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Rabu, 05 November 2014

Pizza Hut Mall Kelapa Gading 5

Hi Eaters.

Long ago before I ever had any bite of Italian genuine pizza, there was one place I recall that introduced me to that Italian delicacy. Although they don't really served pizza with genuine Italian flavor (more to the American-flavored pizza) but here is where I first ever took a bite of an Italian dish called pizza.
It was many many years ago, and that day I went back to this restaurant to have a nostalgic moment of my first time ever trying pizza at Pizza Hut.

Well actually the outlet at Mall Kelapa Gading wasn't the outlet where I first tried Pizza Hut. I recall it was at Pasaraya Manggarai outlet which has closed many years ago. But since I was at MKG that day so I just thought I might as well dine there.

Pizza Hut nowadays have quite an interesting style of interior. It's kinda modern and hip, yet simple too. The service has truly improved to be better with good hospitality from the waiters and waitresses.
Well let's go on with the food!

Soup Of The Day - Rp. 14.545

They always served two kinds of soup in those big pots near the salad bar. But my favourite soup here is always the creamy one. This one is the creamy corn soup. The taste was nice. Perfect thickness and density from the soup, so it didn't feel heavy to be eaten.

New Orleans Chicken Wings - Rp. 35.455

I remembered there used to be an option between 6 pcs or 10 pcs for this menu. Too bad nowadays they only serve 6 pcs perportion, since I am a dying fan of chicken wings. Flavorwise the chicken wings also tasted good. The flavor hasn't changed through all these years. Still a satisfying dish for my taste buds. I always loved the chicken wings here and it seems like that will continue.

Creamy Beef Fettuccine - Rp. 40.000

Whenever I ordered something from the pasta section at Pizza Hut, then the Creamy Beef Fettuccine is always my choice. Sadly that day I lived to regret choosing this dish. Poorly executed on the cream. It was too sloppy. Almost looked like a soup other than being a cream sauce. It's unfortunate, since the pasta was cooked perfectly, the beef was quite savory and the actual cream had a nice flavor. The terrible sloppy cream just made me loose my appetite.

Super Supreme Pizza with Crowncrust (Medium Size) - Rp. 83.636

Finally, the pizza. This was my first pizza ever. Yes, I remembered my first bite on the Super Supreme many many years ago. The only difference was the crust. Back in the old days the crust was just plain thick bread. Nowadays, Pizza Hut has modified it and given quite a number of options for the crust. Basically I think because the crust was just plain thick bread in the old days, people tend to put aside it and it became a leftover. But now the crust is more appetizing with sausages, chicken fingers, or cheese incorporated inside it.
The Super Supreme Pizza anyway was my most loveable choice. The toppings were rich with chunks of beef, chicken, mushrooms and bellpeppers. The taste is indisputely delicious. Just look at those abundant toppings. Have you drooled yet?

Green Tea Shake - Rp. 24.545

The rise of Korean and Japanese dishes has got green tea up on the fame. And surely Pizza Hut doesn't wanna be left on the track. They served green tea here too. This one tasted more creamy due to the usage of milk. The green tea still the star and the milk was not too overpowering so the actual taste of the tea was still traceable. A good choice of drink if you are a green tea lover.

Green Tea Yakult - Rp. 24.545

Another variant of green tea. Tasted sweet and sour. For my palate it's very refreshing and truly I am so in love with this drink. It's got that nice balance of flavor. And I mean, you know how healthy Yakult is, and the green tea is undoubtly one of the healthiest drink around. So if you put them together you got that combo of healthy drink. Seriously, this is good. Do try it.

Overall conclusion, that was a quite nice memorable nostalgic moment. The sloppy pasta was forgiven due to the other wonderful dishes that came to my table.
I love how Pizza Hut keeps evolving and keeps improving standards in terms of food and service. Simply put it, there are always things to be loved about this restaurant.
So how about getting a slice of that yummy Super Supreme here? Go on, it's totally worth it.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Pizza Hut
Mall Kelapa Gading 5, GF Unit G # 61
Phone: (021) 45853606 
Jl. Raya Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M, 
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240

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