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Selasa, 18 April 2017

AH Resto & Cafe, Hotel Ibis Budget Cikini

Hi Eaters.

Back to classic! Indeed sometimes some things classic are just way better than anything else. When I talk about a restaurant in which I classified as a classic, it doesn't mean that it has a retro kind of ambiance or anything. Well, AH Resto & Cafe might be one of those I consider to be a classic since this place brings reminescence of my early teenage years. Back at those days, I often went here with school buddies just to grab a bite to eat. It was located at the now-standing Menteng Huis (as far as I remember CMIIW) before it is relocated at Hotel Ibis Budget Cikini.
Ah the good old days..

I find myself back to this restaurant, now to attend Qraved foodies meet up on a bright Saturday noon. To my surprise, the restaurant is now more modern in concept, more youthful in the way the interior was set up, and has more vibe since it now served coffee! Yup, coffee, you read that one right.

It excites me more that the coffee beans used were Common Grounds coffee beans, one of my favorite coffee beans. The barista was also quite experienced thus making the coffee more enjoyable. I truly do love their cappucino.

Though the restaurant is named AH which stands for American Hamburger but it is 100% local establishment and not some franchise from overseas brand.
That Saturday noon I had the chance to try some of their new menus, still revolves around fast food. So just scroll to see what menus did this classic restaurant offered me.

Spicy Fried Chicken - IDR 33,636 (with rice and Nestea)

Basic fast food dish, the fried chickens. Basically this is my kind of fried chicken with crispy skin. To be honest, well, there was nothing special about this dish. It was just common fried chicken you can find at any fast food joint. The seasoning should be more stunning if this dish wants to stand out. But if you like fried chicken the way you used to enjoy it elsewhere, you will like this one.

Double Cheese Burger - IDR 35,000

Burger with double beef patties and double cheese. This one was quite good, but for my preference the patty should be more bigger and the burger should have lettuce or tomato or maybe pickles. It tasted okay, but it felt like dry since there are no vegetables like tomato that would put extra juiciness in every bite. Again, this is my personal preference.

Spaghetti Bolognaise - IDR 22,727

What I love about this dish is that the pasta was cooked al-dente. The bolognaise sauce was okay, I like the thickness and the flavors were quite tasty, however it kinda needed more meat inside the sauce and maybe more portion of that sauce on the pasta would be great.

Original Hot Dog & Beefy Hot Bunz - IDR 18,182 (each)

There were two kinds of hotdogs: the Original Hot Dog and the Beefy Hot Bunz served that day. Original Hot Dog is just buns with sausage and ketchup mayo dressing, and the Beefy Hot Bunz is sausage with chili con carne. My favorite would be the one with chili con carne. As for the one with ketchup and mayo dressing, I would prefer (again) that the hot dogs should have vegetables inside, maybe lettuce would be a good option.

Overall conclusion, it was a nice brunch (is that what you call it when you eat at around 11am?) at this memorable restaurant. Surely back on my early teenage years I mostly opt for the steak menus but the menus I tried that Saturday shouldn't be called disappointing either. One thing for sure, they now got some killer coffees. I would surely be back for those.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


AH Resto Cafe
Ibis Budget Hotels Lantai 1
Ph: (021) 314 5342
Cikini Raya #75
Jakarta Pusat

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