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Selasa, 12 April 2016

Sperta, Grandkemang Hotel

Hi Eaters.

It's another hotel buffet review. This time I was invited to another brunch session at Sperta, Grandkemang Hotel, Jakarta. It is called Brunch It Up.
It's always nice to be invited to these kinds of events so I have a lot of hotel buffet listed on the blog as a reference if someday I would want to have an occasion in one of them.

Okay, back to the topic. As I arrived I saw this height measurement upon the entrance of the restaurant. So the price range for adult is IDR 325K ++/pax. For children between 110-140cm is 50% discounted, and for children below 110 cm is free of charge.
It's a decent price and still in the mid range for a hotel buffet, in my opinion.
And FYI, the Sunday Brunch starts from 12.00 - 15.00.

I really love how the restaurant put a lot of attention in the comfortness for the diners. Most chairs were cushioned and there are a lot of comfortable sofas for diners to sit. It was indeed so homey and the service was impeccable with lots of smiles from the waiter, waitresses, even from the manager, Mr. Florent Humeau.

The restaurant has a direct access to the swimming pool. The great thing is you don't need to be a guess of the hotel to enjoy playing water. By paying for the hotel buffet, you also will get free access to use the swimming pool. So if you're going here with kids, they will surely enjoy the moment splashing around in the kids pool.
At the swimming pool area there is also a grilling station available, and also the bar, where you can get the BBQ and some liquor while watching the kids playing in the water. Pretty cool, right?

I'm pretty amazed on how they use the limited space to provide quite a lot of food stations. Well, surely it can't be compared to the "big boys" who have a huge area specifically for the buffet. But the variety of the food was quite diversed and the choices of food were quite many. I think for a hotel buffet it was quite sufficient and satisfying.

As you can see from the pictures above. Seafood, sushi, sashimi, chicken, beef, vegetbales, dimsum, rice, pasta, cheese, up until dessert. There are just a lot to choose from.
They also have a signature dish, the Raclette cheese, melted on top of potatoes and you can choose to eat with pork, beef, or chicken. Unfortunately I kinda skipped on taking the picture (my bad) but let me tell you, the taste is awesome. You must try.

As always, if you have read my other hotel buffet reviews then you must know what I would eat first. Yes, the sushi and sashimi! Not forgetting the seafood too!
The sushis in my opinion tasted pretty good. They served unagi sushi too, so it was a plus point. The sashimis..well..I've had better ones some place else. I feel it's not as fresh as it should be, and the slices were a bit too small. The seafood was good. I really hope they would serve oysters too in the future, and maybe add some more varieties for the seafood other than prawns, clams, crabs and squids.

The dimsums were killers! I mean, they tasted delicious. I tried almost all of them, and they all tasted sooooo yummy!
I heard that for the dimsums, the restaurant hired a chef from China, so I didn't hesitate to try them all. I wish they would have a brunch promo specializing on these delicacies coz they were DA BOMB!

The dessert station is a feast for sweet-tooth. There were just a lot to choose. And have I mention that they also have ice cream? 
I was encouraged to try their signature Chocolate Pudding, which is kind of similar like a warm chocolate cake. It's delicious! Soft, moist, and oh so chocolaty! Just the way I like my chocolate to be, not too sweet with a bit hint of bitterness from the chocolate. Yumm!
And for my recommendation besides the Chocolate Pudding, you must try their Eclairs and Pannacotta. OMG, so delicious!

Overall conclusion, I didn't have the chance to try all of the food. So you must know that even though there are not so many food stations, it's possible that you could get full by the delicious food.
And oh I almost forgot. I tried their pork station too. The pork ribs were stunning, addicting, well in other words: so insanely delicious. 
So this is another hotel buffet I would strongly recommend. If you're looking for one in the southern Jakarta region, this might suits your need well, especially if you also happen to bring kids that you must spoil too.
Thank you Sperta, and also Grandkemang Hotel for the invitation. I wish you the best of luck. Keep improving and keep up the good work.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Grandkemang Hotel
Phone : (021) 7194121
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2H
Kemang, Jakarta

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