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Rabu, 27 April 2016

[HOTEL REVIEW] Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel

Hi Eaters,

Last weekend I had a nice staycation event with fellow bloggers and media partners. It was a nice sunny morning as I packed my bag and travelled to the lovely neighbour city of Bandung. The trip took hours but I was enthusiasted about this rejuvenated hotel, the Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel.

Here's a brief about Patra Jasa:

PT Patra Jasa was found on July,17 1975 firstly as an asset management company of PT PERTAMINA, the largest state oil and gas company in Indonesia. Now PT. Patra Jasa has grown in hospitality and property industry. We dedicate our exceptional services to the customer with our best values.


As a hospitality and property industry, PT Patra Jasa has entered the modern era by developing its business in hotels, residential and office tower as demands.

Our success is driven by our people and their consistent focus on delivering result the right way by using our corporate values to give the stake holder the best services.

"Bandung city formerly also known as Parijs van Java because of its beauty. In addition, it is also known Bandung is a city for shoping with malls and factory outlets widely spread in the city. Now gradually Bandung also becomes a culinary and education city for tourist destinations.

Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel is located in Jl. Ir. Juanda or Dago area which is one of the iconic city, a strategic location within easy driving distance from many directions.

Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel is a combination of hotel and home. The concept is to make Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel as "your second home in Dago", not just as a place to sleep but also to spend your leisure time."

With our completely new building, every room guest is provided with one car parking space which is the first hotel to provide these facilities, to solve the difficulty of parking in Dago area."

As I said before, this hotel has been rejuvenated, renovated and repackaged from its previous inn-like appearance to the now-modern-stylish look since 2012.
Bearing the motto "Your Second Home in Dago", Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel offers not only a place to sleep but also a place to spend your leisure time.

Located in Jl. Ir. H. Juanda in the infamous Dago area, this is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, since it is near to many sightseeing places, shopping destination, and culinary delights.



Swimming pool

Meeting Room

Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel offers facilities like 2 meeting rooms, a ballroom, swimming pool, bar, and an all day dining restaurant.


Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel has 85 rooms consisting of several types Superior, Premier, Deluxe, Junior Suite, Executive Suite and Grand Suite.

Amenities in the rooms are AC, Phone, Smart TV, Mini Bar, Internet Access, etc..

Grand Suite Room with Jacuzzi Pool

Junior Suite



So for my stay, I was given a room in the 5th floor. I must guess this was the Superior room, since it only had a shower with no bathtub. I would really love a room with a bathtub though. 

Though it's only a Superior room but I do love how spacious it was. And I also loved how the room had its own sofa. 
Inside this Superior room there are facilities such as coffee and tea making facility, a refrigerator, safety box, closet, hairdryer, sofa, flatscreen TV with cable, a big bed, IDD telephone, and shower.
The bed was super comfortable, but I think they need to put an electric socket near the bed. I had to charge my phone that night and the electric socket is located near the closet, so I had to get up from bed everytime my phone rang. 

Again (sigh..) no bathtub. But I loved how clean the bathroom was, although it's not very spacious. The hot and cold shower worked properly, and thumbs up for the hotel as they also provided a lot of towels in the bathroom.

Publish Rate :
Room TypeNo. of Rooms       Weekdays      Weekend
Superior52Rp.  1.400.000Rp.  1.650.000
Premier19Rp.  1.600.000Rp.  1.850.000
Deluxe6Rp.  1.850.000Rp.  2.100.000
Junior Suite5Rp.  2.500.000Rp.  2.750.000
Executive Suite1Rp.  3.000.000Rp.  3.250.000
Grand Suite2Rp.  4.500.000Rp.  4.750.000
The rates are subject to 21% service charge and goverment tax

source: Patra Jasa website


Dago Coffee Shop

The hotel restaurant is located in the third floor. It was quite a vast dining area covered with glass windows and it also has a separate smoking area facing the street of Jl. Ir. H. Juanda.
As I came there for day 1, I had quite a satisfying lunch, The theme of the lunch was Sundanese. Gotta love Indonesian food!


Their Sate Maranggi was delicious. I also loved their Gepuk. In my opinion they should serve more kinds of desserts. 


Their brreakfast menus were champions. Not only did it tasted good, but also I love the diversity and just how much dishes to choose.
Their porridge probably was the first one I ever saw that came with a lot (and I mean a lot) of condiments. Their omelette was quite okay. The Nasi Kuning was delicious, and surprisingly although I'm not a fan of chilli, I came to like their Sambal. 

BBQ party by the swimming pool

Later that night Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel hosted an event for us where we can enjoy BBQ by the swimming pool. The event was really fun. Delicious food, great ambiance and a some nice live band playing some music...nothing could be better.

My favorite BBQ that night was the ribs. So juicy, so succulent. I also loved the hospitality from the cooks. Thumbs up!

So apparently, just like in Jakarta, Bandung also held a Car Free Day every Sunday starting from 07.00. This also happen at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda. So that Sunday the street was flooded with people who jogged, doing exercise or just coming out to enjoy the breezy air.
It was fun, seriously, since in Jakarta I've never even once joined the hype of Car Free Day. Yeah, I'm not an early bird though, LOL.

Patra Jasa Bandung also participated to enliven the festivity by helding a cooking demo. That day their cook, Chef Supriyandi gave a demo of how to make sushi Tengoku.
Here are some snapshots of him in action.

Looks delish, right? 
For guests who would want to watch the cooking demo and also tried the breakfast, have some drinks or snacks then they can enjoy them in the dining area provided by Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel right in front area of the hotel.

Overall conclusion, I really enjoyed my stay at Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel. Though in my heart I really wished to enjoy a room with a bathtub but their Superior Room didn't disappoint me. I love the hospitality shown during my stay, and foremost I enjoy the food.
A recommended hotel if you ever want to go to Bandung and decide to stay somewhere in the area of Dago.

So I wish Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel the best of luck ahead. Keep improving and keep up the good work!

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 132, Bandung, Jawa Barat
Tel: (022) 250 2664

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  1. Wow....ulasan yang benar2 apik! Urutannya pas, isinya pas, gambar2nya keren. Bahasa Inggrisnya apa lagi. Ckckck. Hehe. Kebetulan saya lagi cari ulasan tentang Patra Jasa Bandung. Terima kasih ulasannya yang super apik!. Salam. Bunga

    1. terimakasih, semoga membantu ya, and have a pleasant stay at Patra Jasa Bandung :)

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