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Selasa, 05 April 2016

Agendaz Beach Club, Nusa Dua Bali

Hi Eaters.

Dating way back to February, me and my partner decided to take a break from work, from the hectic city of Jakarta and go somewhere for holiday.
As it was also happened to be Valentine then we decided to go somewhere romantic where we can enjoy private moments away from anything stressful.
According to the book Eat, Pray, Love then you will know for sure (if you have read it, or seen the movie) that the part love was entirely situated at our pride island, Bali. A perfect destination for a short getaway.
I've been thinking about blogging my entire trip of Bali, but now let me tell you first of my first destination as soon as I stepped my feet on the island of god.
Let me tell you about Agendaz Beach Club.

Located as a part of The Bay complex, Agendaz occupies a vast area and stretches widely at one of the finest beach in Bali, Nusa Dua. As I enter the premises I was astonished by the large swimming pool in the center of the club, the purple-ish environment, a radiant view of the beautiful ocean, and by so many gazebos spread throughout the vicinity of the club.
It was a hot day and yet the gazebo was the perfect lounging place to avoid from the striking heat of the sun.

I can imagine this venue to be so alive by night with the massive sound system (even at day) and the huge stage used for hosting DJs and party host.
So why choose the name Agendaz? If you notice the name starts with the letter A and ends with Z, just like the alphabet. This referring that you can find all sorts of entertainment you need in one place, Agendaz Beach Club.

But I didn't come there to party. Nope, not indeed. It was still noon and I'm not much of a party-goer. I came there to eat. Most definitely. And to my surprise, Agendaz has a number of casual dining areas which serve Thai food. The Siam Kitchen of Agendaz serves up an authentic selection of Thai favourites, from soups, vegetables, chicken, seafood, and up until pork.
I was literally amazed since I thought Agendaz will serve yet another western or international cuisines like most of the beach clubs in Bali. Thai food seems to be a good option considering there's not much Thai restaurants in Bali (not that I know of).

But FYI, now Agendaz has changed its concept from serving Thai, now it serves Western food. But I still believe if they can make delicious Thai food, then the new Western concept is worth to try.
And again I apologize since this is a late blog post, which means that on my day of visit all the food I tried was still their Thai food, then this blog would only talk about those dishes. I consider it as a nostalgic moment. I mean, I am seriously missing their Thai food and really regret why they have to change concept. Hiks..
So here goes those delicious Thai food which I missed so bad.

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs - IDR 197K++

My indulgence kickstarted with this delicious dish. 4 massive pork ribs on top of Asian greens and drenched over by Thai BBQ sauce. OMG, I was overlyjoy to see pork. Bali is the perfect place to try many variants of pork dishes, and trying out pork in Thai BBQ sauce is a new experience for me.
The taste? Super delicious. I took a lot of time taking photos til the dish became quite cold but yet it still tasted so good! I can imagine just how good it will be when it's still steaming on the table. The pork ribs were so juicy and succulent. Yummy! I can literally peel it off the bone. The champion still has got to be the sauce. Damn, now I just wanna go back and have another portion! Too bad it's not available anymore.. (sobbing..)

Tom Yum Goong - IDR 85K ++

Coming to a Thai restaurant will not be complete without trying its Tom Yum Goong. For me personally, this dish is like a benchmark for the other dishes in the restaurant. If the soup is good, the others should follow.
The spicy and sour coconut broth had 3 huge prawns inside, and the soup tasted delicious. Pretty close to the Tom Yum Goong you'll find in Thailand. I truly loved the heat, though it was a hot day and the soup was quite spicy. 
I'm sure gonna miss this dish too.. (sobbing again..)

Agendaz sunrise - IDR 55K ++

An instant refreshment from the hot weather came from this fresh beverage. Really liking its citrusy, sweet, and relaxing taste. Truly an oasis in the middle of the heat.

Frozen Mojito - IDR 100K ++

As if the first round of drink was not satisfying enough, I was again indulged by the refreshing mojito. This one is a non-alcohol mojito, since I had other plans and places I have to visit. But you can request for the alcoholic version from the baristas at their Purple Bar..

The Vert Matcha - IDR 55K ++

It didn't look too dark-green-ish as matcha should be. Looks more like a melon juice, right? But I admit it's quite refreshing. A bit milky though, so the trace of the matcha was quite biased. 

Mango Sticky Rice - IDR 77K ++

A mandatory dessert in any Thai-serving restaurant. Who doesn't love the mango sticky rice? What I really (I mean really) like is the coconut milk. It's quite different from any other Thai restaurant I've tried. It's more savory, while the sticky rice was not overly sweet so it didn't overpowered the sweet mango. You know how it feels when the sticky rice is too sweet and so does the mango. I definitely don't want to get an early sugar-high. So this dessert fit me perfectly. Again, I regret that it's not available anymore.

Overall conclusion, I'm loving the atmosphere of Agendaz Beach Club. Its vast and beautiful panoramic scenery, its strategic location in the beautiful beach of Nusa Dua, its lovely interior, swimming pool, cozy gazebos, and wonderful yet impeccable service. 
Hands down, one of the best beach club in Bali. A perfect place to bring your family, loved ones, or colleagues to enjoy the sun while having fun in the water. 
One thing I regret was the changing concept of the food. I sincerely think their previous Thai food to be one of the best I've tried so far. But I'm also curious about the new Western menus now being served on the restaurant.
Maybe I should plan another visit to Bali and try them out. But their beverages are still up for grabs so you can try their delicious Frozen Mojito. Yeay!

So if you have plans coming to Bali, or if you're reading this blogpost right now and you are in Bali, then you should come to Agendaz Beach Club. Enjoy the view, the venue, the service, and mostly enjoy the food!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Agendaz Beach Club
The Bay Bali, BTDC Lot C-O
Phone: (+62) 361 894 8168
Jalan Nusa Dua
Kuta Selatan 80361
Badung, Bali

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00–22.00

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