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Senin, 03 November 2014

Chicken Story (2)

Hi Eaters.

Here I am back to Chicken Story at La Piazza. Well I've mentioned in my previous review that I like to eat here especially when there is a big football match. Well, that Sunday it was the Manchester derby, and that is my main reason to come here besides of the food.

Well, I'm not going to take much interior pics of this restaurant nor will I talk about it too. You can check my previous review. I'm just gonna add some pics I took that day.

Well it's comfortable here. At this time of the day I always take the outdoor seating area since it's much easier to take a glimpse of the giant screen which shows the football match.
But surely you just can't visit any restaurant without ordering some food, right? So let's order!

Kerapu Goreng - IDR 28K/each

At my last visit here, I ate their signature chicken. Don't wanna be bored, I decided to order their Grouper fish (ikan Kerapu, in Indonesian). Well actually my first choice was the Gourami fish, but unfortunately they had run out of Gourami.

The fish tasted good. It's very crispy. I loved how they dry-fried the fish. The meat tasted nice. I could taste the turmeric that I think they used to cooked the fish. An overall nice dish.

Oseng Toge Ikan Asin - IDR 10K

The bean sprouts were my choice of vegetables that day. This one is sauteed along with salty fish. The portion might seemed not to be enough for me. It could go with a much bigger portion. Though I would understand looking at the price tag. The taste, however, was nice. The bean sprouts were crunchy and they're still fresh.

Gehu Isi - IDR 12K

Gehu is a kind of snack originated from the Sundanese people. It's a stuffed tofu with bean sprouts filling.

This one had massive fillings. There's just a lot of bean sprouts inside the tofu. And the flavors were pretty good too. I really loved the crispy batter coating on the tofu, and superbly liked the soft tofu texture.

Nasi Putih - IDR 7K (1x refill)

They say sometimes in Indonesia that you haven't eat if you don't eat with rice. Well nothing special about this rice besides the fact that you can have it refill, just once though.

Es Teh Manis - IDR 8K

I think my tongue has got pretty Indonesian, so I ordered only sweet ice tea. Well tasted like common sweet ice tea everywhere. If you opt for the regular ice tea (IDR 7K) you can have it refill as much as you want.

Overall conclusion, still my favourite spot whenever there is a big football match happening. The food here is good, they served quite decent Indonesian food with reasonable prices too.
The service that day, well it was not my cup of tea. Usually I am pretty happy with the service but that day I was annoyed with the "rather" slow service.
But still if you're looking for a nice place to get good Indonesian food, you could come here and try their delicious choices of chicken and fish dishes.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Chicken Story
La Piazza Lantai 1
Phone: (021) 021 95088106
Jl Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Jakarta Utara, 14240

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