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Rabu, 26 November 2014

[Indonesian Food Blogger Event] Ten Ten: New Taste, New Treats!

Hi Eaters.

I was invited by Indonesian Food Blogger (IdFB) to taste some new menus from Ten Ten, one of the few restaurants listed to be my favourite. This wasn't my first visit actually, and I have done quite a lot of re-visit here simply just because I loved the food.

Well anyway, IdFB gave me and some other foodbloggers the opportunity to try Ten Ten's new menus. In this event, IdFB invited several well-known foodbloggers and I was just so lucky to meet these wonderful and amazing culinary writers.

Speaking about Ten Ten, I always love the ambience here. It's comfy and also the service here is impeccable. Always a 2 thumbs up for the quick and nice service.
Now let's just go straight to the food, shall we?

Salmon Miso Soup  - IDR 68K

Mushroom, large cuts of seaweed, salmon, chopped scallions, and tofus all combined with the miso soup, which for my palate was quite smooth. The flavor wasn't exaggerating but yet it's quite tasty. Considerably savory and delicious too. The homemade miso soup was quite thick, fragrant, and had a nice flavor. It's a good dish overall.

Salmon Obha Pesto Stone Rice - IDR 68K

This was my order, but sadly when it came to my table there was no pesto sauce in the dish. The dish in the picture above was ordered by another foodblogger, which had that pesto sauce inside. I can't really give you the details since I wasn't able to taste the pesto sauce. But I have to say frankly it's pretty good. I love the big-cut salmon which was seasoned nicely. The stone bowl surprisingly wasn't able to preserve the heat for quite some time, so I think this is one dish you need to eat quickly while it's still hot.

Ten Ten Signature Stone Rice - IDR 68K

Ten Ten is well-known for its tempura. And bearing the word "signature" it's just impossible to present the dish without those battered delicacies. The tempuras, without a doubt, hit top notch. Other than that, you will find quite some seafood toppings such as squids, crabsticks and salmon. Also not forgetting the sunny side up egg. Flavor was good. The rice itself was seasoned and it tasted nice.

Tori Momo Stone Rice - IDR 58K

Pardon me if I put so many pics of this dish. For me, it was the most beautiful dish of the day. Visually appetizing too. The chicken looked so intriguing, along with the seaweed and the edamame beans. They gave captivating colors to the dish. Flavorwise, it's just delicious. I love the chicken. It's seasoned nicely and cooked perfectly. What I love more was that the stone bowl actually worked like magic here. It preserved the heat way better than the one used in my order.

Beef Hamburg With Cheese

This particular hamburg steak had a mozzarela cheese filling in the center. Quite unique. I've never had a hamburg steak with fillings inside, so for me this was a wonderful dish. The steak was juicy and succulent, and the flavors were just mouth watering.

Premium Saikoro Steak - IDR 68K

Tender-diced beef steak served along with mushrooms and vegetables. The flavors were good. The steak had a bit garlicky taste but once in a while I loved this kind of seasoned dish. What I would prefer was that the steak to be served on a hot plate, well like regular steak. And maybe the portion could be increased a bit.

Grilled Fish Obha Cream Sauce - IDR 68K

Obha (or Ohba) is a Japanese green basil leaf, usually served as tempura, sashimi, or salad. Ten Ten served this obha leaf and transformed it to sauce.
Anway for this dish, you can either opt for salmon or red snapper as the one in the pic above. The red snapper was just bedazzling my taste buds. It's cooked perfectly. And the sauce was great. Creamy and savory with a balanced level of saltiness.
And with this dish also were the shitake and enoki mushrooms. This is a recommended menu. Do try it.

Also along with those line of delicious main courses, Ten Ten also has a line of mouth-watering desserts. 

Red Velvet Lava Cake - IDR 28K

It didn't came with a runny melted center filling as I would've expected. But despite that, the texture is nice. The cake was light and the sweetness was fine. By the way, this lava cake was also served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Matcha Lava Cake - IDR 28K

This one is way better. The center filling is runny, warm, and the texture was also nice. Flavorwise also good. The matcha wasn't that strong but still tasty.

Brownies Chocolate Ice Cream - IDR 32K

It's a new kind of dessert from Ten Ten served in a hot plate. I've never eaten any dessert served on a hot plate before, nor did I know any other place that served such, so this was a new experience for me. But for my consideration, the brownies was a little too sweet. Actually it was not a problem for me, but other bloggers seemed to mind about it.

Cheese Pound Cake Matcha Ice Cream - IDR 32K

Preferably this one was my favourite. I'm not much of a sweet tooth person, so for desserts I usually prefer something with matcha since it's not too sugary. And luckily this matcha dessert was paired with cheese pound cake. Lovely dessert, and I'm loving every component of it. The taste was my liking all the way.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream - IDR 32K

Some bloggers also thought the red velvet cake was a little too sweet. But for me, it was just fine. But hey, everyone has their own palate right? It's a good dish, the cake was light and fluffy. 

Fruit Kakigori - IDR 32K

Kakigori is a kind of Japanese shaved ice dessert. I'm not sure about the syrup used on top of this dessert. But heck, it tasted good. This dessert was so refreshingly nice. And I loved the fresh fruit toppings too. Yumm!

Overall conclusion, it was a very wonderful moment. Meeting many experienced bloggers, sharing stories, knowledges, and enjoying good food at a comfy restaurant.
I've gotta say, Ten Ten has never let me down, and so was that day. I tasted some great dishes which were so memorable, even as I am writing this review, they are dazzling in my mind.
These menus above are some of the new menus which are recommended to try. So just head up to Ten Ten and have a taste of those superb delicacies.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Ten Ten Tempura House
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Phone: (021) 29923730
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