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Kamis, 06 April 2017

Kopineto, Karet Pedurenan

Hi Eaters.

This is one coffee shop I've been putting under radar since I've seen the "BREWING SOON" sign placed on the front window.
Karet Pedurenan is my Monday through Friday routine and certainly I think it will be nice to have a decent coffee shop available for a coffeeholic like me.
So there it is now, welcome the newly-opened Kopineto.

This coffee shop had just opened its doors for customers around a week when I visited it, so yeah it's still fresh and new. It's just a small coffee shop consists of three floors in which the top floor is a rooftop area where customers can chill while sipping their coffee.

Most of interior is wood, a nice and perfect place to get good coffee pics too. A kind of unfurnished wood, giving a nice tone to make the ambiance more comfortable. I think it's kind of artsy to combine unfurnished wood with grey wall.
I don't know if they haven't prepare too much for the opening or not since they only offer 2 kinds of coffee, white and black. Nothing else pretty much on the menu besides two choices of coffee and a pastry. 
So let's just see if their coffee is any good or not.

Hot Cappuccino - IDR 30K

So for the white you can opt for cappuccino or latte. I ordered a hot cappuccino that day that came to the table appeared like a latte. The taste of the cappuccino was pretty light and actually quite bland, frankly speaking. Unfortunately, not the kind of cappuccino that I like though they use Tanamera coffee seeds.

Pandan Cake - IDR 15K

This was the only pastry available that day. Flavorwise, this one is quite light too, just like the coffee. Again, this was not my favorite bite that day regarding its light flavor. I would expect Pandan Cake to have that bold pandan flavor, but still as a food to accompany the coffee I have to say it's not too bad.

Overall conclusion, I have to give this place another shot someday. Considering they just started serving around a week, then there is still a lot of time and chances for improvements. I would expect more choices of coffee in the future. So I wish you the best of luck, Kopineto, and look forward for another visit in the future.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Jl. Karet Pedurenan No. 33
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 08.00 - 22.00

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