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Minggu, 09 November 2014

Munchies Dine & Bar

Hi Eaters.

How to spend a Saturday night if you can't spend it with a lover, then spend it with foodies. Agree?
Last Saturday night, me and fellow foodies went to my favourite mall, Kota Kasablanka. I've always loved it there. And our destination was to hang out in the hippest food section, the Food Society, and also at the hippest restaurant, Munchies Dine & Bar.

This restaurant occupies two big spaces. One is for smoking area, and the other is for no-smoking. The interior is very classy, elegant and looks quite luxurious too. This restaurant also has quite a lot of waiters and waitresses to attend customers. Unfortunately for my consideration, this restaurant was a little loud on playing music that day. It's just annoying. Really made it difficult for me to have a nice chat with my friends since we had to shout in order for others to listened.

Beautiful interiors won't do well without good food. So let's just go straight to the food we ordered that day. FYI, almost all of the dishes we ordered were those with "recommended" icons sticking next to them.

Beef Mexicola Quesadilla - IDR 45K

Mexican quesadillas with ground beef fillings, bechamel and jalapeno top with melted mozzarella cheese. Can't really say that I liked this dish. It tasted alright, but I couldn't barely tasted the jalapeno and the mozzarella cheese. It was like that they were untraceable. The ground beef was good, and the tortilla was nice. It's just too bad that the dish was missing the jalapeno and the cheese.

Chicken Puff - IDR 45K

Although this menu isn't one of those labeled "recommended", but I would recommend this one. At least because it tasted better than others (you'll see why later). So this dish is a puff pastry filled with chicken and mushroom ragout, served with bechamel and cream pepper sauce. The puff pastry is nice and fluffy. Loving it. And the chicken and mushroom ragout fillings were delicious. The sauce really tasted good. Overall, a good dish.

Basa Gede Prawn Pasta (Fettucine) - IDR 72K

This menu was my personal order and I lived to regret it. The pasta was cooked nice and al-dente. But the big problem was the overall dish tasted stenched. Probably coming out from the prawn. It didn't come out very tangy though so it's still edible. I just had to put up with the weird taste. And for my consideration, the prawn toppings should have been more. There were like only 2 or 3 small prawns used! FYI, this dish is labeled "recommended".

Creamy Carbonara Pasta (Fettucine) - IDR 65K

This one is not labeled "recommended" but somehow I'm just confused on how food without those labels could tasted better than labeled ones. This one tasted pretty good. I won't say it's awesome, but at least the taste was right. The cream had a perfect density, the pasta was cooked perfectly. One thing which is a turndown is the lack of smoked beef toppings. This restaurant shouldn't be hard on giving toppings. You'll get more toppings on the same dish in other pasta restaurants than here.

Junkfood Killer - IDR 83K

Burger with potato chips and salad. This dish is also one of those "recommended" on the menu book. The buns were good, but the beef patty seemed to tasted too herbally. The aftertaste that it left was kinda garlicky. The consistency of the beef was good, but the flavor was not my cup of tea. On the other hand, the potato chips need salt. it tasted a bit bland. But I loved the crispiness. While the salad was just so-so.

Seafood Baked Rice - IDR 68K

Again, it seemed that day this restaurant had an issue with seafood. This dish tasted stench too. And maybe was more worse than the pasta. This was my friend's order and he just couldn't finish the dish because of the awful taste. Maybe it's not our day to have seafood here.

Fresh Juice (Melon & Orange) - IDR 40K/each

For a juice with a 40K price tag, I really hoped a lot. But I ended up having to be satisfied with something I can get in juice stands anywhere. There was nothing special about the drink, in terms of taste or presentation. It's just a medium glass of regular juice being overpriced.

Hot Tea (Earl Grey) - IDR 35K

The tea came as a consolation. It tasted good. But just a few words of suggestion: drink it while it's still hot. It tends to get so bitter when it's cold.

Overall conclusion, this restaurant sure is a hip place with fine decorations and interior. But that's just about it. My dining experience didn't measured up to my expectations that day. The food was just so-so and didn't wow me in any way.
Maybe it's just one of those places being too overrated. No food and drink were memorable enough to make me think of a second visit.
But at least I've fulfilled my curiosity about this place.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Munchies Dine & Bar
Mall Kota Kasablanka, Food Society Lt. Dasar
Phone: (021) 29465162
Jakarta Selatan

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