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Senin, 16 Februari 2015

[Openrice Gathering] Dill Gourmet Cafe

Hi Eaters.

Yeaayy! Another Openrice gathering!
Always love these kind of events. And this is the first Openrice gathering in 2015. I was so happy that they held it on a Saturday morning, well at brunch time to be exact. 
This time the gathering is held at Dill Gourmet.

Dill Gourmet is located at Plaza Indonesia, basement floor. The interior design was quite catchy with neon sign showing the restaurant's name, woody elements used for the tables and chairs. It's quite comfortable although it wasn't spacious. The service was pretty good and responsive too.

And in this gathering, I've got the chance to try some of Dill's new menus. The restaurant is rebranding itself from just a grab-and-go food and beverage outlet to a nice casual dining spot where customers can enjoy a heavy meal with a good ambiance.
So without further due let's see what I tried.

Dill’s Chef Salad with Gochujang Dressing - IDR 55K

Gochujang is a Korean condiment made from chilli paste. And to have read this name, I would've expect something super spicy. And yet I tasted that the level of spiciness was very moderate, it's not something that would burn your tongue. The salad itself was very fresh, the ingredients were very plentiful too. An overall good dish.

Chicken Confit Penne with Soto Cream - IDR 54K

A unique dish, combining Italian ingredients with Indonesian flavor palate. The pasta was cooked beautifully. But for my consideration, the "soto" flavor was too light. I couldn't barely felt it. It's going to be much greater if the dish has more bold flavors and seasoning.

Nasi Goreng Maranggi - IDR 60K

Served with 3 skewers of Satay Maranggi, this dish tasted quite good. Especially the fried rice, it tasted delicious. I didn't like the peyek pretty much since it tasted bland. The satay tasted quite nice, but the meat was kind of rubbery. Had it be more tender then it would make a perfect dish.

Three Treasure Noodle Soup - IDR 65K

As a fan of any noodle dish, I immediately fell in love with this dish. It's very rich in flavor. The soup was delicious and thick. Some of the other invites said it was a bit salty, but for my preference it was not that overstriking in the use of salt. I actually enjoy it. Anyway, the portion was quite generous in terms of the noodles and also the beef. Excellent!

Miso Gindara with Potato Puree - IDR 95K

Filleted Gindara fish on top of potato puree served with asparagus, peas, tomatoes and pesto sauce. Loving the fish, it's tender and moist. But it tasted way too salty. The potato puree was excellent. One thing that was disappointing from this dish was the over-cooked asparagus. It wasn't the main component of the dish, but I think it played an important role in terms of plating and also complimenting the dish. Really hope the restaurant would pay attention on small details like this, 

Black Diamond Waffle - IDR 48K

The champion of the day was this dessert. It's absolutely stunning. Chocolate waffle served with roasted banana, chocolate ice cream and slices of almond. The waffle was just phenomenal. It hit top notch. Crispy on the outside while the inside was so soft and moist. The banana played a very wonderful role in complimenting the dish. This is one dessert I would be so glad to come back and eat over and over again.

Island Cake - IDR 50K

Mango flavored soft cake. The cake was very good. It's really soft and moist. For the price of IDR 50K they served you a big slice of cake, so it's really worth the price.

Banana Nutella - IDR 50K

Who doesn't love Nutella? I personally loved Nutella and I have to say it was infused really nicely in this cake. The banana flavor wasn't that strong and the sweetness was just fine. Overall I really liked this cake.

Coffee Pistachio - IDR 50K

Coffee and pistachio combined very well in this cake. The stronger flavor here was the coffee so it's the perfect cake to eat along with your coffee. It tasted good.

Dill's Cold-pressed Juice - IDR 35K/each

Dill also served Cold-pressed juice. The tendency of health-concern people has increased lately and many consumers have shifted to drink cold-pressed juice due to this issue. 
There are 4 kinds of Cold-pressed juice which Dill served.

Power Booster

A combination of green apple, arugula, and lime.

Forever Young

A combination of beetroot, green apple, and pear.

Energy Charger

A combination of orange, carrot, and pineapple.


A combination of passion fruit, strawberry, and red apple.

All of these cold-pressed juice were really refreshing. My favourite would be the Happy-Go-Lucky, since I don't like vegetable juice. But I recommend you try them all.

Overall conclusion, Dill Gourmet Cafe could be a nice destination not only to grab and go some food and beverages, but also to hang out with friends, colleagues, or relatives. 
The place is comfortable and the food could be counted as good. Prices are fair, considering this restaurant took place in a very well-know elite shopping plaza.
So if you ever feel like tasting some nice cake and food, or maybe if you're someday stuck in traffic at MH Thamrin and you feel the need to escape and find good food, this is a good spot for you.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee



Dill Gourmet Cafe
Plaza Indonesia. level Basement #F43
Phone: (021) 29924512
Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat

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