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Minggu, 02 April 2017

The New Face of Asia Restaurant, Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta

Hi Eaters.

It's a new fresh look of Asia Restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta. If you've never seen its previous look, well lucky you, just check it out here.
It's always great to come back to a restaurant that has impeccable service and also good food. This is my second time to come to Asia Restaurant and certainly a rapid change had occured. Curious enough? Keep on scrolling!

The new Asia Restaurant looks more spacious. Indeed before they put some food stations in some areas of the restaurant, now the food stations are more concentrated to the sides so it gives more room thus making this venue looked more vast.
I don't quite know if the number of the food stations are also deducted due to this change, but certainly the amount range of food available were still quite plentiful and still had a lot variants to choose from Asian, Western, until Indonesian food too.
The interior had a touch of contemporary eclectic and it made this restaurant looked so elegant yet modern and sophisticated at the same time. There are also seating area with circular sofas for more convenience. There is also live music performances in every Sunday Brunch.
The new open kitchen concept was certainly pleasing to the eyes since you can see the cooks prepare the food. A nice attraction, especially if you love to see how a dish is being handled.

Prices starts from:
* Breakfast – IDR 238K ++/pax
* Lunch – IDR 318K ++/pax
* Dinner (weekdays) – IDR 348K ++/pax 
Dinner (weekend) – IDR 428K ++/pax
* Sunday Brunch – IDR 428K ++/pax

I came here for the Sunday Brunch and the place wasn't much packed with guests so it's more convenient for me to take photos.
Now let's take a look on the food I tried during that Sunday Brunch.

First thing I take on a hotel buffet has got to be the seafood or sashimis. Why? Because I consider raw ingredients and seafood should always be number one to taste their optimum freshness. No doubt the freshness from the sashimis and the seafood were on top notch. The choices of sushis were not much but they were also quite tasty indeed.

My second target was the pork station. I was so happy to see they serve pork belly. Yippie!! I absolutely loved that crunchy pork belly skin. That is just to die for! An awesome delight to hear that crackling sound of every pork belly skin as I ate it. The meat was juicy and tasty, but for my personal preference, it's a bit too oily.

The choices of other meat such as the roast beef, the turkey, and the lamb were no disappointment as well. They were cooked beautifully, each appeared as taste bud temptations, and certainly seasoned to perfection.
A must try is the Hainanese rice. It's so rich in flavor, the chicken stock is so dominant thus making the rice so fragrant and delicious. The chicken is so tender and also delicious too! This is definitely a menu you surely don't want to miss out.

The selection of desserts were plentiful, and you can see them first sight as you enter the restaurant due to being place just near the entrance.
A wide selection of cakes, pastries, chocolate, until ice creams are available. It's just heaven if you're a sweet-tooth. They would recommend you to try their Cendol Cake, so if you want to know how a traditional flavor  infused in the cake, definitely you should try the Cendol Cake.

Overall conclusion, it was a pleasant re-visit to the newly-face-lifted Asia Restaurant. All the food were indeed satisfying. This is the kind of thing that would wanna make me have more and more visit to this elegant restaurant. 

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Asia Restaurant at The Ritz Carlton Jakarta
The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan
Ph: (021) 25518888
Kawasan Mega Kuningan 
Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung No. 1
Kuningan, Jakarta

Opening hours:
Breakfast 06.00 - 10.00
Lunch 12.00 - 14.30
Dinner 18.00 - 22.00
Sunday Brunch 12.00 - 15.00 featuring live music

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