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Minggu, 15 Februari 2015

Bakerzin Plaza Senayan

Hi Eaters.

I was actually planning on taking a leave on this February. I mean, taking some time off from foodblogging activities. But the enthusiasm of good food still flares inside me, and I couldn't resist on coming to any foodtasting invitation, especially from a place I've come to know serves wonderful dishes. Such as this favourite restaurant of mine, Bakerzin.

So that Saturday morning, I went to the Bakerzin outlet located in Plaza Senayan. This is one Bakerzin outlet I've never been to before, so I was pretty excited on coming there.
A little story about Bakerzin. Previously known as Baker's Inn, this boutique cafe started out in Singapore. Established in 1998 by Chef Daniel, it started out as a modest pattisserie who dealt with wholesale orders and supplying French bread and pastries to restaurants and hotels.
Expanding its scope to Indonesia, Bakerzin now has had 13 outlets alone in Indonesia under the management of Boga Group, a well known F&B company which holds a line of great restaurant brands. The Bakerzin outlet in Plaza Senayan is its second outlet to be opened in Indonesia at 2003 after its first one in Cilandak Town Square.

The outlet in Plaza Senayan is quite huge. There are smoking room and non smoking room for visitors to choose. Mostly the interior decor looked very nice. Elegant, attractive, and resembles those kind of beautiful French cafes.
I was invited here by Mas Adriantomo (thank you so much Mas!) to attend the Blogger Gathering and also had a taste of Bakerzinn's new menus. So let's see what I tried.

Chicken Chowder - IDR 50K

Thick creamy soup with chicken and fried corn tortillas. The overall taste was very good. The creamy texture was thick but still quite light to eat. Perfectly seasoned and I love the use of corn tortillas that added a nice crispy texture to the dish.

Mushroom Meat Balls - IDR 50K

Deep fried-skewed button mushrooms filled with minced beef. This is one dish I didn't get the chance to try. But it looked pretty appetizing.

Calamari Tower - IDR 55K

For me, this was the most disappointing dish in terms of its presentation. It just didn't live up to its name. It looked beautiful in the menu book, but what was served on the table was just a turn down.
It was supposed to be a deep fried stack of calamaris served along with tartar sauce, but it seemed that the kitchen staff didn't want to bother to stack up the calamaris. 
In terms of flavor, it wasn't quite disappointing though. The calamaris were perfectly cooked. The batter was seasoned well,  even the tartar sauce had a nice flavor.

Chicken Cheese - IDR 55K

A gallant of tortilla bread with fillings of jalapenos, chicken breast, and mayonnaise served with avocado salsa. I love the dish. I think it had a balanced flavor. I love the heat coming up from the jalapenos, mixed pretty well with the savory cheese and the chicken breast was also quite delicious. The avocado salsa? Thumbs up for that too.

Meat Platter - IDR 60K

A fine taste of meat platter with choices of smoked duck served with tortillas, plum sauce, and mango salsa; or roast beef served with tortillas and avocado salsa. This one on the table was the roast beef.
The way to eat it I assume is like eating fajita. You take the tortilla and put the meat, veggies and the salsa (if you prefer) then you eat them together. The roast beef was quite delicious. It's tender and succulent too. 

Salmon Ciabatta - IDR 95K

Smoked salmon, homemade ciabatta bread, cream cheese and sliced olives served with chips and salad on the side. The salmon was just out of this world. So delicious! I actually also loved how they opted ciabatta bread instead of regular bread since it's more healthy, but the ciabatta was just too hard. I found difficulties in slicing the bread with my knife and fork. Had it be more softer in texture then it would be awesome.

Roast Beef Pasta - IDR 80K

Spaghetti in basil cream sauce and tender sliced of roast beef. Loving the tender and juicy roast beef toppings. Very delicious. The pasta was cooked to al-dente which was very nice indeed. In terms of flavor I quite enjoyed it although in my opinion it could go with a much bolder taste to adjust with the Indonesian palate.

Mushroom Picase - IDR 80K

Spaghetti served with champignon mushrooms, spinach, parmesan cheese, and poached egg. To me it also needed a bit more seasoning, same problem with the Roast Beef Pasta. The mushrooms, spinach, and the poached egg tasted good though.

Baked Pasta - IDR 80K

Baked penne with tomato cream sauce and salmon. This one was way more better in flavors. The seasoning was spot on. The penne was cooked perfectly, and again the salmon was just divine. Loving this dish!

Black Olive Fried Rice - IDR 80K

An extra-ordinary fried rice cooked with black olive pesto and pan-seared salmon. The taste of the fried rice was actually good. The black olive pesto was dominant in flavors, but in my opinion the rice was quite dry. The salmon was really generous in portion but didn't go the same way with the flavor. Tasteless. Almost bland. It needed more salt.

Mama's Chicken - IDR 80K

A classic style to enjoy deep fried chicken with french fries and spicy BBQ sauce. A big slice of chicken breast covered with delicious batter. Unfortunately some parts of the chicken was under-cooked so it wasn't edible and certainly dangerous for customers. I hope the restaurant would pay more attention on serving dishes using chicken like this.

Charming Cheesecake - IDR 125K (12cm diameter)

I guess this is the one which is included as the new menu. The cake itself was pretty good. It's moist, a nice balanced level of sweetness too although the cheese itself wasn't pretty striking here. But overall I enjoyed this cake.

Lovely Lychee - IDR 125K (12cm diameter)

Looking at this cake visually, I would've never guessed it was a lychee fruit cake. Although it was decorated with slices of lychee on its topping, I think no one would ever guessed it correctly. The pink-ish color of the cake and the jelly topping and even the flavor were much more closer to strawberry than it is to lychee. The flavor were too sweet also. I gave up on my first mouthful.

Ice Coffee - IDR 35K

Ice Tea - IDR 20K

For the beverages I tried the Ice Coffee and the Ice Tea. Well, there were nothing special about both drinks. I was hoping to try something unique. Maybe some other unique drinks to be served.

Overall conclusion, it was a nice brunch that day. Meeting other bloggers and foodies are always a fun moment. The food, in general, was good. Although for a brand like Bakerzin I was hoping to be astonished.
Still in the end of the day, Bakerzin will always be a restaurant I come to enjoy. Some new menus were intriguing but also still need improvements.
Thank you once again Mas Adriantomo and also Bakerzin for the invitation.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Plaza Senayan 2nd Floor, Unit 209C, 211C, 213C
Phone: (021) 57900408
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Pusat

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