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Senin, 08 Mei 2017

[EVENT] Ramadan Iftar at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia

Hi Eaters

Ramadan is just weeks away. Time sure flies so fast, and we are about to enter the fasting month again. In this kind of the month surely you can find restaurants trying to put out their special dishes to welcome the fasting event. If you're looking for a place to plan your upcoming breakfasting, I have one recommendation for you, La Moda.

It's always a customary to start the breakfasting with something sweet. We know this kind of sweets by the name of tajil. It's great to see that in this Ramadan Iftar package guests will get to have an all you can eat tajil buffet. Some examples of sweet tajil you can find here are Baklava and Umm Ali. Also you can enjoy the signature fruit of the Holy Month, which is date.
Some savory tajils are also served on the buffet table, such as fried stuffed tofu, fried tempeh, corn fritters, and fried sweet potatoes.
I find the tajil buffet to be satisfying. As an appetizer for the upcoming main course, the buffet was fulfilling in terms of variants.

Now let's head up to the main course.

Snapper Head Curry

Any food with curry inside it is just gonna be my favorite. I really loved the curry taste on this dish. It's quite balance and though it might not be that bold but still delicious enough. The filling was quite generous and that snapper head was nice and tender. Certainly this is one dish that's been prepped nicely.

Stir-Fry Gai Lan with Garlic Sauce

Gai Lan is one my favorite vegetables. In general, I like Gai Lan to be cooked simple like this, just with garlic. I think it is one veggie that doesn't need a lot of modification to be cooked deliciously. This dish for me was quite nice, though I would expect it to be more garlicky. It was cooked nicely and certainly I like that crunchy stems too.

Grilled Taliwang Chicken

This dish was DA BOMB. I really really loved it. As you might know I'm not a big fan of spicy food but yet I found myself that day to be almost finishing half portion of the chicken. It was just delicious, I couldn't stop taking piece after piece of that chicken. It was spicy alright, but still decent enough for my palate. The seasoning on this chicken, however, was a killer. It seeped right through, making every bite just becomes addicting. A definite must try!

Overall conclusion, it was a great meal. I do love how the menu was carefully thought of and well executed. The service is never disappointing at La Moda. It was not my first visit, and I could linger the first time I was impressed by the impeccable service given to me back then.

Enjoy this sumptuous iftar offerings from May 25 to June 23, 2017 at IDR 388,000++ for two persons including free flow iced tea and their signature lemongrass tea
Additional person will be charged at IDR 128,000++. 
All prices are subject to 21% service charge and government tax. 

For further information and reservation, please call +62-21 2992 4217 
or email

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


La Moda
Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 1
Phone: (021) 29924217
Jl. MH. Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00

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