now, I am drooling.

Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap - IDR 65K

iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, chicken breast, beef bacon, parmesan cheese

They also have salads and soups beside of their subs and pizzas. And this particular salad that I tried was unique since it is wrapped with tortilla. I almost thought it was a burrito and not salad. What overwhelmed me was the size. It's huge!
The cheese was so generously given inside and as in any salad you'll find more veggie than the actual meat. But I have to say it's delicious. I love the overall combined taste. Especially the vegetables used were all fresh.

For the beverages there are a wide variant to choose from juices, coffees, teas, and smoothies.

Blueberry Frozen - IDR 35K

Tiramisu Frozen - IDR 35K

Irish Frappe - IDR 38K

Matcha Frappe - IDR 38K

Cafe Latte Hazelnut - IDR 35K

Personally I loved the excessive choices of beverages available. Certainly there won't be any trouble on bringing the kids here. But I really do think they need to tune down on the sugar level though.

Overall conclusion, I have simply fallen in love with the food. Besides the beverages I think the food was on another level. I love the hygienity and the freshness of every meal though in my opinion the long line can maybe kill the appetite. I sincerely think they need to open another cashier to accomodate to overflowing customers.
So as in terms of the food, I really recommend this place. Why not giving it a try and see if you share the same opinion like me?

 Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Quiznos Sub
Jl. Pemuda No.30,
(021) 29834017
Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur

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