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Jumat, 01 April 2016

Patio Trattoria & Pizzéria

Hi Eaters.

Are you the kind of person whom they will call a southern guy?
Well, the hype of the culinary world recently is too centered at the northern part of our lovely town, while in fact there are so much to offer in the southern part.
Patio stands pretty strong in that particular reason. Why is that? Then you should read this review til the end.

I had the chance to visit this beautiful restaurant a couple of weeks ago with my foodie group. Yes, when I say it's beautiful, I really mean it. 
Located at the elite area of Wijaya street, this restaurant stood firmly within the hook. With green surroundings, a beautiful fish pond, homey interior and free valet parking, you feel so pampered with the hospitality this place has to offer.

Upon entering the premises, I fell in love instantly with how the interior was built. A kind of rustic, sophisticated, vintage, and yet so elegant. It's a kind of place you would want to take your couple for a romantic dining without worrying the noise or the hectic view from the traffic, or take the family out for lunch and pampered them with the homey ambiance.
Here are some of their dishes so worthy to try:

Bresaolla Salad - IDR 79K

Air dried beef, rucola, tomato, parmesan and truffle oil

A fresh way to start my feast that day was this salad. Fresh rucola drenched with generous truffle oil. The champion was the air dried beef. Thinly sliced and the seasoning was so good! Yes, it's a delicious way to open my meal.

Nachos - IDR 69K

Fried tortilla chips served with guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos.

Surprised to see an Italian restaurant serving nachos. Well, nachos is loveable, right? 
This one was quite good. A generous portion. The guacamole was nice, but the tomato salsa was a bit too sour though. Nevertheless it's just personal preference.

Capelli D'Angelo All' Aragosta - IDR 297K

Angel hair pasta with lobster or prawn, garlic, olive oil, chili flakes, flying fish roe
This dish was DA BOMB. It looked like an aglio olio pasta, but I think it tasted way better. Usually I'm more to the 'carbonara' type of person, but I certainly loved this dish. A bit spicy yet so addictive. For a price of 297K I think it's a sharing portion, though I'm completely sure I can finish the whole plate by myself. LOL. Oh don't forget thise big grilled prawns. Absolutely da yumm!! You can have it change to be lobster too. Pick any of your favourite preference.

Frutti di Mare Pizza - IDR 95K

Prawn, squid, salmon, mozzarella, pomodori sauce, parmesan

Patio also served pizza. The kind of pizza I like too, thin crusted pizza.
Serving an Italian style of pizza, Patio uses a fire wood oven to bake the pizza so I was thrilled to have these slices of delicacy on the table.
I love the dough they use. First rule of pizza, it has to have a good dough as the base. I think it's very essential. I also loved how the base wasn't crispy as the crust. So it's a good combination of texture for every bite.
And as any Italian pizza, the toppings were not abundantly given. So you won't get too full just by eating two slices. For my personal preference I think the taste was delicious, since I ate like maybe more than two slices. LOL. Pizza with seafood? Why not? Love the fresh ingredients.

Con Funghi Pizza - IDR 99K

Slow roasted medley wild mushroom, thyme, mozzarella, parmesan

Okay, I'm a carnivore person and never in my life would I order any pizza without even the most tiny amount of meat in the toppings. But yet again, this dish made me altered my mind.
Using only wild mushrooms as its toppings who could expect it would taste so good?!
I loved the cheesy flavor and I also loved the feel of that chewy mushrooms on every bite. Delicious!

Crème Caramel - IDR 59K

A custard dessert made from whipped cream, eggs, served with caramel

A traditional Italian custard dessert. It has that strong caramel taste, so it might tasted a bit bitter but yet if you combined it with the sweet custard then it's just amazing.
I love the consistency of the custard. Despite its simple appearance, this dessert tasted so good. 

Tiramisu - IDR 69K

Lady finger, mascarpone, espresso, kahlua

This is probably my most loveable Italian dessert. I certainly loved the soft texture of the cake, and most definitely loved the taste. It's pretty authentic. The price tag might make you reconsider, but the taste will make you feel that every penny is damn worth it.

Overall conclusion, it's definitely the perfect place if you're looking for Italian food that goes pretty close to how they should be, then Patio is the perfect spot for you.
Italian really know how to pamper food lovers, so not only food will satisfy you here, but also the ambiance. It might have the look of a fine dining restaurant but trust me as I say this is another casual and homey place you won't hesitate for another visit. I certainly will come back again for those delicious food.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

Patio Trattoria & Pizzéria
Jl. Wijaya XIII No. 45
Panglima Polim
Phone: (021) 7241362
Jakarta Selatan 12160

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