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Kamis, 19 Februari 2015


Hi Eaters.

Snacking time is one of my favourite time of the day. And blessed me since I am born in a country where there are so many snack vendors easily found in my neighbourhood.
But finding snacks which could satisfy my taste buds was never easy. Sometimes I just have to be satisfied with something which only fulfill my hunger then it is fulfilling my palate.
Finding a delicious snack requires me to go to a restaurant or to the mall. But what if I don't have time to do any of that? Simple solution, get some deliveries from Pasteliciouz!

See what is written on the packaging box? Couldn't be more agree to that. But let's postpone the talk about flavors for a while. Why don't we find out about Pasteliciouz itself first.

Pasteliciouz was established 2012 in Jakarta and 2014 in Makassar. Specialized in serving pastel, croquette (kroket), rissole (risoles), chocolate cheese banana, and zuppa soup.
Their pastels are the main star. What made them different? What made them special? Well, let me tell you this: they serve 7 different and unique variant of fillings.
They are:
1. Pastel Original (vegetables and egg)
2. Pastel Cheese (Pastel Original fillings and cheese)
3. Pastel Smoked Beef (Pastel Original fillings and smoked beef)
4. Pastel Chicken Teriyaki (
Pastel Original fillings and chicken)
5. Pastel Mashed Potato (mashed potato, beef, cheese and egg)
and their 2 new variant of fillings, which is now becoming their best seller pastels
6. Pastel Wagyu
7. Pastel Tuna 

I tried every flavors of the pastels, and truly I was blown away. I was quite surprised to find a pastel with wagyu beef fillings. It's the first one of its kind to ever do this. I find it very creative and also the combination of every ingredients to be matching and delighting to eat.
Fluffy pastels (Pastel Montok), as they were called, came with a very densed filling. I truly loved the mashed potatoes, I find it to be perfectly seasoned with a nice texture applied. All the other components such as the vegetables and the variants of meat were excellent. Nothing was over-seasoned. The cook on every ingredients were perfect. The flavors were spot on. Even the thin pastry hit top notch. You know how traditional pastel can come so hard on the folded pastry (the top part of the pastel) but these ones were very nice.

The other product from Pasteliciouz which is also a must-try is the croquette. Came with 2 variants of filling: tuna and wagyu beef. Yes, you've heard it correctly, they also serve wagyu inside a croquette!
Both of those fillings came inside a soft and tender mashed potato wrap, along with egg and paprika. The mashed potato was so soft, it sort of melted in my mouth. Seriously, the croquette is so delicious, it's done with finesse.

Last but not least, the rissole ended my spectacular journey with Pasteliciouz. You might see the rissoles came not as different with any other. But yet again, in the second you give it a bite, they immediately stand out from the crowd. Top ingredients, perfect frying and seasoning make every bite won't seem to be enough.
I really loved the soft pastry with the bread crumbs. The fillings were so generous. Smoked beef, egg and cheese blended so fantastic, so delicious. 


Pastel - Rp. 7.500/pc
Kroket - Rp. 7.500/pc
Risoles - Rp. 7.500/pc
Pisang Coklat Keju - Rp. 7.500/pc
Zuppa Soup - Rp. 25.000/pc

Have those pics above made you drooled? If yes, then why not giving those delish snacks a try. 
You can buy these delish snack at Pasteliciouz outlet:


Jalan Mampang Prapatan 8 No. 25
Jakarta Selatan

Jalan Bulukunyi No. 33D

For delivery order in Jakarta you can contact:
Phone: 021-799-3750 / 021-9285-2323
Whatsapp: 0877-8198-2323
BBM: 517DA895

Line: pasteliciouz
(Minimum order 20 pcs or Rp. 150.000 and free delivery charge for all Jakarta regions)

Operating hours:
Office Days (Mon-Fri): 08.00- 20.00
Saturday: 08.00- 18.00
Sunday: 08.00-13.00


Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee

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